08:56 PM on 08/29/11 
User Info.
a smattering of romance
HelloxAlone's Avatar
Female - 21 Years Old
My roommates play Superbass and Pretty Girl Rock constantly. Thankfully they're all super clean, but the songs are really getting on my nerves.
09:01 PM on 08/29/11 
User Info.
Does it feel like a Trial?
UntilItKillsYou's Avatar
Charlotte, NC
Male - 28 Years Old
My roommate is a hedgehog

hes adorable
09:02 PM on 08/29/11 
User Info.
It fills you with determination.
Penguin's Avatar
Richmond, VA
Male - 23 Years Old
Really? Just wait...you'll find something wrong with him haha.

In other news, first day of college and I already dropped two classes because of the Professor. But we will save that discussion for the non-existent Professor rant thread.

I mean, I knew him already. My first roommate last year was awful, though. Coming back drunk at 4 AM on weekdays and shaking my bed until I woke up + blasting Jersey Shore while his friends yelled at the top of their lungs = not fun. Luckily, I was able to switch, but...yeah.
09:17 PM on 08/29/11 
User Info.
Registered User
davidanwinters's Avatar
bensalem, pa
Male - 23 Years Old
My roommate is the shit. stoner roommates just have a naturaul chillness about them. our room's got mad christmas lights, trippy posters, and blacklights.
09:18 PM on 08/29/11 
User Info.
bandnamexmyname's Avatar
Seattle, WA
I thought sweezy was back, disappoint
09:26 PM on 08/29/11 
User Info.
Regular Member
zporter92's Avatar
Navarre, FL
Male - 23 Years Old
I could have used this thread last year lol. I had two roommates, but one of them was the worst roommate ever. Messy, smelly, left the bathroom floor soaked after every shower (which were each like an hour and a half long). Not to mention the dude was creepy, and was the reason we didn't meet anybody in our hallway until the last 3 weeks of school. Me and my other roommate could not fucking stand him at all. He said he was moving out at the beginning of the year, and didn't leave until there was like a month left in school. And he was in rotc, so he had to get up at 5:30, and his PT gear was the loudest clothing in existence.

He pretty much ruined me and my other roommate's year. We could have moved out, but me and him became really good friends, so we decided to just deal with the other dude til he left. Just the thought of the dude still pisses me off.
09:27 PM on 08/29/11 
User Info.
jump start
We all need a reason to believe.
jump start's Avatar
Greensboro, NC
Female - 23 Years Old
Last year, my roommate was a complete psycho and attacked someone and got herself suspended. But then her dad complained at the school, and they let her stay, she just had to move to the other freshman dorm and was on a bunch of different probations. She still blames me for the whole thing. But it's okay, I had a single room all last semester.

My roommate now is pretty cool, except for that she never ever leaves. I mean, she goes to class, but that's about it. And she always complains about not wanting to have the same friends as last year, because she wants to expand her social circle. Problem is, she never leaves and it's really hard to make friends when you're just in your room all the time. I just would like to have the room to myself for a little bit every once in a while.
09:32 PM on 08/29/11 
User Info.
zion the lion
pull over that ass is too fat.
zion the lion's Avatar
Female - 23 Years Old
I'm a little bit sad that this wasnt waldorf making a comeback.

I lived with a crackhead/alcoholic/convicted sex offender for a few months last year, he'd get on me for eating fast food after hitting the crack pipe. He refused to get his cat fixed so when she was in heat he let her out and lost her, and then he got a replacement cat and "lost" it too. Before him I lived with a lady who would get high with her kids, it was kind of sad.
09:34 PM on 08/29/11 
User Info.
Go Sabres
lp670sv's Avatar
Buffalo, NY
Male - 23 Years Old
My roommate was the single hairiest human being I have ever met. I'm convinced I've found big foot.
09:39 PM on 08/29/11 
User Info.
Jazz Baby
luckykaruba's Avatar
Female - 30 Years Old
Is he ever coming back?
09:52 PM on 08/29/11 
User Info.
PHI Flyers10
Registered Member
PHI Flyers10's Avatar
University Park, PA
Male - 22 Years Old
I have 5 roommates. I live in supplemental housing at Penn State. It's interesting.
10:00 PM on 08/29/11 
User Info.
The Summer Ends
The Summer Ends's Avatar
lol i dunno
caterpillar-kin - 25 Years Old
live with my 3 best friends

shit rules
10:27 PM on 08/29/11 
User Info.
Registered User
DooDooBird's Avatar
Roommate #1 -

Pros: Shared a common bond with video games and music. Enjoyed other activities such as fishing, playing basketball, and grilling out. Also, if I needed someone to grab a bite to eat with, he'd always go have lunch with me.

Cons: He was a bible-thumping douchebag. Didn't drink, smoke, cuss, have sex with girls, etc... No sense of humor at all. None. I would constantly go out and rent funny ass movies and tell awesome jokes and he'd just sit there with that dumb smug look on his face. And he'd ALWAYS have his stupid fucking girlfriend at our place. Girl was ugly, unfunny, and just flat out lame.

Roommate #2 -

Pros: Nicest guy ever. Would do anything to help you out. Great drinking buddy, pretty laid back guy... loved to play video games and poker.

Cons: We didn't have much in common as far as music, hobbies, and other interests. Our idea of what was cool was vastly different. He wasn't a great communicator. Really cheap too. Never around that much... spent 5 out of 7 nights a week at his girlfriend's house. Also, he didn't want to split a $40 a month bill for cable... so we didn't have cable. And he always tried to hook me up with ugly fat chicks. His girlfriend wasn't very attractive and her friends were even worse... dude would always try to get me to go on a double date with some lonely disgusting girl.

Roommate #3 -

Pros: Funniest roommate I've ever had. Pretty popular guy, so I met a lot of new people through him. Loved to drink, smoke, party at the house. Always agreed on TV programs, movies, etc... Never a boring night.

Cons: A bit of a trust-fund baby. Parents loaded him up with money during college, so he really had no desire to cut down costs of living. I was the total opposite since I was paying for my own school via loans and small grants. Dude would always have the AC running at freezing temperatures with all the lights in the house on. TVs, games, computers would run all day. Our power bill would be absolutely insane. He also listened to nothing but rap, which I can't stand. Biggest slob ever too. Our house was disgusting.
10:48 PM on 08/29/11 
User Info.
Go Gophers!
chiefjordo's Avatar
I always find it funny how many people seem to have hugely significant problems with their roommates. I don't know if I'm just really easy going or something, but I would not qualify a single one of my 4 freshman roommates as anything less than pretty good (even though they were all vastly different than me in many ways) and then I lived with my best friend for 3 years, and that didn't change the dynamic of our relationship like everyone always says it will.

People just need to let stuff slide and be willing to compromise.
10:50 PM on 08/29/11 
User Info.
Go Gophers!
chiefjordo's Avatar
Really? Just wait...you'll find something wrong with him haha.

In other news, first day of college and I already dropped two classes because of the Professor. But we will save that discussion for the non-existent Professor rant thread.

Every single class seems harder, weirder, or worse than it will be (professors and coursework). Seems like you overreacted in my mind, but I suppose the situations may be something I'd never considered.

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