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Music vs. Lyrics -- Your Thoughts

Posted by: Anton Djamoos (04/26/07)
Music is an art form. As such, there are multiple elements that are combined to create the song. Whether it be the lyrics that can directly relate to a certain period that the listener is experiencing or the music that helps express a certain emotion, it all comes together to make the song.

It is obvious these days that both are not needed to create good songs. If you look at post-rock/atmospheric bands such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Explosions in the Sky, you will find that these bands rely entirely on the music to convey a meaning. Certain artists like Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes take a simpler approach on the music to focus more on the meaning through the words.

There are many fantastic lyricists that some would argue do not know how to hold a guitar the right way, whereas there are certain musicians that are geniuses that simply are not able to pen words that have the same emotional impact as others.

We at AbsolutePunk are interested to know--what do you think makes for a better song? Which is more important to the craft of a quality song: the music or the lyrics?
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01:01 PM on 04/26/07
shane hennessey
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shane hennessey's Avatar
for 90% of the music i listen too, i usually tune out the lyrics. i dont know why but it happens all the time thus making the music the most crucial part of the song for me. if the lyrics are really cheesy then i'll take notice.
01:02 PM on 04/26/07
romantic rights
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romantic rights's Avatar
Its hard to say, It almost depends on the style of music for me when I begin to care about how the lyrics are... Certain styles it wont matter as much to me, while with other styles it will matter more than the music.
01:02 PM on 04/26/07
Rock and/or roll
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tidesdontexist's Avatar
this is way too difficult to choose
01:03 PM on 04/26/07
dishonest hero
User Info.
baptist_general's Avatar
personally i'm a lyrics guy

but without a quality back drop for the lyrics to stand against then there really isnt any point!

unless its acapella i.e William E Whitmore's Cold and Dead...
01:03 PM on 04/26/07
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thatwasamoment's Avatar
It could be both really. Some musicians can make beautiful music but can't write lyrics worth shit, and vice versa.
01:06 PM on 04/26/07
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walking_person's Avatar
For me it's the lyrics. If I don't like a song this is most likely why. If I do like a song it could easily be for both the music and the lyrics, how they fit together and such.
01:06 PM on 04/26/07
Plays Pretty For Baby
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Wheez's Avatar
The two play off each other too much in most situations for there to be a clear answer. Way too hard to choose one over the other.
01:07 PM on 04/26/07
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
the music draws you in, lyrics keep you coming back
01:07 PM on 04/26/07
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a deep connection with fans is often times made through lyrics that the listener can relate to. i feel like most people who listen to pop music on the radio, do so for the music... the beats... etc. but any connection on a higher level is a product of the lyrics.

fall out boy's bar & brand new's nyc show
01:08 PM on 04/26/07
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
A good song is in the melody, Anton.
01:08 PM on 04/26/07
God's away on business.
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SgtFumunda's Avatar
If the music is very good, then I like it.
If the lyrics are very good, then I like them.

I like different bands and different songs for different reasons.
01:08 PM on 04/26/07
Tom Good
Album Reviewer
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Tom Good's Avatar
I just had this convo the other day. Personally, I attach more to the music rather than the vocals. Although some of my favorite albums also have some of the lyrics that mean the most to me. BUT those albums also have incredible music, so it could just be a combination of the two. I play instruments so listening to music is listening to what can be done on something that I enjoy doing, whether it be guitars or drums or whatever.
01:09 PM on 04/26/07
In December, drinkin' Horchata
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SwishMX48's Avatar
for 90% of the music i listen too, i usually tune out the lyrics. i dont know why but it happens all the time thus making the music the most crucial part of the song for me. if the lyrics are really cheesy then i'll take notice.

I'm the exact opposite, I don't know much about music composition and get much more out of lyrical content. Simple music with profound lyrics is more likely to attract my attention than the reverse....its really cool to see another perspective on the subject
01:10 PM on 04/26/07
swim for your life
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LCincala's Avatar
I am very very much into lyrics. I'd like to think if a song has terrible lyrics then i wouldn't like it; however, that isn't completely true. If a song is catchy enough, I'll like it. Music is strongly important, I think. No matter how good the lyrics are, if the music doesn't catch my attention, I can't listen to it. I think lyrics compliment a good song and in turn make it great.
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