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01:04 PM on 10/08/11
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Do you know these moments which are too fantastic to be a coincidence? I guess the moment when I realized I loved MCR was one of them. It was winter 2006 and it was the beginning of the moody teen stage for me. My family and I went on this car trip through Europe and I wasn't really looking forward to it, but luckily a friend told me to check out this MCR band I've never heard of before... So in the car during this long trip I listened to a few songs, which were completely different to the music I used to listen to before. The voice and the giutar solos captured me and I think the first song I fell for was “I don't love you“.. We had a stop in Hungary in a small village when the snow was getting heavier and my dad got too tired to continue driving. When we entered the place where we were going to stay I heard a melody which was already familiar to me. What a coincidence they were playing MCR in the middle of nowhere over the speakers in an old hostel :P I thought: They must be following me!! And from that weird moment on they have been doing it, whenever I needed music to guide me through the day I have changed a lot since then but still love MCR and I don't care how corny my story about discovering them sounds :D This year I FINALLY got to see them playing in Cologne and it was what I've always been dreaming of xD Click image for larger version

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01:22 PM on 10/08/11
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When's the deadline? Cuz sth's wrong with my yt at the moment and I can't add my entry :(
01:34 PM on 10/08/11
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02:46 PM on 10/08/11
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Okaaay, sooo. So here it goes. XD I hope my video won't scare you off, you wanted the passionate version - and here it is. (My name is Sylwia, what I forgot to include in the vid :p)

Hi AP staff and hi MCR (if you're watching this) :D I hope I didn't misunderstand the 'mission' XD
02:53 PM on 10/08/11
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02:57 PM on 10/08/11
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I look terrible on camera, by the by.
03:48 PM on 10/08/11
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Hey! :) Here's my entry. I hope you like it.
(I really really really like My Chem...)

Also, my name is Sam :D

I hope I win. :3

Also people posting: Tell me what you think of my video :)
03:48 PM on 10/08/11
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Sorry that the audio is off! D=
My years are slightly off (that's what I get for trying to figure it out quick...)

What I said since some was cut off:
"Hey guys, my name is Sammi and this is my short little story of how I discovered My Chemical Romance. I've done this video a few times now, but every time it ends up being, like, five-ten minutes, and that's a lot so I'm trying to really cut down. The first time I heard them I was ten, that was six years ago, around 2005 [Edit: I now realize that I was wrong... Not quite that long ago] and I heard the song Teenagers in the car with my best friend and her mom. Her mom had it on a CD that she'd gotten from a co-workers daughter, and instantly I was drawn in. It was very different from what I was listening to at the time, you know, I was ten, mostly what I was listening to was like Disney stars and Nickelodeon and all this other stuff. So to hear a band you know, besides that, and be so attracted to it was very different for me. The song Teenagers, I was very attracted to it. Its very dark, and very edgy and it was just totally different. I still haven't, you know, heard a lot of bands that can pull it off so well as My Chemical Romance. I've gone to two of their concerts now, with my friend Nicole (the one that I first have heard them with), and you know, Gerard Way is now, you know, my biggest idol. I admire him so much. When I, you know, was watching interviews about how much he'd gone through and, you know, how he'd overcome those obstacles and stuff... He, so yes, I consider him, you know, my biggest idol, besides my mom. She kinda beats you out... Sorry Gerard... Can't help that motherly... daughterly bond, I guess. But, so I heard them in the car and I went out and I bought the CD and I have all their CDs now, and I have all the music, and for the first time in my life, I have a favorite band. I have never considered myself to have a favorite band before, and I don't think I ever will in the future [Edit: As in a new favorite band]. I think My Chemical Romance will always have that just because their music is so different. And, you know, their CDs, like, they tell you a story that you can actually follow along, and I love that. Its very very different, and its something that, you know, I think everyone can like. So that's the story (and a little bit extra I guess) of how I discovered My Chemical Romance and why I like them. Bye!
{Sorry for using "like" and "you know" so much...}

This is the first video I've ever done, but its awesome to be able to share how I first heard My Chemical Romance! Gerard is one of my biggest idols and I look up to him very much! I'm actually doing an exaggerated (because it has to be seen from thirty feet away) pastel of him as Party Poison right now! I'll show the picture because I'm very proud of how it looks so far (though I have a LOOONNNGG way to go)!!

Keep in mind that he isn't close to being done yet! And I haven't even started his face yet... I'm actually dreading it. And his hair has orange streaks to emphasis the color and because the project for art needed "surprise colors" =D

03:52 PM on 10/08/11
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The video didn't upload correctly for some reason, so the audio doesn't math the video :( So, I typed up what I said:

Hi AbsolutePunk.net, my name is Ellie and I'm going to be talking about how I first discovered My Chemical Romance. So, I think the first time that I heard them was when I was in the car driving with my dad and then "Teenagers" came on the radio. And I was really amazed. I was like "Wow, this is a good song!" And I remember just thinking like, "This band has the potential to be really good." you know? "So, I need to learn more about them."

So I came home. I looked up the song., and you know it was "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance. I went to their website to read more about them. And so then, um, I went to itunes and I looked them up. And I listened to um, well I bought "The Black Parade" and I listened to the whole album and I was blown away.

I mean, every single song was just amazing. And so ever since then, you know, I've been a huge fan.

But then, it never really hit me until November of last year, when "Danger Days" came out. And when that album came out, that really truly changed my life. Cuz I was going through um, like this big, black hole of depression and suicidal and self harming. And um, I still deal with some of that.

But when I heard "Danger Days", that-I can't honestly say that changed my life. From when I was set on killing myself, but then I heard the album, and one of the songs that really stood out to me was "Summertime". Because I saw it on a website, it was Tumblr, and they posted that song, "Summertime". And so when I heard "Summertime", I just started crying because it was just a pretty song. And I was just so grateful that I was introduced to such a band. And I thought that, you know, "This band is going to save my life. It's such an amazing band."

So, I bought the Danger Days album and I remember sitting there, with my headphones up as loud as they can go, just tuning out the whole wide world. And listening it to it, just being so happy that I was introduced to such a beautiful band. And I am forever grateful that I was introduced to My Chemical Romance. They are truly an amazing band that saved my life.

And I can honestly say that I wouldn't be the person I am today, or I probably wouldn't even be here, if it wasn't for My Chemical Romance.

Um, since "Danger Days" came out in November, I haven't cut myself. And I've been clean for 10 months. But I did have a relapse, but I'm getting clean off of that too. And it's all because of My Chemical Romance, that's given me inspiration to get clean. They've given me motivation to be a good a new person.

And I can honestly say that I owe my happiness and my life to My Chemical Romance. And anybody who's had the opportunity to be part of the MCRmy knows the feeling; that feeling where you listen to your favorite band, and you feel the vibrations through your body and it touches your heart. And you know nothing but that this band makes you feel different, and they give you a place where you belong, and a reason to live.

And for that, I'd like to say thank you to My Chemical Romance for giving us a beautiful family called the MCRmy. It's the most beautiful fanbase I've ever been a part of.

And I will forever thank them for changing and saving my life.

That's my story, bye.
04:50 PM on 10/08/11
i must have read a thousand faces
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I may have one on you too!
04:51 PM on 10/08/11
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This is my video =) Hope you all like it! <3 Oh, and sorry for all the hand movements. I've re-done this video about 20 times. I really want to win =)
04:58 PM on 10/08/11
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Me rambling. Sorreh.
05:34 PM on 10/08/11
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I haven't got a camera so I'll type it out

I'm Gee Stidston, I'm from Warwickshire in England, I'm 13 (nearly 14, woopwoop). This is how I found out about My Chemical Romance and how they helped me in so many ways that made me the person I am today.

I first heard My Chemical Romance through my best friend back in 2007, we had the album 'The Black Parade' and used to listen to it all of the time! It was in no doubt the best thing I'd ever heard.

My grandpa died of lung cancer in 2007 soon after we really got into the album and I literally attached myself to the album and wouldn't let go, mostly because of the fact there are songs about death and the song 'Cancer' is on there.

I was really close to my grandpa because he got me into drawing, painting and guitar playing and I've kept those up and am now pretty good. It hit me real hard...

I did know about the other albums before that at the time, and I was really into them, but I guess I was seriously attached to The Black Parade because of grandpa.

I used to listen to Cancer, I Don't Love You, I'm Not Okay, Demolition Lovers, Thank You For The Venom, Cemetary Drive and Helena (mostly Helena and Cancer, those songs were and still are pretty emotional to me) the most because I felt I could really kinda relate to them in a way. The songs have so much meaning to me and I'm guessing to a lot of other fans too.

When I started high school, everything was a bit of a blur, and to be honest, I didn't have as many friends as I'd liked. I had my little group who stuck together no matter what, and we only really got into fights about sharing tic-tacs and skittles (we still do...).
Anyway, I got shoved around a lot because I was 'different' and I 'shouldn't have been there' and I got really upset. Things got real bad and I got depressed (I'm not over exaggerating...) and really withdrawn. I wouldn't talk to a lot of people because I was scared they were gonna judge me. I spent most of my days just going about my daily routine, blasting MCR out of my iPod blocking out everyone and everything.
I listened to I'm Not Okay a lot. I dressed in black a lot too, and after a while I got totally fed up with people and just lashed out at whoever even said one thing bad about me, my friends or MCR.
People got scared of me (even the teachers) and they stayed away. All I felt actually understood me were my friends and MCR.

I got really bad after a while. My grades dropped and I stopped talking to pretty much everyone, with a few exceptions. I did deliberately hurt myself quite badly a few times and the only things I thought could help were once again MCR and my friends.

I was scared of myself and just wanted to get out of there, get out of life in general. I was in love with hurting myself. But I soon realised I didn't have to hurt myself to feel something because even though I didn't show it, I had and still have a huge love for the friends who stuck by me. It still sometimes happens when stuff gets real bad, but I don't get suicidal any more.

And then last year, Danger Days came and I was kinda blown away by the colour, seeing as the last few years had been all black and white. I began talking a little more because I gained a little confidence because of songs like Sing and Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back.
What really surprised people though was the fact I began wearing colour and stopped lashing out. My Chem helped me overcome my fear of myself and I'm so grateful it's unbelievable.

My brother (he's five years old now) is obsessed with MCR too, mostly with the songs I already listed. He made me pinky promise to take him to see them live one day
Not many of my friends like them, and people still criticise me but I couldn't care less - they helped me get over so much stuff and now I'm stuck to them.

I've been to see them live twice, first time on 22nd March 2007 and the second on 13th February 2011, both times were in Birmingham. They are THE best band I've heard, and it's always gonna be that way.

I have lots of merch, I have a Party Poison jacket (I always wear it...), RYB(lasters) Hoody, Shredded Hoody, California 2019 T-Shirt, a grey, orange and blue My Chem t-shirt, a black one with the band on it and My Chemical Romance on the back and a black t-shirt that I printed the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge cover onto...

I have done artwork about them/including them but I haven't got a camera so that sucks bug time

Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray are all great people. They have amazing talent! If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be who I am today, and I'm really happy now.

I definitely know I can give my thanks to My Chemical Romance for getting me that happiness. If you ask any member of the MCRmy what I mean, they'll know; you feel the change and buzz through your body and it hits you right in the heart and changes you - you know nothing else other than the fact the band and it's fans make you feel wanted; make you feel amazing. It's where I belong. I have a reason to think the world isn't better off without me.

I really thank the My Chemical Romance boys from the bottom of my black little heart for helping me the way you did and for saving me from myself.

xoxo g

Thank you My Chemical Romance <3
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06:21 PM on 10/08/11
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This is how I became a fan of My Chemical Romance. They have had a such a big influence on my life and I have so much to thank them for because even though I've never physically met them I feel like they're my friends and that they care about me. I don't feel alone anymore because I have them and their music. They've also opened my world to so many other amazing bands like The Used, Rise Against and Taking Back Sunday.

I'm glad that I'm not the person I used to be before MCR, because no one should live their life hurting others and being afraid.

Thank you My Chemical Romance <3
06:43 PM on 10/08/11
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