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10:46 AM on 05/01/11
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For the people who said they're jealous they didnt go, dont be....ive never heard a band sound so sloppy in my life. The sound was absolutely horrific, you could tell neither john or adam could hear themselves while they were singing. John made around 12 major mistakes on the guitar including the intro to greatest romances...sean cooper also fucked up the intro to error operator and made other timing mistakes....then to top it off adam tried to vindicate them being sponsored by coke and convincing the crowd it wasnt selling out...it was NOT a good show trust me
12:23 PM on 05/01/11
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I've seen TBS live 3 times unintentionally. At each performance, Adam was very pitchy and made the crowd sing all the parts he couldn't. I think major fans are fooled by the collective spirit of the concert and because so many people are singing the words.

I couldn't agree more with this comment...during the "fazzi days" tbs sounded unbelievable....i saw them around 5 times then and every performance was super tight...it seems like since the old crew came back they feel like just being "back" is enough. Sean Cooper doesn't measure even close to Rubano....I counted multiple times the bass was out of time at bamboozle....bass and drums are the foundation of the songs, and if either slows or speeds up it results in a bad performance...anyway Dashboard Confessional crushed it so at least i got my moneys worth on one band
01:09 PM on 05/01/11
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You weren't even there, dude. You were here complaining about how you hated the new songs. Are you Noah Fawkes or some stupid fake account trying to diss this band gratuitously? Seriously, you're the most pathetic user I've ever seen around these parts.

haha dude don't get pissed cause your too afraid and not grounded enough to criticize a band you like...i love tbs, they are by far my favorite band....but people pay money to go to concerts...they can write whatever music "makes them happy" but when your not tight and sound like you didnt practice it pisses ppl off because they paid money to hear them DO THEIR JOB.....and as far as the new songs go....i think they wrote very good songs, but the production sounds like bubble gum...in my opinion it sounds like the record label is breathing down their neck and wants them to sell records better then they have in the past..thats how major labels work buddy, im sorry you dont know shit about the music industry...and maybe it was their decision to have the record sound like that...either way, my opinion is that its super poppy and sounds like it will have little replay value due to its lack of depth...tbs is lucky they have so many fans like you who will love them no matter what....real fans who care about the music can take a step back and really analyze whats going on...but obviously these are my opinions and yours are yours
01:19 PM on 05/01/11
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Blablabla YOU WEREN'T THERE, poor excuse of a life. This is the most pathetic thing I've seen on ap.net.


dont worry "A Pilgrim" i wouldn't have much to say after what how i responded to your comment either
09:24 PM on 05/01/11
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Again, "adamoflazzarath" is a fake account. He wasn't at Bamboozle. He was here complaining about Taking Back Sunday, about pretty much everything he does with his ap.net account. The reasons for that are a mystery though.

Lol your SUCH a fucking loser...i WAS at bamboozle...im sorry you cant admit it when a band you love sounds bad...ive seen tbs around 20 times....they have sounded unbelievable...My biggest problem with tbs at this moment is that they took the high road, went with the big overproduced record, headlined bamboozle, are sponsored by coke and are getting "the push" right now from the label...WHICH IS FINE if thats truly what they want...but they have to PRACTICE their songs...they sounded atrocious and thats NOT an opinion...adam didnt sing half the half the words and fans still go nuts for them...its like they think just because they old lineup is back that they can fuck around...and i went to sherman theater and lupos and it was the same deal so im not pissed just because of one performance...i love that nolan and cooper are back but it saddens me because when fazzi and rubano were in the band they were super tight and had a sense of urgency

p.s. if you dont think i was at bamboozle ask me a question unique to bamboozle because frankly it seems to be your only defense...if not do what everyone else has been waiting for and hang yourself while masturbating

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