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The Return of No Motiv

Posted by - 01:00 PM on 07/03/11
No Motiv is back! The band will release their new album, Winterlong, on August 30th through Siren Records. Check back next week for more information and a sneak peek at new music.
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01:13 PM on 07/03/11
I make music.
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bradsonemanband's Avatar
whaaaat??? badass!

01:31 PM on 07/03/11
Registered User
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Job121's Avatar
holy shit this is amazing news! extremely frickin excited
01:40 PM on 07/03/11
This wind changed me
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punchlinekid182's Avatar
Wow.. Never saw this coming
01:43 PM on 07/03/11
Registered Vegan
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uglystar03's Avatar
This is how a reunion should be announced -- with the album recorded and a release date already set.
01:46 PM on 07/03/11
I make music.
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bradsonemanband's Avatar
i assume there won't be many comments in here from AP.net-ers so i'm commenting again. i'm excited for this. i hope the album is bangin.
02:38 PM on 07/03/11
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ThisIsNotDan's Avatar
I bought Daylight Breaking at a used record shop for a buck like 4 years ago, "Brand New Day" is a jam
02:44 PM on 07/03/11
Love And Zombies
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loveandzombies's Avatar
Actually I totally saw this coming like a few years ago when they started talking about it on their myspace. I just didn't think it would actually happen..

"Jul 18, 2008 Summer 2008 NO MOTIV update!

Hello, Friends. I apologize for the long overdue news bulletin. It's been years since I've written anything concerning the band. I'll try to quickly summarize the happenings in our world since our hiatus began in 2005. The last time No Motiv went on tour was in January of 2005. Around that time we realized that it was becoming too difficult for us to play in the band as our means of survival and livelihood. We were exhausted in many aspects, so it was time to take a serious break from the road we've been traveling for 10 years.

Fast forward 3 years and here we are...

Max has a solo project by the name of Gentlemen. His style of songwriting these days is built around an acoustic guitar, so its a breath of fresh air and a sound you haven't heard from him before. He has power in his lyrics and the knack for painting a vivid picture in your mind with his songs. He has a full album in the works, but in the meantime check out his myspace, as he will be posting new songs in the months to come.

Jeremy and Jeff have a new band together called Monster Hand. They're about halfway through the recording process of their debut album. No demos are posted online as of now, but soon enough you'll be hearing about their full length. Their sound is bit more on the textured, ambient and delicate side, graced with the addition of musical mastermind Ron Baldwin on guitar/keyboard/percussion/sound manipulation. Jeff has moved back to his original home as a guitarist and Jeremy has put the guitar down to focus is attention to the microphone. Our friends Emily McDonnell and Jason Morgan are the rhythm section on bass and drums, respectively. We'll keep you posted when they post some of their tunes on myspace as their album nears completion.

In addition to Monster Hand, Jeff has a solo act with Jeff Hershey and the Heartbeats. He is going back to the good ol' days with a sound influenced by the styles of Sinatra and Motown. He has self released a 7 inch and has the songs up on his myspace. He'll be taking his voice to the stage and will be performing his songs and many oldies covers live in the months to come, here in So Cal. In addition to his oldies group, he sings in the band Hybrid Moments, in which all members of No Motiv have some sort of involvement. Max has been playing guitar live and Jeremy is our version of Avails Beau-Beau with a microphone. I play drums, and our friends Luis Alvarado and Mike Moll play bass and guitar, respectively. We're in the process of recording a full length album, but you can hear demos (including a cover of "London Dungeon" by The Misfits) and see live footage on our myspace.

After several years of taking recording classes and working with various bands behind the boards, I have finally built my own studio in Orange County, where I'm currently working as a recording engineer and producing albums. I spent some time touring and filling in for my friends, The Warriors, and I worked on all 3 of their albums. I play guitar in a band called Machines. We're gonna spend the latter part of the year working on an album and will be playing shows spread out throughout the year. I also play drums in a band called Retaliate, and we're working on an album this year as well. I've built up a collection of solo material, under the name He Fails Me, most which you can hear on my myspace. Jeremy and I also play in Death Country Blues, with my brother Raymond and a few of our friends. We play out in So Cal every couple months, with the goal of sonically bombarding the audience with our wrath. All these bands have myspace pages, and eventually my studio will have one so bands looking for help recording can get in touch with me.


Even though we haven't been a band for 3 years, we still accumulated an EP worth of songs between Daylight Breaking and now. We had the intention of using these songs for a new full length album, but with everything happening right now, that won't be happening any time soon. Max recently moved to New York, so that dispels any possibility of a No Motiv tour in the near future. Therefore, we decided it was time to record what we had written, and within the last 2 months, we've been working on what we are calling "Winterlong". The EP contains the last 6 songs we wrote together and is being recorded at my studio in Santa Ana, CA. We're excited to be able to have the freedom and flexibility to record and produce the songs ourselves at our own pace with no outside pressure or expectations.

The majority of the recording is done, but the process is currently on hold while I'm gone on tour working sound for our friends in RX Bandits. We have no other formal info as of yet, but we expect the songs to be finished by October. We will work out the details as the months go on, but we want to hold true to the name of the EP and release it in the winter. We haven't decided the medium in which it will be released, but we're gonna work on adding some cool things with the whole EP package.

Sorry it took so long for the update. We've been kinda preoccupied. Hope you all dig the stuff we're working on these days, and we hope to see you at one of our shows, whichever band that might be. I promise to keep you posted on everything thats going on. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the years of support, and we hope this EP will find you all in the near future.

02:44 PM on 07/03/11
hold high how faint your reasons
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bhs1158's Avatar
Love Diagram for Healing. This is great news.
02:50 PM on 07/03/11
Representin' the 514
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TSLataris's Avatar
Awesome! Great news.
03:01 PM on 07/03/11
Registered User
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CdMBoarder's Avatar
Woo hoo! This album will rock. Its impossible for No Motiv to sound bad
03:11 PM on 07/03/11
Playfully witty sign-off
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PetitnaindesĪles's Avatar
This is how a reunion should be announced -- with the album recorded and a release date already set.
That's seriously badass haha, i like what i've heard from this band so great news.
03:39 PM on 07/03/11
Regular Member
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MarquisInSpades's Avatar
School Sucks!
04:23 PM on 07/03/11
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TerrancePryor's Avatar
Holy shit. Out of nowhere. This rules.
06:30 PM on 07/03/11
Anarchist Cat Owner
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AP_Punk's Avatar

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