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Falling In Reverse - The Drug In Me Is You

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Falling In ReverseThe Drug In Me Is You
Record Label: Epitaph Records
Release Date: July 26, 2011
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
It’s been awhile since we’ve heard music from the scandalous frontman Ronnie Radke. Since his work on Escape The Fate’s debut record, Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, it’s safe to say he’s had quite a long five year time period. There’s hardly a reason to go into detail as to where he’s been – it would take up the whole review – but he’s back and ready to rock with his new band, Falling In Reverse.

Basically picking up right where his work with Escape The Fate abruptly ended, Radke returns with his signature vocal prowess, sounding just as he did back in 2006. It’s all there: his vocals, the screams, the soaring guitars – even the cover art resembles that of Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. However, the comparisons just about stop there. Falling In Reverse simply try too much with The Drug In Me Is You. Odd vocal structures, overdone instrumentation, and appalling lyrics will turn quite a few fans of Radke’s previous work away, or at least those of us who have grown out of his earlier music. Although many will eat this up, nonetheless, I’m sure.

The opening “Raised By Wolves” begins channeling a little My Chemical Romance before Falling In Reverse pick up the energy. The line “I have learned that my fate is something I cannot escape” clearly alludes to his old band, and the track itself could fit right alongside “Situations.” As one of the best songs on the record, “Raised By Wolves” kicks the record off with the best foot forward. Likewise, tracks such as the following “Pick Up The Phone” and “I’m Not A Vampire” prove that the guys definitely have a knack for catchy tunes, with the latter being one of the most standout tracks on the record.

Although these tracks do shine, other tracks become the demise of the record. “Good Girls Bad Guys” is an awkward sex track and easily the weirdest, worst song here, and on the Mabbit-aimed “Tragic Magic” Radke sings, “You bring a picture of me every time you get a haircut / Imposter!” creating one of the worst lyrical pieces on the record. Clearly, lyrics are not a strong suit for Falling In Reverse. At other times, it’s the odd song composition and estranged vocal delivery that throws off the listener (“Caught Like A Fly”).

As a result of all of this, only a few tracks are memorable, though many are enjoyable. Take “Don’t Mess With Ouija Boards” for example; it’s a solid mixture of heavy and light, and thus arguably one of the best tracks on the album. In the end, the issue is that with almost every solid track, there’s an equally awful track, which “Goodbye Grateful” proves through and through as the band tries too hard to achieve the metal sound, making the track sound stale at points.

The final “The Westerner” is “Caught Like A Fly” style bizarre as Radke expresses his angst and tells of his life issues. Clearly doing nothing to save the record, this final track leaves an odd taste behind as Radke proclaims, “I know you’re jealous and you wish you could be me / I’m so smart and clever with my lyrics / Can’t you see, there’s nobody better in this music industry best in this music industry.” Haughty and full of as much spine as ever, Radke proves to be too much for his own good. Yet in the end, just as Dying Is Latest Fashion was enjoyable back when I was 13, perhaps The Drug In Me Is You will be enjoyable for many as well. For fans of Radke’s previous work, the record will definitely be a return to form for Radke, but for most, the record will be too much – it’s messy, it’s overdone, it’s arrogant, and ultimately it’s disappointing – making Radke’s return not really worth the wait.

Recommended If You LikeEscape The Fate’s Dying Is Your Latest Fashion

Decent TracksRaised By Wolves; I’m Not A Vampire; Don’t Mess With Ouija Boards

Additional Information
Track Listing:
1. Raised By Wolves
2. Tragic Magic
3. The Drug In Me Is You
4. I’m Not A Vampire
5. Good Girls Bad Guys
6. Pick Up The Phone
7. Don’t Mess With Ouija Boards
8. Sink Or Swim
9. Caught Like A Fly
10. Goodbye Graceful
11. The Westerner

Falling In Reverse are:
Ronnie Radke – Vocals
Jacky Vincent – Guitar
Derek Jones – Guitar
Mika Horiuchi – Bass
Ryan Seaman – Drums


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09:33 PM on 07/27/11
It's like Meow-Schwitz in here.
User Info.
theintention's Avatar
WTF is that album art. Was going to check this out but fuck that noise.
09:35 PM on 07/27/11
Ryan Gardner
User Info.
Ryan Gardner's Avatar
WTF is that album art. Was going to check this out but fuck that noise.
09:44 PM on 07/27/11
Registered Member
User Info.
whitelightning7's Avatar
WTF is that album art. Was going to check this out but fuck that noise.

On first glance, I thought it was that really horrible pop singer Kerli, but after looking closely, I realized it wasn't her. Anyway, I think the artwork is terrible and this cd isn't very good in my opinion.
09:50 PM on 07/27/11
You can't be my friend
User Info.
flks511's Avatar
I was pretty excited to hear this, actually. Ever since I heard the ETF debut, I was wrapped up in this guy's swagger and the band's ambition. Not to mention I think Ronnie is one of the better vocalists in the post-hardcore scene. Sure, his ego was a bit over the top and the band had an image marketed to mainly scene teenagers, but I was always kind of inspired whenever I would hear songs like "There's No Sympathy For the Dead" or "The Webs We Weave," as they had this big, passionate sound and were crafted really well.

I also was really glad to see the way Ronnie seemed to be handling prison. It's great that he realized that it was really a blessing in disguise that he ended up there, and that he learned a lot and everything. My favorite part was despite all that, he still never lost his confidence. So I truly was expecting to like this, I expected to hear kind of a more mature, more emotionally charged version of DIYLF.

But I have to say I agree with the reviewer on this. I was pretty disappointed. Not only are the lyrics sub par and filled with lame, not-so-clever Escape the Fate references, but it's not as big and impacting as DIYLF was, nor as catchy or as well crafted. I did really like "Don't Mess With Ouija Boards" and "The Westerner," but for the most part I was kind of expecting a more impacting, powerful record. Seriously, after all the Ronnie went through and had to deal with for the last five or so years, his return should have been a fucking beast of a record. But now I kind of feel like an idiot for defending him to the constant "fuck this guy" type haters while we waited for this release.
09:52 PM on 07/27/11
Brap Brap
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
every song sounds like an even shittier escape the fate ripoff. with terrible lyrics.

but, i guess, you know what they do to guys like ronnie radke in prison.
10:02 PM on 07/27/11
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brandon_260's Avatar
If this had come out right after DIYLF, I probably would have enjoyed it. Not now...
10:07 PM on 07/27/11
Welcome to the Blue Hell
User Info.
brenByah's Avatar
I kinda like his voice, always have, but he's a douche.
10:09 PM on 07/27/11
Dre Okorley
User Info.
Dre Okorley's Avatar
So we finally get to see this band from the other side of the fence...oh brother. Nice review.
10:13 PM on 07/27/11
User Info.
donwagenblast's Avatar
Album is terrible, review is well done. Neither surprises me.
10:16 PM on 07/27/11
User Info.
BozzBlonde's Avatar
It's hilarious how he basically states that the lyrics he wrote while he was in prison would be the lyrics of the decade, yet they're absolutely horrendous. I was going to check this album out just because I enjoyed Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, but I think I'll pass.
10:18 PM on 07/27/11
we will set sail the prairie
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TriangularDuck's Avatar
I hate this album. It sucks pretty hard from an objective perspective. Unfortunately, it's catchy as fuck.

I've had fucking Tragic Magic (yeah, that song) stuck in my head the past few days. I don't want to walk around hearing that smug-ass motherfucker talking about how he's basically the greatest person to ever walk the Earth.

I guess my fate is something that I can't escape. :( 3/5

edit: Also, I thought the musicianship on this album would be a lot better. I saw some videos of their bassist on Youtube before the album dropped. That guy is fucking nuts.


And he's just doing boring shit on the album. The guitarist rips too, but is only let loose a handful of times. A bunch of talented dudes kept in check by one dude's massive ego.
10:27 PM on 07/27/11
Registered Member
User Info.
low_rising's Avatar
honestly i thought this would've had at least some substance to it. but damn, firstly the lyrics are just horrendous and im usually not one to hate a band with ridiculous lyrics( see dance gavin dance).
I knew this wouldn't have been anything great but i was at least looking forward to some mediocre stuff. It just seems that either ronnie's trying way too hard to recreate dying... or he just didn't expose himself to any new music at all / still listened to the same stuff he did back in 06.
10:56 PM on 07/27/11
PHI Flyers10
Registered Member
User Info.
PHI Flyers10's Avatar
every song sounds like an even shittier escape the fate ripoff. with terrible lyrics.

but, i guess, you know what they do to guys like ronnie radke in prison.
Hmmm. I see what you did there.
10:57 PM on 07/27/11
Brap Brap
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
Hmmm. I see what you did there.
i know i'm so clever.

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