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From Autumn To AshesHolding A Wolf By The Ears
Release Date: April 10, 2007
Record Label: Vagrant

The other day I was blasting Holding A Wolf By The Ears, From Autumn To Ashes’ latest album, when one of my friends stopped by my room to ask me what I was listening to. After I told him who it was, a look of confusion crept across his face as he asked; “They’re still a band?” Well, with all the drama that had occurred inside From Autumn To Ashes camp over the past few years, it’s hard to believe they’re still a band.

Ben Perri was the front man of the band on their first three albums, meshing his deep screams with drummer Fran Mark’s frantic pitch. But in 2005, before the release of the disastrous Abandon Your Friends, Perri literally did what the title suggests, separating himself from his band mates, as he developed a lack of passion in his work and failed to deliver lyrics for the album, leaving Mark to rush out some lyrics. The tension of that recording experience could somewhat explain why Abandon was so horrid, but with Perri out of the band now and Mark assuming the front man role, FATA has released their best album to date, hoping it’ll be the album that’ll resurrect their career.

Produced by Brian McTernan, all twelve tracks on Holding A Wolf By The Ears are fast and in your face, never giving you a chance to catch your breath. Mark is three times the front man Perri was, as his mixture of frantic screams and high wailing create a nice counterbalance throughout the album. Musically, they’ve progressed from previous albums, as FATA as opted out of using the typical chug-chug breakdowns of the past and instead rely on brutally assaulting your ears with pummeling drumming from Mark and sick riffs from guitarist Brian Deneeve. The album opener “Deth Kult Social Club” and “On The Offensive” are very aggressive, while “Daylight Slaving” features a furious breakdown. “Sensory Deprivation Adventure” recalls the gloomy state of mind Mark had during the past few years. Vocally, Mark screams like a he is on his way to the asylum, giving an energy and passion that had been severely lacking while Perri was in the band.

Beginning to the noise of something being cranked up, “Underpass Tutorial” grabs you by the throat and never lets go, as Deneeve and bassist Josh Newton are unforgiving with his guitar work. The first single (which also happens to be the album’s closer), “Pioneers,” is a riveting rocker, with a guitar riff that needles into your membrane as Mark urgently sings the final lyrics of the album. While the lyrics on the album aren’t the most poetic or deepest of lyrics, Mark writes about all the crap he and the band has been through, and most importantly the lyrics aren’t cliché-ridden and cringe worthy.

The most impressive aspect of Holding A Wolf By The Ears is how well FATA blends melody with aggression. The flow of the album is very consistent, largely due to the fact that FATA never slows down any of the tracks. What the album suffers from, though, is the fact that some of the songs tend to run together, but while the lack of diversity is evident, it doesn’t necessarily take away from the overall enjoyment of the listening experience.

The majority of us know that From Autumn To Ashes are not recreating the wheel with this release. But in a scene over saturated with Myspace flavors of the week, Holding A Wolf By The Ears breathes new energy in a stagnant genre. Forget what you know about From Autumn To Ashes, as they’ve released the most surprising album of 2007.

Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. Deth Kult Social Club
2. On the Offensive
3. Recounts and Recollections
4. Daylight Slaving
5. Delusions of Grandeur
6. Sensory Deprivation Adventure
7. Everything I Need
8. Underpass Tutorial
9. Love It or Left It
10. Travel
11. A Goat in Sheep's Rosary
12. Pioneers
Produced by: Brian McTernan

From Autumn To Ashes are:
Fran Mark – vocals/drums
Brian Deneeve – guitars
Josh Newton – bass

Official Website; Official Myspace

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12:04 AM on 04/11/07
Blake Solomon
a phone call away
User Info.
Blake Solomon's Avatar
i really enjoy this release (surprisingly). Good review
12:07 AM on 04/11/07
Jason Tate
User Info.
Jason Tate's Avatar
Not a fan of the band -- but good review.
12:25 AM on 04/11/07
Broken Parachute
arte et labore
User Info.
Broken Parachute's Avatar
Good review, Drew.
03:55 AM on 04/11/07
this is water
User Info.
Mitch's Avatar
Good review, good album.
05:26 AM on 04/11/07
Registered User
User Info.
Mattx's Avatar
That's a really good review and I agree with your sentiments completely.

Like many i'd written FATA off after their disastrous previous two albums and was actually almost as surprised as your friend when I found out they were still together and putting out a fourth album. But when it came down to listening to this I was pretty amazed at how they've managed to turn it around.

I was equally a bit worried and surprised to hear that the drummer who previously did the relatively "whiny" melodic vocals was taking over as front man but he has actually done a superb job.

I'd even go as far as to agree with you that this is the best FATA album to date. I'm sure there will be people that prefer the heavier Too Bad You're Beautiful from back in the day but I definitely think this is every bit as good just in a different style.

I'd definitely suggest that everyone that had written this band off give this a try as you will be surprised one way or another and chances are it will be in a good way.

One thing i'm curious about Drew is that your score seems a tad low? At least compared to the Haste The Day review I just read which actually ranks their worst effort to date above this...
05:36 AM on 04/11/07
Rich Duncan
Album Reviewer
User Info.
Rich Duncan's Avatar
Well written review Drew! I pretty much lost interest with this band around their second album, but the newer songs I listened to weren't too bad.
05:57 AM on 04/11/07
Registered User
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jdlcmco's Avatar
thanks for the review......i love this band, and this cd is great !!
06:10 AM on 04/11/07
Registered User
User Info.
valoo's Avatar
great cd, has anyone been able to find the lyrics online?
07:06 AM on 04/11/07
Bury Your Head
it aint easy being brown
User Info.
Bury Your Head's Avatar
No i havent seen them online.

i guess you have to buy the cd

but anyways i loved all their albums but this one is just plain good. i hope sales wise they do at least decent the guys deserve it.

too bad scott webber hasnt reviewed this. id like to see how low he would rate the album
07:09 AM on 04/11/07
Bury Your Head
it aint easy being brown
User Info.
Bury Your Head's Avatar
Not a fan of the band -- but good review.

you didnt think the album was at least decent? especially for the genre they are pigenholed into?

for some reason travel has been stuck in my head for a whole plane ride to buffalo
07:10 AM on 04/11/07
Tom Good
Album Reviewer
User Info.
Tom Good's Avatar
I don't really like this band, but the review is well written and I agree with a lot of your points. I never could get into them though.
07:11 AM on 04/11/07
Thiago (Tee-Ah-Go)
User Info.
angelusdomini's Avatar
Blah, I went to get this CD last night and they didn't have it.

I'm going searching again after work.
07:21 AM on 04/11/07
Still the greatest
User Info.
SLADE775's Avatar
I agree with most of what you said, dr00bie.

I'd put lasting power a little lower though.
07:29 AM on 04/11/07
honestly, it was nothing.
User Info.
reav's Avatar
the last paragraph is the best/worst joke ever told.

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