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Cash Cash - Love or Lust Album Cover
Author's Rating
Vocals 7
Musicianship 5
Lyrics 4
Production 7
Creativity 4
Lasting Value 3
Reviewer Tilt 5
Final Verdict: 50%
Member Ratings
Vocals 6.25
Musicianship 6
Lyrics 5.5
Production 6.5
Creativity 5.5
Lasting Value 5.75
Reviewer Tilt 7.58
Average: 62%
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Cash Cash - Love or Lust

Reviewed by: Henry Ferreira (09/26/11)
Cash Cash - Love or Lust
Release Date: April 19, 2011
Record Label: Cash Cash Music / Twilight

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the new Cash Cash.

As “Take it to the Floor” hasn’t managed to go into the Billboard charts, member-producers of Cash Cash have decided to make those hot chicks, dance floors, one-time fuck stories and put them altogether into a 10-track release named “Love or Lust”. Unfortunately, it’s really difficult to do night-theme tracks with an independent record company of your own, as it doesn’t have the same press euphoria produced by major labels. And the record is about it; a release meant to be the fuel of the clubs, but because of the lacking at media intervention, it might become limited to the band’s fans only.

The liberty of doing whatever and whenever you want didn’t go well for Cash Cash’s members, since they have changed so much to the point of composing catchy, but awfully forgettable music, comparing themselves to Cobra Starship and LMFAO, the “pop music pranksters” as these two were called by critics before. In their Universal Republic debut, the single “Party in Your Bedroom” soon became a hit and they thought: ‘Hey, we now have the recipe to success. If we have it, why don’t we make more cakes?’
It happens that “Love or Lust” is full of those creamy cakes. As it starts with “Victim of Love” and it goes all the way to “Obsessed”, the tracks are completely trashy; full of naughty sugary melodies, overproduced vocals and syrupy lyrics contrasting within the dirty tales they are involved into. All of it is musically the same, however there are some tiny details making some exceptions, just as the collaboration with singer ADG in “Naughty or Nice” and “Sexin’ on the Dance Floor”, tracks two and three respectively and the pace-breakers “Jersey Girl” and “I Have One Regret”, expressing feelings that doesn’t really combine with the “pervert boys and horny girls” subject of the album as a whole. Also, what about the robotic voice announcing “Cash Cash!” in the beginning of “Wasted Love” and “Dirty Lovin’”? Is Cash Cash afraid that radio stations' DJs won’t tell the name of the songs when they put them on to play? Come on!

I’ve previewed a great future for Cash Cash. Well, perhaps I’d say I’ve foreseen it wrong. They had personality before, their songs really sounded good because of it; and now it’s a disaster – this is so generic I can’t actually give a lasting value score! Concluding, the band needs so much an advice: Please, go back to “Take it to the Floor”. You guys are producers, right? You know what is good and what isn’t. To give an example and inspire young artists, please don’t walk that path. Electronic music is an unexplored genre, and there are so many possibilities for you. Till then, there is nothing I can do to change your minds apart from this review. Here’s the grade you’ve received this time.

I’m deeply sorry about it,


Recommended If You LikeCobra Starship, Breathe Carolina, Metro Station.

Tracklist1 - Victim Of Love
2 - Naughty or Nice (Feat. ADG)
3 - Sexin' On the Dance Floor (Feat. ADG)
4 - Jersey Girl
5 - Wasted Love
6 - One Night Stand
7 - Dirty Lovin'
8 - I Have One Regret
9 - Jaw Drop
10 - Obsessed

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11:36 AM on 09/26/11
Your pictures are already burned.
User Info.
MyFriendsOver's Avatar
Nicely written review; I agree with you on most accounts. I do believe your quote about electronic music being an unexplored genre is a bit misplaced. I think it is just the opposite--an extremely overused genre that has been run into the ground. Incidentally, the reason this record sounds generic is because electronic music is so overused! But again, nice review overall!
12:48 PM on 09/26/11
get kinda awesome
User Info.
crf1895's Avatar
i love your enthusiastic reviews.
01:50 PM on 09/26/11
Henry Ferreira
User Info.
Henry Ferreira's Avatar
In the first place, I'd like to say something to Cash Cash groupies before they can start to curse me:

I really do like power-pop, but to make people like you in this genre you have to trasmit personality, and this album is too much overworked and forced to make them famous to me. Too commercial things are not in my "like" list, and there's nothing that can change my opinion about this. Thanks.
06:44 PM on 09/26/11
Foreign everywhere I've been
User Info.
InfiniteArms's Avatar
related to Linda at all?
07:00 PM on 09/26/11
Henry Ferreira
User Info.
Henry Ferreira's Avatar
related to Linda at all?
Haha, no. I'm from Brazil, she's from Oregon. Totally different worlds
07:35 PM on 09/26/11
Dre Okorley
User Info.
Dre Okorley's Avatar
Haha, no. I'm from Brazil, she's from Oregon. Totally different worlds
I'm pretty sure her relatives are, though.
07:40 PM on 09/26/11
Henry Ferreira
User Info.
Henry Ferreira's Avatar
I'm pretty sure her relatives are, though.
As far as I know, her relatives come from Madeira Island, near from Portugal. That's what she said on her profile once.
11:09 PM on 09/26/11
Foreign everywhere I've been
User Info.
InfiniteArms's Avatar
Haha, no. I'm from Brazil, she's from Oregon. Totally different worlds

Ok, fair enough - Just wondering
03:17 AM on 09/27/11
Cold hands, Lips blue
User Info.
WeWereGiants's Avatar
This album is abysmal, I really liked some tracks on Take It To The Floor.
03:37 AM on 09/27/11
Henry Ferreira
User Info.
Henry Ferreira's Avatar
This album is abysmal, I really liked some tracks on Take It To The Floor.
Agree. For people who like "Take It To The Floor" it really sucks!
05:54 AM on 09/27/11
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Wouldn't say I'm a Cash Cash groupie, but I have been a fan of them for a while. If you have too, then there are a few things I'm surprised that you missed upon here.

Obviously, the subject matter and new direction of this record aren't for everybody. That's fine. But it seems patently incorrect to say that it doesn't represent who the band is at this point in time. I don't really agree about the personality issue at all. The biggest problem with Take It To The Floor was their label's intervention--it looked like Universal was trying to make them a hybrid of the Jonas Brothers and Metro Station. If you hear the original version of "Party In Your Bedroom" (it's on iTunes), it shows how much the label tried toning them down. Like it or not, Love Or Lust is a lot closer to who they are now. They've grown up, and so have a lot of their fans. It seems like Take It To The Floor was a transitional record between their old band (The Consequence) and what would evolve into today's version of Cash Cash.

The robotic voice is one of their trademarks. They like robots. They sometimes dress up like robots to goof around. The robotic "Cash Cash" opener is part of that. As a reviewer who sounds like a longtime fan, it's surprising that went over your head.

As for the media attention, are you kidding? How much research did you do for this? They've had songs on Jersey Shore from this record months ago, garnering them a ton of new buzz--do some googling and you'll hit upon something for sure.

For fans who love Take It To The Floor, this album is definitely polarizing--and some tracks are better than others for sure (I don't really like "Wasted Love" because of the chorus, though the metaphor is pretty clever, and some of the lyrics are downright silly in other tracks), but I don't think most fans of the band as a whole will find this album to be as atrocious as it's been described.
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