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05:22 PM on 04/15/11
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People get so butthurt at the success of mediocre bands. Fact is this band has the formula right for enough people to like them and to propel them to substantial success, if that offends you then you've really got to get your priorities straightened out.

My opinion, I liked a few of the songs off their first album, they had good energy to them (Not the American Average was a great break up song. haha). I supported this band throughout their first few American tours until I got tired of their music and wanted more. The new CD is here, and it's taken the same predictable steps towards mass marketability as every band in their genre, and therefore lost a lot of it's charm.

Does this make them bad, and worthy of such hate? Hell no. It's ridiculous how transparent people are being. We get it, they're getting more and more popular and you have to show off how much you hate anything that is popular or slightly derivative. They're not pushing any musical boundaries, but hating on them for their success because it's not your cup of tea is pathetic. Not everybody cares about how instrumentally talented a band is or how original it is. If it makes them happy, it gets their cash. It's that simple. Hate on people for enjoying themselves and you just look like you're trying too hard to stand out as different from the norm. You special little snowflakes, you.
People can hate or not like a band if they want to, Just like the idiots who have no clue where Metalcore, Hardcore or any genre came from will listen and praise shitty bands who don't have their own identity or can create their own music. This band isn't just a joke because they exist, but the fact that some people take their music seriously , i mean 100s of bands have make the music they made , some were far more talented and stilll didnt blow up, but this band ? why because they looked like a bunch of scene queens and appealed to underage girls and scene boys? Now that is stupid. 5 years ago this band would have never got signed with the garbage excuse for lyrics and muscianship, They had a good screamer thats all and a decent drummer.How many bands dont?
So your point if invalid just as every other one, Not everybody has to like everything , people talk shit about their favorite teams all the time. But hey if you believe these guys have talent then Justin Bieber is the king of Pop music .
05:28 PM on 04/15/11
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This band takes alot of hate especially on this site but 31k sold their first week and a performance on Jimmy Kimmel says alot. This band is in for big things. Sumerian will ride these guys straight to the bank. I've met them, hung with them, I can't say anything bad about them. They were real great genuine dudes. I'm not a big fan of the new record but it's doing real well. You won't be able to get rid of them for a while.
Bands who write lyrics a 12 year old idiot can write and toss a bunch of breakdowns will always get hate, no matter what site , unless it's all scene kids who like this band and kids who cant distinguisg a fake band . I mean it's funny how 6 months ago the lead singer looks all scene now he got a haircut and tries to sing every song and not scream , he figured theyd real in a bunch of teenagers first with their image now they will go pop/rock to get in the mainstream, Thats a fake band to me, Genuine? did you really call them that?
02:50 PM on 04/18/11
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They were genuine dudes when i sat down with them. They weren't trying to act like anything or be stupid. They were good, we had a nice long disucssion. I don't know how much the idea of reeling in fans with screaming, then sing more on the sophmore album was their ploy. Seems like something the label would push or encourage. I'm not giving credibility to their music, I don't enjoy the 2nd album. It's mostly breakdowns and sing song parts with Joey Sturgis production fillers as the transitions. As if they went into the studio with only ideas on breakdowns and not music.

Of course Danny would clean up for national TV. That'd be stupid not to. Notice they're dressed up a little more compared to their regular shows? Why not? You're on US national TV, clean up a bit. I think it's dumb to knock them for that. I was pointing out, love them or hate them, they're doing tremendously well for an indie metalcore band. There's no doubt about that. I'd like to see people look at bands like these that are having success, and instead of knocking them, overlook what you dislike and try to see why they are successful, why they appeal to people. There's plenty of bands i disgust but i know exactly why people like them, buy their music, and wear their shirts.
I don't knock bands for being succesful, One of my fav all time Thursday was on the radio and sold even more albums than these guys did, But does it really matter now? And they didn't have to clean up to go on tv, I mean you don't have to get a haircut the next day and look completely different , i just found it funny. And it doesn't surprise me kids these days will buy into this band, Just look at how many teenagers who don't know the meaning of musical talent or connecting with the bands message.
They are more about the cover of the bands and thinking yea, louder the better, the dumber the lyrics are cuz theyre funny or fun. But it's not the same scene it used to be , when you connected with music in a deeper level. This band is just trying to hard to get mainstream ,or somebody got paid off.
06:28 PM on 04/19/11
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I agree, it's not the same scene. When i started seeing all the mainstream big business tricks being implemented in the indie scene, i saw it change before my eyes. I can't blame anyone though because when it comes down to it all, they need to make money for this music scene (as watered down as it may be) to continue. The bands, labels, management, booking, distribution, they all gotta get paid, so these mainstream tatics become sort of a must. It makes me appreciate bands more when they come out with a real musical record and still get hype.

I still don't get the problem with cleaning up for TV. It's a must. If their management didn't suggest it, I'm sure ABC told them to clean up. Why look like the worn down beat up band that you are, dress up a bit.

I expect to see them mature on their next record. I seriously hope they step up their live show. They could gain alot more respect if they gave a little more each night.
If They are giving up that whole image they were presenting before , then that's a good step.I mean it was a little creepy that they all looked the same lol.

And just write better lyrics than the past over the top ones. But idk what direction they are going, i feel like this band hasn't found an identity yet and it's crazy how they blown up just with as generic their debut was. But they aren't the only band that has blown up that way right now.But hopefully they do something different next time

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