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12:05 PM on 10/15/11
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mcr contest
03:38 PM on 10/15/11
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04:54 PM on 10/15/11
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Note: I've never been to a concert (because my parents, for whatever reason, loathe the idea of getting out there and living) so that's why I made this video; it's been my first opportunity to get word to the band. And, you know, winning something would be awesome, too!

05:11 PM on 10/15/11
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12:39 AM on 10/16/11
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Sorry I don't really have an app to rotate the video. :B

*my video doesn't seem to be working here :( Heres the link: http://www.myspace.com/video/geejay24/ap/108268600
04:39 AM on 10/16/11
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Note: I've never been to a concert (because my parents, for whatever reason, loathe the idea of getting out there and living) so that's why I made this video; it's been my first opportunity to get word to the band. And, you know, winning something would be awesome, too! d:

I feel exactly the same, like its really just about getting to 'talk' to the band through this, it isnt about winning any merch :)))
11:50 AM on 10/16/11
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So when does this contest end?
11:54 AM on 10/16/11
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i sound like a boy on video, so i doing it this way

The first time i heard about My Chemical Romance, was back in 2009. My friend had put a poster of them, up in her locker, and i had asked who they were. Throughout the year, i saw this poster (until the poster was cleared out in the summer holidays, by the cleaners), and i remember always noticing Gerard and Bob faces. Then around September 2010, i heard Na na na, on BBC Radio 1, and i remembered, that they were the band in my friends locker.
A couple of weeks later, i was sat at home, extremely bored on the computer, so i decided to look up some new music. i asked my friend, to tell me of some good MCR songs, and she recommended me You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison.

Well, that was is it really. I listened to that, and na na na the full night - i was hooked :in love: :') :3

It all when up from there, then. i listened to the hits, then managed to get the albums, and only a few months after i'd started listening to them, i got to see them at newcastle - best night of my life <3

One year one, i still love them. Always will. Can't wait for the next album, and especially, next time they come to the UK - i, for one, am definitely going to see them again.

I <3 My Chemical Romance. Always.

Static Venom, signing off. Keep running

(image 1 - the poster inside the locker)

(image 2 - Gerard at newcastle)

(image 3 - MCR @ newcastle <3)

(Image 4 - My MCR wall)
12:16 PM on 10/16/11
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I definitely wasn’t being accepted in school, or anywhere else in my life, to be honest. My peers either ignored me or made fun of me. I came home from school crying a lot of the times, and although I didn’t tell my family, I felt so weak. I felt like every day was so hard to live. Every step I took was painful, but I knew I was living a life I didn’t want to lead. The few friends I had didn’t really truly accept me and I always felt like I was walking on egg-shells around them. A few of them specifically would make fun of me, call me a pig, or whatever they could think of. But I kept coming back to them, because they were the only thing I had.

Soon enough though, I found my haven. I found my safe place. I found this band that loved me no matter what; and their name was My Chemical Romance. I suddenly didn’t feel as alone in the world, because there were these five(at the time Matt was the drummer~) men who, without even knowing me, seemed to know how I felt. I was rejected, angry, I felt left-out; My Chemical Romance knew all about that. They’d lived through that, and now they were telling me, through their music, that it was time for me to be happy. It was time for me to be me, and fuck anyone that didn’t like it.

My “best friend” at the time found out I was listening to My Chemical Romance and ridiculed me every day for it. He told me they were a bunch of emo ******s who should just kill themselves. But I knew, I knew that they weren’t. I knew who they truly were, and I knew they were just these wonderful, beautiful human beings. I knew they wanted me to love myself, and they wanted me to live; that was enough for me to know they were amazing individuals. So, I never listened to him. I never let his words get to me. I never let him defeat my hope in those five men, and no one ever could.

When I got to middle school, things only got worse. Well, at first things were okay. I was doing great, actually. I had friends who I loved, they loved me, and I hung out with them a lot. They didn’t make fun of me for liking MCR, and hey, some of them even liked my favorite band! I still got made fun of sometimes, but even when I did get made fun of, it wasn’t so bad. MCR and my new friends taught me not to give a fuck, so I didn’t. but it was a christian school and most of MCR songs were not allowed to be played on an audible level.
Gateway Christian School. I will never forget that horrible fucking place. It felt like elementary all over again, but a thousand times worse; I had friends who didn’t really accept me, and every day I was putting on some kind of show just so they would think I was someone else. I had so many people bullying me I couldn’t even keep up. Not only was the bullying taking place out of class, but it was in class. I remember one time I went up to present a project in my Science class, and when I couldn’t answer one question everyone started laughing at me, and calling me stupid. I went back to my desk teary-eyed, where my “friend” told me to suck it up. The teacher didn’t do a goddamn thing.

I almost got beat up a few times I felt like no one cared for me, no one loved me, and no one gave a fuck. I was ready to just close my eyes and sleep forever and not wake up. That’s really what I wanted. I just wanted to go to sleep one night and not wake up.
i popped a bottle of painkillers and tried to end it all. As fate wold have it
I was listening to my mp3 that night, and My Chemical Romance came on shuffle. With the process of all the shit going on I’d forgot about them a little bit. I remember the song that came on was Headfirst For Halos (the first song I ever heard by them), I also remember I cried. I cried because I remembered. I remembered someone did care, someone did love me, and someone did want me to keep living. They all wanted me to keep going.

After middle school, I was scared. I was scared of being rejected, of being alone, of just…Everything. Especially of going back to school.

My high-school years should have been the best fucking years of my life. They turned out to be less than that but not terrible. Bullied alot more than i wanted to be, hospital trips, other such things. My red hair is what mostly caused all of the bullying, because it wasnt racist, it was "okay" to pick on the ginger kid. one time in my woodshp class i was locked in a room, dark, no lightswitch and was in there the entire class, until the teacher opened it up just before the bell, and yelled at me for being a trouble maker, the same teacher also never cared when the other kids picked on me in front of him, throing stuff at me, even getting yogurt on my jacket, slamming my face against the desks, kicking me, threatening me, grade 10 was the worst year in highschool, i had 3 teachers, who were all good friends and all of them thought i was going nowhere in life, and treated me like nothing.i did however have great times in highschool too!!, I have met my absolute true friends, I have felt true happiness, and I even started to learn how to love my flaws(Still working on it, but some day I will be strong enough).
in grade 10, kick a ginger day was made. a day that i will never forget, the one day in my entire life, where it was acceptable to hurt, maim, or injure, me just for having red hair. a nightmare to me being one out of the 12 red heads in my school, i was jumped outside school and beaten, and i was kicked 273 times. in 6 hours. for being born. but you know what? I only allow myself to be sad about it for a certain amount of time. Then I pick myself up, dust the dirt off myself and say, “Okay Ben. No big deal. You’re alright. There are five dudes that care about you, and if they were here they’d tell you how wrong the bullies are. You’re alright.” and then I feel better.

grade 12, thinking depressing, deep emotional thoughts about suicide, wearing my black parade jacket. my eyes trailed along the hallway, i see a blonde girl, looking happy with some of her friends wearing a black parade hoody, i called to her, and she gave me a hug, for a few months we considered eachother MCR buddies until in december i asked her out. December 3 2010.

Long story short; My Chemical Romance has taught me how to be myself, how to be happy, how to smile and how to say fuck off. They have taught me that life is beautiful, and life is worth living. With the help of them, and of course my friends who helped me a lot as well, I learned how to live. (And let’s not forget my understanding, loving family and Girlfriend Sierra

So, thank you, MCR. Thank you. You may never know why I love you all so much, but at least a few people will know why~
Ben Leger, Killjoy Inked Rose
your story's sooo sad! :(
i think you will win. Truly do :) x
01:15 PM on 10/16/11
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I first heard a few mcr songs over the years while listening to BBC radio one, but I heard Nanana when it became a single I fell in love with it. I started listening to mcr more and more and I fell in love with them. I saw them both in February and at Leeds festival 2011 and both shows blew me away. everything my chemical romance stands for inspires so many people to just be themselves. since I started to listen to them I have made new friends, learnt to believe in myself and learned to just be what ever I like and not give a fuck what people think of me. every one of my chemical romance's songs have a message behind them and every song they write relates to me in a special way. three cheers for sweet revenge is my favourite album because it has so much meaning, it was when all the news papers called them a cult. my chemical romance save lives, not destroy them. I love them so much and I actually couldn't imagine how I'd cope if they ever broke up. all the money I get or save up goes on mcr merchandise or albums or singles and it's worth every penny. before I started listening to my chemical romance I didn't talk to many people, I was always really quiet and people used to laugh at me and call me a depressive emo all the time. but mcr have taught me to just keep on living and nothing can harm me. I can't wait until they do another tour, it would mean so much to me just to see them perform again. I listen to mcr every day and nothing can stop me doing so. Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Mikey Way and Ray Toro are the heroes of the century. they've taught people just to be beautiful and just don't listen to anyones shit. my chemical romance are my heroes and nothing would be the same again without them.*
01:26 PM on 10/16/11
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02:58 PM on 10/16/11
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My entry for MCR. Sorry I repeat myself a lot :)
05:32 PM on 10/16/11
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Now pick me! Pick me!
04:51 AM on 10/17/11
Lazy Blooms
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I think P!ATD actually wasn't playing MCR's NANANA in that video, but that video of lalala inspired me to search NANANA by My Chemical Romance and......... something amazing happened.
btw, I'm sorry for my poor English, it isn't my first language.
08:39 AM on 10/17/11
jessuva pontes
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Se eu tivesse uma câmera para gravar meu vídeo

vou contar minha historia com o MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE
Tudo começou um dia quando estava assistindo minha TV e vi um clipe (THE BLAK PARADE) eu não gostei nada mudei de canal, Eu tinha 16 anos estava com meu irmão mais velho, e ele adorava-me infernizar
estão ele decidiu me força a assistir, e não e que eu acabei gostando; mas tinha um porem o programa acabo e não sabia o nome da banda e nem da musica.
Nessa época eu fazia parte da banda do colégio e estávamos de viajem marcada, antes de viajar fui comprar algumas coisas pra levar, eu vi uma revista com uma pessoa na capa (GERARD WAY de cabelo preto!) que me pareceu familiar, eu queria compra, mas não deu; Viajamos ganhamos em primeiro lugar e de volta aconteceu uma e uma de nossas colegas morreu e isso mexeu muito comigo, pois nunca tinha perdido ágüem tão próximo e ela erra tão nova e eu queria muito ser amiga dela nos conversamos pouco, pois moramos longe.
Quando voltei fui para uma lamhouse eu não sabia nem como mexer em um PC e meu irmão me ensina a botar musica e eu gostava de evanesence, eu começava a chorar lembrando- me da Riselle e acabei mexendo no teclado sem perceber e mudei o clipe , de repente começou um clipe de um velório (HELENA) e eu comecei a assistir aquela música me confortava e mesmo tempo me fazia sentir culpada ouvi essa música por duas horas seguidas e quando sai pedi pro meu irmão ver a banda pra mim poder ouvir outro dia ele disse e MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE eu gravei.
voltando pela rua parei aonde eu tinha visto a revista que me chamou a atenção e pra minha surpresa o cara da capa era o vocalista da banda do clipe em preto e branco que eu tanto gostei e maior surpresa ainda foi quando percebi que o clipe que eu tinha acabado de assistir também erra deles.

desde então sou fan deles e meu maior sonho e ir a um show deles!
E eu vou consegui!

Tenho meio que inveja de já viu de perto ou foi a um show do MY CHEM.
poxa e foda eu moro no BRASIL em BOA VISTA-RR
minha cidade e cú do mundo aqui só vem banda de forró, funk, pagode e axé
a única banda de rock que veio aqui foi a PITTY e mais ninguém

fiquei muito triste quando fiquei sabendo que o MCR ia fazer um show aqui no Brasil e que eles iam passar bem longe daqui eu entrei ate numa promoção pra ganhar os ingressos, mas eu era menor de idade.
aqui em na minha cidade só conheço três pessoas que gosta de MY CHEM.
eu minha melhor amiga Renata e a Lilian que começou a gosta deles porque eu gostava
vivi muita coisa boas embaladas pelo som do MY CHEM.
Aqui na minha cidade quase não tem nada deles por sorte os lugares que vendem CD e só isso

gostaria de fazer uma observação
hoje tenho 19 anos to casada tenho filhos gêmeos ( que nem o Frank do que os meus são meninos)
os nomes dão ARTHUR E DAVI
quando descobri que tava grávida prometi que meu primeiro filho iria se chamar ARTHUR e homenagem ao GERARD ARTHUR WAY, pois bem como meu marido que também gosta rock e de MY CHEM.. Ele deixo mas o outro ele ia escolher ai ele boto Davi que e bíblico
se dependesse de mim eu botava o nome do Mickey

bem resumido eu amo eles e só DEUS sabe o quanto eu queria velo
acho que aqui encontrei um lugar pra desabafa o que sinto e....
só queria um dia contar isso ao pessoal do MCR , não sei se eles iam gostar mas eu ia me sentir bem
minha vida melhorou muito depois que o MCR entro em na minha vida de alguma forma sinto que eles são meus amigos
to parecendo um besta; mas aqui do meu lado do monitor escrevendo agora só deus pode sentir o que eu to sentido escrevendo essas palavras.

não tenho computador

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