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11:18 AM on 05/11/11
Co and Ca
What are you doing here?
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this is probably 2 or 3 spots back for me. I don't think anything will overcome ManOrch. but yeah, i remember being so nervous before playing this the first time. And by, like, halfway through "Montezuma" I knew it was going to be a fantastic record.

i've checked out a lot of crap this year, so this was a breath of fresh air haha. this and probably 3-4 other albums are the only real stand outs for me. other albums show promise, but i haven't spent enough time with them yet.
01:11 PM on 05/11/11
a creative username?
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Brett9's Avatar
Was my most anticipated of the year...I had very, very high hopes.

And I absolutely love this album.
01:47 PM on 05/11/11
for the rest of us...
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Festivus's Avatar
I love this album so much. Like the review said, it feels incredibly organic... nearly spiritual in a way as it accompanies for me the early morning drives along the back roads to school. I don't have the words to wax poetic on it though, so I'll just leave it at: this is my AOTY so far.
02:51 PM on 05/11/11
Not everything, not yet
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CarouselBoy's Avatar
Nice review. Made me chuckle a couple times. I got it the other day on amazon but I haven't had the chance to listen yet. Gettin on it!
03:38 PM on 05/11/11
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InfiniteArms's Avatar
Great Review for a Great album. What did you do to get banned from wikipedia??
03:44 PM on 05/11/11
You're not real musician!
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introduction's Avatar
This album is stunning, an easy AOTY candidate.
04:08 PM on 05/11/11
Registered User
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Johnis's Avatar
i had a very personal reaction to their Self-Titled album. It signified a lot of what I thought I wanted in this world (freedom, a place to sprawl out, the thought that just because we live in a city doens't mean we have to live in one). But now, as I moved from a medium sized city to a large one, I too have been able to grasp onto this album. The fight between where we are and where we so desperately want to be, coupled with the fact that maybe where we want to be is now an impossible dream. And I think how they are juxtaposing that sort of very real, very harsh realities of being a band in the year 2011, with some extremely out-of-time songs ("Grown Ocean" and "Helplessness Blues" and "Montezuma" come to mind), is just a testament to how well this band knows themselves and what they want to be. And I guess, being reminded that all you can really take care of is yourself has been a nice way for me to latch onto this record, even if there is no "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" or "Ragged Wood."
I don't usually take a lot of time to post, but I have to thank you for putting into words what only lived in my head each time I come back to this album. The music, to me, captures a timeless freedom beyond day-to-day living, corporate jobs and disposable music that gets old after repeated listening. Nothing else has really sounded as good lately, so I haven't even gotten around to checking out the new ManOrch and This Will Destroy You albums that just came out. I'm going to let this one settle for a while.
04:12 PM on 05/11/11
Be the change you wish to see
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InstruMETAL's Avatar
I just discovered this band as I mostly listen to post-hardcore. Surprisingly I like them a lot. I love their self titled and Sun Giant EP. Haven't listened to this new album much yet though.
04:19 PM on 05/11/11
The Color Before The Sun
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CoheedForever's Avatar
Such a great album.
06:21 PM on 05/11/11
Blake Solomon
every outcome's such a comedown
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Great Review for a Great album. What did you do to get banned from wikipedia??
just a joke, haha
09:42 PM on 05/11/11
Steeeve Perry
Pushin' th' little daisies
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Steeeve Perry's Avatar
Great Review for a Great album. What did you do to get banned from wikipedia??
Somebody needs to change the oil in their sarcasm detector.

Great review, though this album doesn't seem as genuinely entertaining as their debut to me. It is better than most of the crap out there though, that's for sure.
11:26 PM on 05/12/11
WeReadTheSignsCompletelyB ackwards
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InBetweenAisles's Avatar
Really enjoyed this album.
08:27 AM on 05/13/11
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Emelianenko's Avatar
I absolutely LOVE their first two releases and have listened to them an obnoxious amount over the past couple years, but so far after one listen to most of the songs on this album I just haven't been excited...maybe I need a couple more listens. I was very much looking forward to it but I just didn't find it nearly as catchy and haunting as Blue Ridge Mountains, Mykonos, Ragged Wood, Oliver James, Tiger Mountain, He doesn't know why, etc...

I will definitely play it at least a few more times to see if it grows on me.
09:14 AM on 05/13/11
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I've always thought of Fleet Foxes as a much better version of Mumford and Sons...maybe that's just the UK folk rock thing? Not sure...
Agreed about Fleet Foxes being much better. Mumford and Sons wish they could be anything close to Fleet Foxes. Clearly, M&S are influenced by FF, but FF are on a whole other level...it's really not even close. Also, FF aren't from the UK. They're from Seattle.
10:43 AM on 05/13/11
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Sorry I need to edit my post. I'm pretty sure I was thinking of another band when I said that about the UK. M&S are less than FF imo because they swear and stuff. FF keeps it clean and I mean for the most part they arent controversial. I guess there's something about them being gay or whatever but really who gives. They are amazing.
Huh? The Shrine/An Argument, and much of the rest of the album is about Robin's girlfriend breaking up with him. Not gay. And who cares if they were?

FF are better than M&S because they are better musicians, better lyricists, 100% authentic to folk music (not "folk rock"), and know exactly what they are doing. Sigh No More is just not a good album, and the lyrics are corny. At what should be a climax of the album, he screams "You didn't think, when you pushed me to the BRIIIINK! The BRIIINK!" Those lyrics, and much of the rest of the album are just so amateur.

At least we can both agree that FF are actually better than them though, because I feel like there aren't enough people who get it.

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