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I See Stars - The End Of The World Party Album Cover
Author's Rating
Vocals 7
Musicianship 7
Lyrics 4.75
Production 8.5
Creativity 7.25
Lasting Value 6.75
Reviewer Tilt 7
Final Verdict: 69%
Member Ratings
Vocals 6.04
Musicianship 6.04
Lyrics 4.71
Production 7.07
Creativity 5.32
Lasting Value 4.68
Reviewer Tilt 5.75
Average: 57%
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I See Stars - The End Of The World Party

Reviewed by: Richard Maxim (05/24/11)
I See Stars - The End Of The World Party
Record Label: Sumerian Records
Release Date: February 22, 2011

Every band has to fight to be noticed and feel some form of validation. Whether bands admit it or willingly deny, the music sometimes just speaks for itself. The music makes you respect the talent, especially at such a young age. This is where I look to I See Stars' sophomore effort, The End of the World Party.

The album is a record you listen to with the windows down on a hot summer day. It does not take itself seriously, which is a definite strong suit. The band knows they want to write catchy songs with an ever-so-subtle hint of rebellion; add just a tablespoon of open chords as well as D chords and voila.

Starting the party off is the title track, which everyone knows from the band's first studio update before the album was released. Heavy electronics take the starring role, though, quickly turning me off. I remember being excited for some new material from these guys, but after sitting through this album more than once, I have quite the distaste for the opener. However, this is the weakest stop on a record full of gems that will probably never get the credit they deserve. "The End Of The World Party" comes off more as a "cool idea" than a catchy song with a bouncy melody and great chorus.

"It Will Be Up (High School Never Ends)" is an exercise in the band's songwriting ability. Despite the lyrics' hit-or-miss- subject matter, everyone will be able to agree on a catchy song. Donít be surprised if you canít stop your head from bobbing (this is my top pick from this album). Synthesizer sections are fast and frantic, keeping you moving when the guitar stops. Dare I say this song is party fodder? You can dance if you want to; I donít see why not. This song would be a radio hit if these guys werenít a part of such a niche market, as a lot of these bands fall prey to.

"Where I Let You Down (Numb)" continues singer Devin Oliver's infatuation with catchy choruses, pounding drums and simple arrangements of bells and keys. They lead to Oliver exclaiming, ďSo I guess that this is starting over/Back to when I was your four-leaf clover/So don't make a sound/This is the part where I let you, where I let you down." Iím sure (with women being as evil as they are) anyone can resonate with this.

I always hated when my parents used to say that associating with a group subjects you to that entity's good and bad sides. It may hold truth, but in no way does it defines a person. The End Of The World Party is full of beautiful melodies and soaring guitars that anyone - I'm sure - would applaud if it weren't this band making it. Whatever negative connotations the scene or the swoop may have should be dropped. Most listeners should stop judging a book by its cover; itís downright criminal that this band doesnít get the credit they deserve. At this age with this kind of talent, I canít ignore it.

These guys are having so much fun making music, it shines through, and Iím so happy theyíre having fun because Iím having fun listening to it over and over again.

Recommended If You LikeTheir debut album; summertime; catchy choruses; originality

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02:46 AM on 05/31/11
Regular Member
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No Avatar Selected
Catchy album, however, musicianship is much more greatly presented in 3-D. There are some songs on this album that I just cannot stand.....ughh at "Wonderland"
06:29 AM on 05/31/11
Juan Jose
Regular Member
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Juan Jose's Avatar
Drums and overall production are much better this time around but everything else kind of fell off. I like the soaring guitars at times it gets dull, the technical flourishes on 3D were more interesting. Also the synths and singing are now all bubble-gum pop.
06:56 AM on 05/31/11
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jornor's Avatar
Its really not that bad
07:28 AM on 05/31/11
Inside of your heart always
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johnnyferris's Avatar
3d was miles better. Their heavy parts seem so forced now.

Anybody else getting tired of the exaggerated snare hits in all these new scene albums?
08:05 AM on 05/31/11
Ah, yes.
User Info.
brandon_260's Avatar
Such a disappointing album
04:53 PM on 05/31/11
Rob McWilliams
Eat your salad, no dessert
User Info.
Rob McWilliams's Avatar
Not bad, but 3-D probably set my expectations too high.
05:28 PM on 06/01/11
When I get home I'll get high alone
User Info.
Psib's Avatar
im more exited for I set my friends on fire's new album
02:05 PM on 06/02/11
We found love in a hopeless place
User Info.
Dystroxia's Avatar
^^ Lol
02:12 PM on 06/02/11
Ah, yes.
User Info.
brandon_260's Avatar
im more exited for I set my friends on fire's new album
I'm sorry.
11:53 PM on 06/02/11
tastes like green.
User Info.
Marcos_gun's Avatar
im more exited for I set my friends on fire's new album
I Feel bad for you.
03:45 PM on 06/07/11
Niko Vercelletto
User Info.
Nikon7's Avatar
It's definitely catchy but nothing hugely original
05:28 AM on 06/08/11
Rob McWilliams
Eat your salad, no dessert
User Info.
Rob McWilliams's Avatar
im more exited for I set my friends on fire's new album

I don't know if that was hating on the album or if you just like the sound of puppies being backed over by Hummers.
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