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River City High - Not Enough Saturday Nights Album Cover
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Vocals 7.25
Musicianship 7.75
Lyrics 8
Production 8.25
Creativity 8
Lasting Value 7.5
Reviewer Tilt 7.75
Final Verdict: 78%
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River City High - Not Enough Saturday Nights

Reviewed by: Chris Fallon (06/13/07)
River City High - Not Enough Saturday Nights
Label: Takeover Records
Producer: Andreas Magnusson
Release Date: November 14, 2006

Tenacious D, the rock world's most prolific and (as far as they are concerned) influential duo, has their own strict regimen for what all rock star's must do to be certified rock champions: first off, they must do one cock push-up. Just one, because, well...that's all you need to do. Secondly, as JB eloquently states, "you [have to be] willing to make the commitment to wakin' up at the crack a' noon, for deep-knee rock squats". You also have to be "willing to make the commitment, wakin' up, goin' 'Okay, it's gig time -- what t-shirt am I gonna wear?'"

If this list of rock chores is what must be done to master the act of being a full-fledged American rock n' roller, then ladies and gentlemen, please introduce yourselves to Richmond, VA's River City High!

Signed to former Yellowcard member Ben Harper's Takeover Records, these four dudes display an attitude that takes no prisoners and pushes all bullshit aside on their latest record, Not Enough Saturday Nights (which could not be a more appropriate title). Full of gritty, dirty, old-fashioned rock riffs (done masterfully by Mark Avery and Chip Cosby) and smoky vocals (lead singer James Menefee sounds like he smokes cigarettes while recording), River City High are here to spit on whoever doesn't want to party and watch the mosh pit step all over them.

Like a party compressed into a compact disc, the boys take hard-rockin' riffs (similar to AC/DC) and pour down the Jagermeister like Motley Crue, all adding up to one of the rowdiest sounding albums to come out in quite some time -- warts and all. The album begins with a crowd cheering, and the inevitable "Are you ready to do this?" It harks back to the days of Sebastian Bach from Skid Row, before leaning into the raging "Dogwood Queen". "Bastard" is a self-loathing sing-along to those who take pride in fucking up and being themselves. "Pass That Riff" is merely the band walking on a telephone wire, hanging on to a consistent guitar loop throughout, while singing late-night bar anthems.

"Run Run Run" is a natural choice for Guitar Hero III and "Be There" shuffles along on testosterone-fueled power, demonstrated by the ferocious drumming of Gregg Brooks. "Understand" kills the pacing a bit as it begins as a ballad and slowly turns into a heavier tune. Shoveled in-between all the spitfire barnburners in their music catalogue, its a weird fit for this album.

The band takes the American spirit of living the life and carrying on the attitude of a rock star to a T; you just imagine these explosive riffs being churned out at jam sessions while they pound down beers on-stage and eye which women in the audience they'd like to take backstage.

It's an attitude sorely lacking in today's scene, and with the "let the good times roll" mantra of River City High is exactly what is needed to kickstart the straight-edge kids looking for a way to bring back the rock. Loud, riotous and kicking ass at a feverish pace, there may never be enough Saturday nights to hold in the unapologetic snarl of River City High.

Now, back to perfecting that one cock push-up...

Choice Cuts: "Run Run Run," "Bastard" and "Be There"

Recommended If You Like...: AC/DC; Motley Crue; Social Distortion; playing Guitar Hero; drinking beer and being rowdy; doing rock squats

More Info:


James Menefee - vocals/bass
Mark Avery - guitar
Chip Cosby - guitar/vocals
Gregg Brooks - drums


1. Dogwood Queen
2. Bastard
3. Amy
4. Pass That Riff
5. Understand
6. We Want The Radio
7. Run Run Run
8. A Better Day
9. The Hard Way
10. Be There
11. The Time's The Last Time
12. Makes No Difference

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