Ruined Tongue - 05.01.11

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Ruined Tongue - 05.01.11The following is a mini interview of generic questions that we posed to all bands that wanted to answer:

Ruined Tongue

1. How did you get your band name?

We stole it from Toru Okada.

2. How did this band get started?
It started with a slightly different line up in late 2008. We just wanted to start a band that sounded like Life Long Tragedy, but obviously we've strayed far from that since our demo and split tape.

3. What bands are you influenced by?

Lots, really too many to name. But if I had to choose some I'd say: Ceremony, Skin Like Iron, Punch, Sex Vid, Nomos

4. If you could tour with any bands, past or present, who would they be and why?

See previous question, but add Fucked Up and Low Places. Also it'd be rad to tour with bands that are at least slightly out of our genre, we're always down to do weird stuff as long as it sounds fun.

5. Best food to eat on tour?

Mei's Chinese food in Pismo Beach, CA.

6. Why should people listen to your band?

Because as cheesy as it sounds, we take a lot of care into our songs and I know Eric takes a lot of time making sure lyrics are carefully written and perfect.

7. If you could be any athlete, which athlete would you switch places with?

Chad Billingsly or Lamar Odom

8. If you won a Grammy, who would you thank?

Whoever made the mistake of giving us a Grammy.

9. If you could change something about the music industry, what would it be?

I might abolish the RIAA. I say "might" because if someday I got a gold record I'd be really stoked. I'd definitely change the fact that they don't recognize any good real talent, not implying that that is us, but I've seen and heard a lot of good indie/pop acts that need some recognition.

10. Memorable tour experience?

Hanging out with 2/3 of Burn Idols, members of Calculator, and members of Ten Thousand Leagues at a friend's house in L.A. Those guys are nice and fun, but more importantly have good stories. Also, anytime someone says they enjoyed our set is a memorable experience, we have fun playing music and we want people watching us to have fun.

11. What does AP.net mean to you?

It means this really weird site where all sorts of sub-genres of music coalesce and somehow it works.

12. What is your favorite song to play?

Live it'd be "Summer Gorillas." Practice is a different story, we get real stoked on every new song.

13. What is your vacation spot of choice?

Jeremy says San Diego
Eric has too many places to name
Josh says San Luis Obispo
Alex says Seattle
Cory says the internet

14. What music reminds you of your childhood?
Stevie Wonder

15. If you could have any super power, what would it be? Why?

Invisibility (not to be a creep though). Why not?

16. Any pre-show superstitions or rituals?

Eric hails Satan, Alex prays to Cthulhu

17. What is something that most fans don't know about you?

That we stole our name from Toru Okada.

18. What is your assessment of the current state of radio? Do you think it's a place where your band could flourish?

I don't think flourish would be the right word. I think it could do us some good, I mean if there's places like WERS and KSPC that do live aggressive bands on the radio then I suppose not all hope is lost.

19. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Alex reads/writes
Eric skates
Josh eats vegan food
Cory trains/fights at an MMA gym
Jeremy plays video games

20. What kind of hidden talents do you have?

We make a really good starting line in basketball, most people don't know that so I guess that makes it "hidden"
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