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06:05 AM on 04/13/11
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Amazing CD. Gonna half to go into town and pick this up
06:45 AM on 04/13/11
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I'm going to take issue with that last paragraph. Why take a shot at Katy Perry for putting out formulaic pop after spending the entire review praising Foo Fighters for formulaic rock. Although you use different language for both, Foo Fighters have been on autopilot since they broke into the mainstream. These guys have literally been putting out the same brand of single-drive radio rock albums every two years since before most of us even listened to music. Foo Fighters aren't "filling a void," they're playing into it. Take away the guitars and drums and replace them with synthesizers, put Katy Perry in Grohl's place, and I guarantee no one would tell the difference. Take Katy Perry's "Extraterrestrial" and change the instrumentation around, put Dave Grohl in front of the mic, and it could be a Foo Fighters song (given it'd need different lyrics).

I'm not attacking you so much as I'm taking issue with your seemingly random praise of one artist for being mainstream while taking a shot at another for doing the same thing. People want to sing the chorus of "Fireworks" because it's a huge, homerun of a pop chorus, the exact same kind of choruses Dave Grohl has built his career upon.

tl;dr Foo Fighters = Katy Perry
That was rough to read. Foo Fighters may release the same sorta music with each release but it is consistently good. Not every song makes it to the radio and the ones that do should be praised because real rock is scarce on the radio.A shot at Katy Perry or not, Foo Fighters have a discography that fans can get by. A pop formula that pop stars use these days will not last them forever.

Foo Fighters =/= Katy Perry *sigh*
09:54 AM on 04/14/11
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you don't have to be an album reviewer to find it somewhat silly to on one hand give an album a perfect score, only to say that on the other hand, the album is not perfect. guess we just look at scores differently. the reviews on this site are pretty much useless anyways, so i don't even know why i am bothering with this debate. i did enjoy your sharks review though-really enjoying that album.
Well it did only receive a 94. Star ratings have a lot less range. That 94 says a lot about the album when compared to his review. It is a great album with a few flaws that can balance out based on peoples opinion. I don't think any album on this site has ever gotten a 100%. A perfect album is always desired, hunted for, and claimed but their is no such thing. Flaws making the album always give them room to improve. It is a fantastic album and a good review.
09:59 AM on 04/14/11
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It is a great album. I think music is meant to grasp your attention and be enjoyable which to some degree I can see The Indigo point. The problem with his argument stems from level of talent and quality of songs. Pop songs are great for some but almost everyone can get behind a good rock song. Foo Fighters haven't broke any barriers down but they have provided fans what they want to hear with strong releases within their releases. I feel like they have a set style but definitely not a set formula to their rock. lyrical strength and musicianship count for a lot and Foo Fighters ride to success over and over again with it. Katy Perry may be something of a hot shot now but will she be remembered as a great artist in 20 years. That's how I look at it.
10:54 AM on 04/14/11
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Thank you.

Ehhh that review was useless anyway.

If Drew didn't give Kanye a 100%, then it was like a 99% haha. I would give Born to Run a 100% and Deja, Devil and God, and Mean Everything to Nothing would be on the doorstep. The '59 Sound is there for me too. But until something is monumental for me like that, I can't see myself going much higher than a 94%-96% range....even that is pretty huge. Anything above 90 is a lot. But yeah, can't wait till we're on a star system.
I agree some of those albums are great but idk. I feel a perfect album is just impossible. I can see the star rating being more straight forward. I feel that the % rating gives more insight to what was the overall factors that lead to the score. Even if one person feels an album should get 100% others may completely disagree. The day an album comes out where every track is loved and adored by everyone I feel artists should strive for a perfect album but will never get there. It is a good thing because it gives reason for new music to come out. Nothing will ever be completely accepted by the 2 extremes (the mainstream and the hipsters) at the same time, let alone all the 'groups' inbetween. I enjoyed this album because it was a good album and I really feel its a like or dislike thing no matter how much depth goes into it. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I disagree with your reviews but in the end its opinion and I feel this was well written and lead to a debate on what makes great music.
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