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03:29 PM on 07/28/11
EAGLES, Phillies, Flyers, tacos.
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Ten years ago I was 11, and most of the music I listened to came from the radio and MTV. Until I started paying attention to my older sister (who is now 24) and the music she'd listen to in her room or in her car. Most kids my age weren't into music so the only person I had was my sister. Most girls resembled their sisters by wearing makeup or copying their sayings or stealing their clothes - I stole her music. I remember laying on my floor right above her bedroom, listening to the CD's she'd play in her stereo. That's all I had until I slowly began stealing CDs from her room - most notably Something To Write Home About, For All of This/The Room's Too Cold, North, Sticks and Stones, Take This To Your Grave, and countless others and listening to them in my room with a hand-me-down walkman and giant puffy headphones. I thank her for my music taste today, even though our roles have reversed and I'm the one introducing her to new bands nowadays.

Now these albums remind me of my own adolescence - even though some of them were never listened to by all my friends, it still reminds me of those nights.
03:37 PM on 07/28/11
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jessicanne's Avatar
I have been thinking so much about this lately! so many scene songs focus on the age 23 and I wish I would have known just how much relevance (certainly it seems MORE relevance) this music would have on my life in 2011.

the one album that launched it all was The Ataris' so long astoria. after the first time I heard "In This Diary" I knew my life would never be the same. so long astoria forced me to dive headfirst into the world of Fall Out Boy, Motion City, Taking Back Sunday, The Starting Line.....I can't say how appropriate it is that this year has been so insanely awesome for this genre. It's like I just knew that the weird place between adolescence & adulthood would need an stellar soundtrack. thankfully, I haven't been let down and the music saves me just as much now as it did when I plastered the lyrics to "The Hero Dies in This One" all over my bedroom wall in 2003.
03:37 PM on 07/28/11
just a quiet evening
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aloneatlastnj's Avatar
i turned 25 three months ago. my music taste hasn't changed considerably - i still listen to a lot of what i enjoyed when i was 15. i got into this "scene" right as drive thru and vagrant were reaching their pinnacles so A LOT of that music holds a special place with me.

i remember being enamored with the small samplers those labels used to issue out and wanting to hear more and more from those bands who seemed to have clicked with me.

finch's "what it is to burn", alkaline trio's "from here to infirmary", taking back sunday's "tell all your friends" and fall out boy's "take this to your grave" not only have become required listening for the genre but truly floored me . the intro riff to "tell that mick" caught me at the right time and, being an unknown band at that point, made me truly feel i was onto something before the bandwagon showed up. hearing the angst ridden lyrics to "timberwolves at new jersey" as a 16 year old were just what i needed to make it through a break up.

it was a good time for me. as i was uncovering more and more about myself i was uncovering more and more great bands who, i thought, knew just what i was going through.
03:56 PM on 07/28/11
Karl Hansen
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Just turned 27 so I'm even older...

It all, of course, began with Green Day, Offspring and Bad Religion breaking into the mainstream in 1994. After that some Punk-O-Rama and Fat samplers and I was hooked. For many years my favourite band was (and maybe, in a nostalgic way still is) NOFX. To simplify, I only liked bands who had a drummer who could play as fast or faster than Erik Sandin.

I never really liked (still don't) Yellowcard, Sum 41, Good Charlotte or Mest. I would like to think that I, at 17, was too mature, but probably I was just being prejudice. Already then I had strong opinions about what was "punk" (another word for acceptable) and not.

10 Years ago however saw a shift and I began venturing into what was THEN called "Emo"..., more specifically - Saves The Day's "Stay What You Are" - possibly my favourite record ever,

and The Get Up Kids - On A Wire. Which I then liked more than Something To Write Home About, not any more though.

Another band that sticks out is Audio Karate who made two superb records back then.
I just went for a walk and realized that it was actually almost 10 years since some more of my all-time favourites were released!

A very significant release for me was the Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music Split. I had listened to both of the bands a little bit before the Split, but after hearing that one a couple of times I was totally sold - on both of them! I still think that Alkaline Trio has some of their best songs on that disc, and Chuck Ragans acoustic cover of Bleeder sent shivers down my spine the first time I heard it on my car stereo (and every other time ever since).

After listening to the split A LOT I recieved a promo copy of HWM - Caution from Epitaph, and THAT is a Record that still delivers up to this day. What a smoker.

I Also forgot that Motion City Soundtrack were around back then. I really liked their first two albums, but the second two are even better IMO.

oh man....the nostalgia
04:12 PM on 07/28/11
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I got into this whole field of music a bit sideways from the rest of you, my roots started in the ska revolution that arose in the early 90s in response to grunge's lack of appeal to people with a more positive outlook on life. Starting with Reel Big Fish and expanding to the Hippos, Mustard Plug, The OC Supertones, and most importantly Less Than Jake. Less Than Jake was the cross-over band that brought my love of Ska into the realm of punk. Soon after I bought Hello Rockview, I bought "Dude Ranch" and nothing would be the same. Two months later I saw New Found Glory open for Less Than Jake just six months after the release of "Self-Titled" and was officially hooked. MxPx, NOFX, Slick Shoes, the Ataris, Relient K, etc. opened the doors then I discovered the Drive-Thru line-up. Once I heard "In Hopes of Starting Over" I had officially left ska behind and landed squarely in love with pop-punk. Here is my list of albums that dramatically impacted my tastes today:

MxPx - Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo
Less Than Jake - Hello Rockview
Starting Line - Say It, Like You Mean It AND Based on a True Story
Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends
Blink 182 - Dude Ranch
Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave
Further Seems Forever - The Moon Is Down
Juliana Theory - Emotion Is Dead
Mae - Destination: Beautiful
New Found Glory - Self-Titled
Rancid - ...and Out Come the Wolves
Reel Big Fish - Why Do They Rock So Hard?
The Rocket Summer - Calendar Days
American Football - Self-Titled
Say Anything - ...Is a Real Boy
The Spill Canvas - Sunsets and Car Crashes
The Stereo - Three Hundred
Student Rick - Soundtrack for a Generation
Sum 41 - Half Hour of Power
Yellowcard - One For The Kids

04:16 PM on 07/28/11
Regular Member
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Junction183's Avatar
I'm 25 as well. albums forever engrained in my soul include but is not limited to...
The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most - Dashboard Confessional
Say It Like You Mean It - The Starting Line
Stay What You Are - Saves The Day
Something To Write Home About - The Get Up Kids
New Found Glory - New Found Glory
Leaving Through The Window - Something Corporate
Room For Squares - John Mayer
anything before American Idiot - Green Day
04:36 PM on 07/28/11
I keep writing myself into ruts.
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I'm 23 going on 24. Coming up in a time when Drive Thru ruled and everything on Vagrant was an instant classic, There are literally dozens of records that I could put on now that take me back to that time. Over time, the number of those albums that I can listened to now has diminished to only a handful because of my current taste. I can remember long drives to and from gfs houses or just long drives to nowhere where I would listen to and memorize what seemed like hundreds of songs. Those were some of the best times: just me, my car and my book of CDs. I never needed anything else. I could go on and on and I might expand on my experience later in regards to shows, but I wanted to share some artists and some albums that I can still throw on and take me back:

Anything by Saves The Day, obviously
Hey Mercedes
Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now?
Alkaline Tro, specifically From Here to Infirmary
Emotion is Dead
Bleed America
Dookie, Insomniac
Say It Like You Mean It
What It Is to Burn
All Killer No Filler
From The Depths of Dreams
Light a Match, For I Deserve to Burn
Nothing Feels Good
Keasbey Nights
Sorry About Tomorrow
Full Collapse
The Movielife
Hi, Everything's Great
This. Almost exactly.
04:37 PM on 07/28/11
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the other day I jammed out to "slowly going the way of the buffalo" by MXPX on my ipod and thought about how I used to listen to it on cassette. It brought me way back and the album was still just as enjoyable at 24 as it was @ 12.
04:50 PM on 07/28/11
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Damn, I can't count how many albums and bands that made their way to my heart. I can;t possibly name all of them.
04:52 PM on 07/28/11
Host of the Saint Mort Show!
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I recently wrote a blog about the pop punk albums that defined high school for me. While a few of them would be on my list they're not all that would appear on it.

As for the albums that have stuck with me over the last 10+ years:
Reel Big Fish: Turn the Radio Off
Weston: Got Beat Up
Five Iron Frenzy: Our Newest Album Ever!
Calibretto 13: Adventures in Tokyo
Catch 22: Keasby Nights
MxPx: Life in General
New Found Glory
Rancid: Out Come Wolves
Suicide Machines: Destruction by Definition
Blink 182: Take Off Your Pants & Jacket
Relient K: Anatomy of Tongue-in-cheek
Get Up Kids: Something to Write Home About
Thursday: Full Collapse
Hippos: Heads Are Gonna Roll
The Ataris: End is Forever
05:10 PM on 07/28/11
Vocals / The Deep North
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rebeccafrank's Avatar
Something Corporate was the first band I fell in love with, their whole discography, Andrew McMahon was (and still is) a huge inspiration and role model. I still listen to Leaving Trough the Window from time to time.
Was just going to say this. Artists like Andrew McMahon, Kenny Vasoli, Jesse Lacey and Ace Enders have sort of grown up with us, so I love seeing how their music continues to evolve over the years.
05:43 PM on 07/28/11
Representin' the 514
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TSLataris's Avatar
In my early teens, I just listened to whatever was on the airwaves. I remember spending long hours, sitting by the radio, ready to press record on the cassette player as soon as a good song came on. It was in 1999 when Blink achieved mainstream success, where my musical inclinations changed drastically. When I heard Blink's "What's My Age Again", I was just so blown away and I became hungry for more of this brand of music. In the year 2000, at 16, my love for pop-punk/punk-rock grew ten-fold as I discovered bands like Fenix Tx, MxPx, Slick Shoes, The Ataris, NFG, TSL, NoFX, Pennywise, Bad Religion, Good Riddance among others... This sounds corny, but before this, I had trouble finding my true identity. I kept changing my style, my personality and whatnot. When I fell in love with punk music, I knew this was a perfect fit for me.

Albums from the early part of the 2000s I still listen to regularly:

Fenix Tx - Self Titled
Allister - Last Stop Suburbia
The Starting Line - With Hope of Starting Over EP <- Kenny has the same b-day as me, to the day, so I kinda feel like I've grown up with him throughout the years.
Simple Plan - No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls
NFG - Self Titled
Home Grown - Kings of Pop
Mest - Wasting Time
Midtown - Living Well is the Best Revenge
Rufio - Perhaps, I suppose
Slick Shoes - Wake Up Screaming
The Ataris - End Is Forever
Millencolin - Pennybridge Pioneers
05:53 PM on 07/28/11
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One that is probably going to stay with me forever is Valencia's We All Need A Reason To Believe
06:28 PM on 07/28/11
Blake Solomon
A tree you cannot cut.
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One that is probably going to stay with me forever is Valencia's We All Need A Reason To Believe
although it hasn't been around as long as 10 years or whatever, i think i agree with this sentiment. amazing record.
06:36 PM on 07/28/11
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rocketcat's Avatar
I'm 25, Here are some off the top of my head:

Blink 182 - Enema of the state
The movielife - has a gambling problem
Something corporate - leaving through the window
NFG - s/t
Rufio - perhaps, I suppose
Taking back sunday - tell all your friends
Sum 41 - all killer no filler
Saves the day - stay what you are
autopilot off - s/t EP
tsunami bomb - the ultimate escape
Relient k - two lefts...
Count the stars - never be taken alive
story of the year - page avenue
fall out boy - take this to your grave

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