Peachcake - 04.26.07

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Peachcake - 04.26.07I just wanted to thank Stefan from Peachcake real quick for taking time out of is day to answer these questions for me!

What is your name and what is your role in Peachcake?

My name is Stefan Pruett, but I've been referred to under several different alias' and nicknames, some of which are quite arcane, and if you try and bring 'em back, your ass is grass and I'm the lawn mower, ya hear! Hahaha.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, I am the lead vocalist, and co-songwriter alongside Johnny O' Keefe who I refer to in jocular fashion, as my (but really our) other half, who does most of the programming/synth work. I also whip out a bass so-totally-pro-hardcore-style-brah sometimes, and we have another individual who refers to himself as "Unorganized Sound" who rocks the skins of the percussion apparatus and element. And then who could forget our beloved mascot, Mr. "Tiger-Mike" McHale. What a team we have here.

I also am responsible for cleaning up our spilled milk, and messes, correctly conveying the essence of the band, making sure the validity of our essence and entity is maintained...by doing cool shit like this interview. ;)

How did you guys come up with Peachcake as your group name?
It was a long, hard, dry trek through the desert when...well really, we serendipitously stumbled upon it whence we were watching the most premiere, and accomplished show of all the Teen-High-School-Comedy-Drama's, Saved By The Bell. This was upon a time when our baby Peachcake was merely a wee lad, and we were cultivating it into what would become where we are now...doing this and many other unexpectedly awesome things we're ecstatic to partake in!

We're so proud of our Peachcake and what it's become! Awwww, seeing it grow, and cultivating it into such a bright young man has been a delightful experience no one could ever revoke from us with any amount of money, or magnitude of temptation toward the use of a time machine!

How does your music differ now from when you guys first formed?
Oh jeez...if only you knew. I always find questions like this to be slightly, um, hard to maneuver if you will, (or in a nutshell, awkward), only because it's basically opening up the floor for you to just sit here and boast about (how much better) your band has gotten, or your art, or whatever the context may be referring to. I think for us, it's been an interesting process and not to mention experience. I mean, the whole thing (like many things it seems now-a-days) started as a complete and utter joke to basically remove us from our daily/life hood musical routine of being caught-up in such "serious" rock bands, that were more or less becoming somewhat mundane in nature. At its inception, it had an extremely facetious undertone, which is why we decided to play shows, so we could test the waters to see what people would do, or how they'd react to something not so serious, that's put in a more or less, serious atmosphere or venue. We wanted to combat the capitalist dogma that created the iconic idea of "Rock Star." I look at us as the antithesis of the rock-star in our nature and behavior. It's a new paradigm we're developing, I suppose. The supporters, the listeners, the ones grabbing hold of the art and letting it affect them, taking it in, letting it be a part of them are the real deal, who deserve all the credit.

I mean, it's inevitable that if you love something, and you take it "seriously" to an extent, and not get so caught up in that it's the entity that is you or represents you, and becomes you in a dangerous way, as in, if it wasn't there then the essence of you would be lost, then I think you'll truly be representing yourself to the fullest, and most unpretentious, earnest, and true r way possible via that medium of creative outlet. I think too many people get caught up in this idea of their art, music, or band defining who they are, and making them into someone or something, or desiring these delusions of grandeur with success and fame, and receptivity that in all, make them who they are.... when really, YOU'RE making what the essence of your art is, and thus, your creations and art IS representing YOU because its your pure essence, your pure intent, and your pure message or substance that's being conveyed, that comes through, whether directly, with a defined direct approach, or in a more subtle, indirect subconscious manner.

We just wanted to create something fun, light-hearted, and now it's evolved into having expectations from people, having various people push and pull on us to try and bring us somewhere, or "refine" us, or make us into something, and having figured out what we are as a band, where we stand with our beliefs/ideology, and how we ingrain that in our music, or why we decide not to. It's also inevitable that if you love what you do and are grateful for it, which we absolutely are, to the very finest and fullest extent, that will shine through, and you will improve both as a musician, in your musical pursuit and endeavor, and as a performer in those pursuits and endeavors. And in all honestly, we're just entirely grateful to be where we are, doing what we're doing, moving forward, and improving. I mean, if we listened to all the criticisms and even, praise we've received over the years, it would've made us a monster, or the kid who quits the soccer team, but we didn't, and we've stuck it out to be in a position where we're constantly moving forward, improving, and doing our best to evolve our music and show, skills, and abilities as musicians and performers...and we're grateful for every waking moment we partake in that, and every moment we get to dream. We're as our pal Chris says, "Livin' the dream," because we're just so excited to be here doing this, and around all these wonderful, supportive people we call, listeners. Which my friend Matt suggested. That's how I think we're different.

What does the new CD sound like? Will it be more dance/electronica or synth pop oriented?
I'm not much for labels...collectively we do our best to evade such mannerisms as to the traditional cultural aspect of classifying and branding our "product" which I think is a ridiculous terminology to
go by. We prefer to refer to it as our "creation(s)," because we're not here to be bought and sold and make tons of money. Haha. Any money we do make goes right back into making the band more stable, fun, upbeat, and more of an outlet of an expression for us and our fans. Which to you, that might sound strange or not make complete sense, but we've got an all-encompassing goal in mind to help all people, all mankind, all creatures to be a part of one giant positive, inspirational, fun, and upbeat atmosphere and environment. One day we'll have the funding to make it happen...hopefully. Hahaha!

I think the kids who choose to support it by downloading/pirating in whatever way necessary or medium possible, purchasing, or coming out to the shows and seeing its in real-time, real-life exposition or essence will be intrigued by its musical and lyrical content which are both to the fullest extent, exemplifying and representing who we are and what we stand for, our essence as creatures on this earth and apart of and from this earth. It's definitely mostly on the positive side, and even any of the "darker" or more "negative" aspects are turned around by having a positive spin put on them.

We're here to propagate good vibes for all of the mass media, public, and creatures alike to give a listen to, give a chance, and decide if it's for them or not. The interpretations of the music/lyrics, and what it comes out sounding like, or saying, is truly in your hands, and that's what I love about listening to, making music and being a part of music. We're just grateful to even be able to make a CD, and have people who would care to listen to it, us, and what we have to say, sonically and lyrically. :)

Have you decided on a producer for the new record? If yes, who?
Long ago, it's been many moons since this decision has been made, haha. The team of people assembled are a team of very warm, beautifully creative, clever, and talented individuals who are not only excited to be apart of the process, but are adamant supporters of us, and who without them, we wouldn't have been able to evolve into what we've become, so to speak, and I say that with a very positive overtone. :)

The dudes enlisted who've been working diligently for the last year and a half with us are, Kyle Schember and Anthony Catalano, both of whom belong to the production team/collective of, Subtractive which is production company out of Los Angeles, CA. another friend of ours, Mike Parker is helping produce some tracks in Austin, TX with his team, Studio 19. Other beautiful contributors include, Jalipaz who's engineering a lot of the vocals/overdubs/percussion on the album at Audioconfusion Studios in Mesa, AZ.

We're very excited and content with the team of exceptionally talented individuals we have the privilege of working alongside to make this album a masterpiece!

What are some of your inspirations for the new songs? This could be anything from animals, musicians, authors, etc…?
Hm...We don't quite like material items or possessions as much as people or animals so...

Every single person and every single creature upon this earth especially. As well as other life that we may not be entirely aware of throughout the universe. This album is an homage to the of unification of all creatures, the journey toward helping, and raising the spirits of the universe and all of which it encompasses. I guess you could sum it up as, our ultimate goal is providing a soundtrack that will be uplifting for the spirits, and propagate its sonorous sounds to create upbeat environments and attitudes for creatures scattered all throughout the universe.

Describe your live show for those who haven't seen you yet?
You'll have to come to a show now to find out, won't you...MUAHAHAHAHAA! I can't really divulge the various erratic content and components that come together to form what our live show is and consists of on this odd cusp of consistency, but often varied sense. However, what I can say, is that some critical people seem to think we try so hard to create a "scene" or make a "mess" on stage, and just use various objects (which are completely pertinent, appropriate, and sacred to the essence of our live show, OK?! haha), in vain to just be weird, or fun, or crazy for the sake of doing so. Well, in rebuttal, I can say that I assure you there are great amounts of method and premeditation to our mayhem and madness. We know what we want to accomplish, and usually what we're doing, but we leave room to sort of evolve that and further figure that out along the way in relevance to the message or goal of emotions tied to it that we want to achieve with the audience and ourselves, not premeditating it so far or making it so insanely ingrained that it can't differentiate, or change, or deviate when we feel it's necessary or appropriate. These variations, or changes, or evolutions can take place during the course of a tour or show (which can work much to our benefit or be a hindrance), BUT, it's all in good fun, and good spirits. We don't just do crazy for crazy sake! Haha. I can promise you if you attend you'll leave with a reaction, and most-likely having had great amounts of "fun," which seems to be the most common term used to describe it.

How was the tour with The Secret Handshake?
Radidily-acious, yo! Luis is a stellar individual, and though we have similar or comparative musical sounds or styling to the outside world, we have different goals, intentions, and desires for what we want to see happen, and what we want to achieve with our music and our show. It makes those tours and relationships all the more interesting because you can gain a lot of insight for yourself not only into what someone else (similar) is doing and how, but to what you're doing and how, and why, and what it means.

We're now agent-mates, so I'm hoping we'll be doing some more touring soon! :)

What are some of your future touring plans?
To eventually end up in space...doing not only national and international tours, but also universal tours. It's gonna be possible. It all starts with that crazy-ass, huge elevator their constructing to bring people up to space, and then the possibilities are endless.

But for the immediate future, we plan to concentrate our efforts nationally, with a great stronghold on the supporting world. We'll be supporting Ozma for a bit, and doing some one-offs with good-sized Indie acts. We plan to have hit the East Coast hopefully before the album drops shelves, for the first time. Ahhhhh....America, your domestic traveling system makes it so simple for us to just scurry about your bountiful land in such non-sexual-innuendo like form, I love it. Possibly more than that evil corporation that starts with an M...yeah, you know, that one. ;)

Do you have any crazy stories from being on the road?
We met god...and he gave me this saying: "On a scale of one to Jesus, I'm God." And then he explained how imperative it was for me to propagate this saying all throughout the vast lands, both in real life landscape
and in Internet landscape, but to stay away from "virally marketing" it, for it could cause a virus-plague equating to the magnitude of the Bubonic
plague we saw make mankind spiral out of control back in the 1600's!

I promised him I'd do it without the desire or intent of profit.

What do you guys do when you are home from touring?
Make the world a better place, DUH! And be nice to people. And write songs, and lyrics, and sometimes play secret shows, and wrestle with our homeland lovers.

If you could interview any band, who would it be and what would you ask?

I would interview every band I could possibly fathom with the desire and intent to garner as much insight and knowledge into who they are, why they are who they are, what they're about, what they stand for (or what
their ideology is), and why, and where they want to go with it.

Why would I do this? So I could apply it to myself, my own life, our existence as a musical entity upon this earth, learn from them, and use these lessons and this knowledge bestowed upon me to become a better, stronger, more uninfluenced band and individual that is constantly moving forward in life, and never afraid to make a mistake or accept praise, and learn from the good and bad. You gotta take the good with the bad, and the only way to do this is through living life, living it well, and experiencing things, people, and events.

Do you regret your decision to take such an unconventional lifestyle rather than playing it safe and living the expected American lifestyle? Do you regret choosing to play music for a profession rather than getting some sort of degree and going out and living your life like everyone else?

Helllllllllzzzzz no. Like I said, we've got a clearly defined, concise objective with our music, and the goals, ambitions, desires and somewhat of the course that lie(s) within. We know what we want to achieve, and what we're here to do both as musicians, and individuals, as performers, creators, and as a collective of pals, and never will we be resting upon
our laurels at any point as a means to achieve anything.

We're here to create an all out audio-visual live-show atmosphere that is focused on the essence of being unified with the audience to the fullest extent possible from band to audience, and then furthermore, doing our best to unify the audience, from one member to the next, in an effort to bring people together under the realization that they all share a
common-interest, and thus can (for perhaps this specified moment in time, or allotted time interval) co-exist upon an obvious common-ground. I mean, when you're at a show, I think it's important to leave all
your drama, all your fear, and all your inhibitions at the door, and if they must come in, then you should respect the others and allow them to let go and envelop themselves in the show/presentation however they choose, and not laugh, judge, or put them down for doing so. What's amazing to me is how many people seem to lack the understanding, or not realize that they all are choosing to be there, and they are typically all there for the same reason: The desire to share in the same sonic/artistic experience. What their experience(s) may be, could all differ from one another, but if you ask me, when you're at or going to a show, you're already all on the same wavelength as anyone and everyone there, no matter what or how much you don't like that. Haha. We need to revel in one another's interest in this respect, and respect each other, work together to make that atmosphere feel safe, whole, complete, nurturing to our expressive wishes in correspondence to the art or music, and just
downright incredible going into it. Because the more incredible, facilitating, and uplifting it feels going in, the more it'll feel going out. And in no way am I meaning to belittle any show-goers by what I'm saying...it's their prerogative to partake in a show however they feel they want to, or in whatever way makes them comfortable or is right to them, and I’m not trying to judge them based on the way they act (or don't act) during a show...I just think it's important that we work together to make the atmosphere as enjoyable, and as positive as possible, so everyone
can feel good coming out, and that no one impedes anyone else from having a good time or expressing themselves however desired. It's important to realize we're all equal in that atmosphere, from performer to audience, audience to audience, no one is above, or better, and we're all in that event together. Let's make it awesome...it's up to US!

Plus, if we regretted it, I don't really think we'd do it, ya know?

What is your main goal in life?
To see Christina Ricci rocking out at a Peachcake show, and the aforesaid interview. And John wants to achieve immortality.

What are some things you want to do before you die?
Hm...This is a very strange question...I'm not so sure I feel entirely comfortable disclosing the content of what I'd like to experience before my demise.

What three things must a town or city have in order for you to be able to live happily there?

This is the weirdest question I've ever been asked in an interview...my answer is: life.

Finish this sentence: "I wish I could dance like ____"
Tony Danza and Oprah Winfrey in the way they would dance with each other and stare ever-so-deeply, passionately into one another's eyes on their honeymoon.

Do you guys prefer peaches or cake?
Oh God, come on. Did the Illuminati put you up to this?

I like both; they go elegantly with one another as a combined desert treat or in individualistic fashion.

Last words? Shout outs? Advice?
Keep moving forward, and please please please, always be YOU. You don't need to be anybody else, that's why you're YOU. And to let everyone who reads this know: If you want good, fortunate, exciting things to happen for yourself, you need to put out the vibes and energy associated with such wants and desires. Let your actions correspond to what you want to see happen for yourself and others in a positive way, and those
things will happen. I can say so from experiencing it first hand with me in my life, and our pursuit as a band.

We're just so elated and grateful to be where we are, and to be doing this interview. Thank you to Absolutepunk and all the people who've helped us get to where we are. You all truly mean the world to us! :)
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06:31 PM on 04/26/07
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Last words? Shout outs? Advice?
Keep moving forward, and please please please, always be YOU. You don't need to be anybody else, that's why you're YOU. And to let everyone who reads this know: If you want good, fortunate, exciting things to happen for yourself, you need to put out the vibes and energy associated with such wants and desires. Let your actions correspond to what you want to see happen for yourself and others in a positive way, and those
things will happen. I can say so from experiencing it first hand with me in my life, and our pursuit as a band.

this is the whole reason i love these boys, theyre so positive and always bringing people around them to smile.
07:06 PM on 04/26/07
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Stefan has a huge vocabulary. I love them. aand really wish that they would come to Alaska
08:01 PM on 04/26/07
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great interview jamie
10:04 PM on 04/29/07
uhh beer
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i can't wait to tour with these guysss

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