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Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer -...What is your name and role in the band?

Rachel. I sing and play keyboards.

You guys have been together for a while now - in your opinion, what does it take in a band for it to stay together for a long period of time?

I think you have to genuinely love writing and making music together. It takes a bit more than that for a band to be able to tour together forever, though.

How many members have been in and out of the band during the time you've been together?

We've definitely had a lot of members! I don't know the exact count because we've had pseudo members who have played some shows or did a tour with us who couldn't be permanent because they had their own bands. They were awesome and we consider them honorary Zolof members.

Are you tired of people who might only know your band for it's relation to Anthony Green?

No. I think it's kind of split. A lot of people get turned onto Zolof because of Anthony, and some don't even realize that he was ever in our band.

You recently recorded a split record with Reel Big Fish. What was that like? What made you decide on what songs you were going to cover?

Picking songs was really tough because there are so many great duets...and they're great as they are. We toyed with some different songs. We even started recording Phil Bailey and Phil Collins' (who's one of our idols) "Easy Lover" and then canned it knowing that we couldn't do it justice. Some of the other songs we demo'd but didnt make the cut were by the Halo Benders, the Softies and Stone Temple Pilot. The 3 that we decided on were songs that we felt we could really have fun with and fit into a Zolof structure. We recorded the split on 2 different coast: RBF in theirs, in CA and zolof in ours, in PA.

I'm curious of how the cover of "Ridin' Dirty" that you guys did came about, because I laughed when I first saw that it was on your myspace player.

When we were on the MTV2 Dew Circuit Breakout they gave us "Ridin' Dirty" as a cover. They eventually ended up swapping it out with a Panic! At The Disco song due to copyright issues. We thought "Ridin' Dirty" was perfect though, because it was so easy to zolify it and peoples reaction when we play it live is hilarious.

You also contributed guest vocals to Motion City Soundtrack's new album. How did that all happen, and how many songs will you be appearing on?

I love Motion City. They're such great guys and a great band so when Justin Pierre called me up and asked me to sing on their record i was like "hell yeah!". I was curious to hear the record, too, so that was an added perk. I'm not sure how many songs will make the cut, but I did vocals for 2 songs.

Speaking of new albums, do you have plans to make one any time soon?

We just finished mixing our new album and right now we're picking a release date.

When can we expect it out?

Somewhere at the end of August/beginning of September.

While in the studio, what bands or artists influence you most? Is it usually one constant influence or does it vary depending on the time of year, or the mood you're in?

We just try to be ourselves and do what comes naturally in the studio. Sometimes, though, we'll reference other bands like, "these group vocals need to be more Bon Jovi" or "put a little more Satriani in that guitar solo".

Usually throughout a bands career, as they get older, they tend to change, or mature their sound. Are listeners going to be hearing the same Zolof they did with your last album on your new one, or will there be an approach of a new sound?

I hope that each new release of ours shows some maturity. This new album is a little darker lyrically, but I still think that it retains an overall Zolof feel.

What song is your favorite to play live and why?

I love playing all of our new songs from our upcoming record because they seem to be getting a good reaction, which is very reassuring.

Do you have any new tour dates that you'll be announcing anytime soon? And if so, with what bands?

We'll be touring this summer. I'm not sure with what bands yet.
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12:43 PM on 04/28/07
Modern Music Sucks
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Rachael <3

One of the best bands I've ever seen live, with June doing the backup parts for them when I saw them in Temecula a couple years ago. So good.
01:08 PM on 04/28/07
bippity boppity
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Praetor's Avatar
Hm, I would have asked her feelings about the lack of women in today's musical scene.

Other than that, good interview.
01:25 PM on 04/28/07
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IanIsSuperRad's Avatar
Anthony Green was in Zolof?
02:00 PM on 04/28/07
Registered User
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TheWeakest's Avatar
Anthony Green was in Zolof?

yeah, for their self titled release and he appeared on a couple tracks on the popsicle ep.
great band.
02:26 PM on 04/28/07
Viva la Weez
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CorporateFish's Avatar
I can't wait for the new release. Zolof's the shit.
02:44 PM on 04/28/07
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Waitingtofall4's Avatar
Haha, I'm so glad you asked about the Ridin' Dirty cover. It's pretty much an elite cover.
03:12 PM on 04/28/07
Registered User
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DaveSnails's Avatar
She is amazing, I got to meet her at a show last year, she was nice enough to take a picture with my friends and I...good interview
03:26 PM on 04/28/07
DeviantArt: nylecoj
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joz's Avatar
i want them to play birmingham, uk.
great interview :)
04:42 PM on 04/28/07
Learn how to shut up
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theartofsilence's Avatar
i want them to play birmingham, uk.
great interview :)
Agreed, UK Zolof tour would be immense!
04:47 PM on 04/28/07
is fucking rad
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enossel's Avatar
I met her in Atlanta, when they played in front of no more than 30 people. She's such a genuinely nice person, and will talk to pretty much anyone. They really deserve so much more credit than they do.

(P.S.: I recorded "The Hot Situation" from the above mentioned show in Atlanta HERE: http://youtube.com/watch?v=QcHQAGDQ7DI in case anyone is interested.)
05:47 PM on 04/28/07
Dan CiTi
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Dan CiTi's Avatar
I can't wait for the new release. Zolof's the shit.
I agree.
07:37 PM on 04/28/07
Summer Jam
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FourStarters's Avatar
This band is so much fun.
08:59 PM on 04/28/07
House Fire
Registered User
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House Fire's Avatar
I love Zolof. Rachel is one of the nicest people I've ever met.
09:16 PM on 04/28/07
i'm still here?
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guitarliketom's Avatar
their cover of riding dirty iis awesome

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