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01:56 PM on 10/17/11
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I WOULD have made a video for this, but every time I turn on my camera, no words come out of my mouth.

How I first heard blink-182:
When I was about nine, I'd sometimes borrow my brother's MP3 player. Our mom had sort of just thrown a whole bunch of whatever onto it, and some of those songs were by blink-182. I was listening to my brother MP3 player on a roadtrip once, and I probably listened to The Rock Show a thousand times that day. I forgot about them a bit, then started listening to them again when I bought my tickets for 2011 Honda Civic Tour.

How I first heard My Chemical Romance:
When I was about nine or ten years old, my mom had bought me a few teen magazines. I was flipping through one, and I saw a picture of a band. They all wore black, and the guy standing in the middle had white hair, even though he didn't look very old. I thought the name of the band was really weird, too. It kinda scared me, so I went on to look at the other pages. I forgot them for four or so years. I started high school, and became friends with some older girls who were into punk rock music. I was with the one girl one day, and she asked if I had ever heard of My Chemical Romance. She fangirled about them until the bell for homeroom rang. I didn't really pay attention to what she said. I heard something about the lead singer being a comic book artist, and a little girl covering one of their songs, replacing all the bad words with "hug." I was at her house a while after, and we got bored. We went on her mom's computer and she showed me the music video for Na Na Na. A few months later, my friend left for her exchange trip in France, and Glee did a cover of SING. When I found out about that, I knew that some of my friends liked MCR, so I looked it up online. I wasn't a huge fan of the Glee version, no offense to any Gleeks. But the original SING is what started my obsession.

August 17, 2011: I attended my first My Chem concert. I'd do a three-hour drive to see them. Hell, there were killjoys from the next province over at that show! I was in Toronto for two days after the concert, so my friend (the one who showed me Na Na Na) and I spent a lot of time walking around downtown. The day after the show, we wore matching shirts ("Venganza"). A woman stopped us, asked what we were doing, and why we had the same shirt. The two of us made an appearance on Much Music, because the host wanted to knight her with her umbrella, which looked like a sword (he was disappointed that it wasn't real). So, the cameras caught us with our Venganza shirts, and me with my homemade Party Poison mask, on live television!

I don't know if I'd be typing this if it weren't for MCR. Seriously. I mean, 2011 has been a hell of a year for me. I have OCD, and it was really bad this summer. Listening to MCR and Green Day pulled me through it. I also have high-functioning autism, and have always been teased for it. One day, I was really upset and having a bad day, and nearly killed myself over my autism. But I started to think about it...I live in a small town, and when a kid commits suicide, people talk about it...Imagine how people would react when a girl killed herself thirteen days after going to an MCR concert...MCR wouldn't like it if I pissed my life away because of one tiny flaw in my genetics...Etcetera, etcetera...
02:59 PM on 10/17/11
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06:18 PM on 10/17/11
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The words that come out of my mouth have never done me much justice, so I'm hoping that these words untainted by my tongue will work in my favor.

My name is Ariel, and the first time I heard My Chemical Romance I was at the "everything's unfair", easily influenced age of thirteen. It was summer, which means only two things here in Hawaii: hot and miserable.

I was channel surfing-- after all, what else is a thirteen year old to do?-- when the screen clicked to MTV. It wasn't something I watched often. At the time, I didn't have the love for music that I do now, I actually avoided it. Before you shoot me down, let me explain!

The only music I had been exposed to was through my parents (while my mother was drunk or while my father was ignoring the fact that she wasn't sober,) and that included rap, hip hop, and heavy metal. So I don't think that it's too hard to believe that music had never had a positive affect on me.

I was about to change the channel, when I saw a funeral taking place. Anyone who's not an MCR fan may think it was odd that such a morbid thing sparked such curiosity in me, but it did. Something clicked.

That was my first taste of the world as I know it today. It was the first light coming over the horizon, exposing the realization that there is purpose, and yes, there is an existence right in front of you in which others can do good and inspire you so deeply that you too wish to do the same for others. And under all of that deep, philosophical stuff, it was the first time music had ever felt... good. And that, my friends, was the "Helena" music video.

Now don't ask me how a thirteen year old girl with nothing on her mind and a life unlived before her gets all of that out of a three and a half minute music video, but I did, and it's had the ongoing ability to shape me ever since. So life went on from there, but it was never quite the same. The world had gone from a gray scale to technicolor.

Everyone has a story. You might have heard mine a thousand if not a million times (hopefully with a little extra flavor here and there). I've had my fair share of bullies, fake friends, star crossed loves, and absent parents. But I can say it, even off handedly, that I survived. I'm not sure if I would be able to say it the same way if it weren't for the little band outta New Jersey. And I know that to someone who hasn't experienced it, yeah, it sounds corny, but add me to the statistics, because MCR saved my life. And I hope that no one ever needs another escape or helping hand, but if they do, I can only hope that they find themselves something or someone that makes them feel the way I do when listening to My Chemical Romance.

So I'll wrap this up. Thank you. Thank you for inspiring me to live, love, and create; for the desire to exist just for the sake of existing. Thank you for inadvertantly giving me a reason to shed my fears and sing in the talent show, and for the hundreds, posibly thousands of pages I have written. Thank you for my dreams and breaking the mold I should have squoze myself into. Thank you for helping me find the path I never would have found without your light. And finally, thank you for all the silences you filled and the screams you blocked out... You'll never know how much it means to me.
07:16 PM on 10/17/11
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01:34 PM on 10/18/11
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02:34 PM on 10/18/11
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MCR was first... I was always hearing their songs and stuff and I really liked it so yeah, I googled them and then I got obsessed. My favorite album was Revenge, but I love all the albums and every album they will write. They helped me through bad times. I will meet them one day to thank them for it. Wow.. That sounded typical.
................................... .............................
Blink.... My sister wanted my to hear some of their songs so I wasn't stuck to a few bands I was obsessed with (mostly MCR) but when she showed me Blink, I loved them immediately. Yup.
It also bothers me when someone asks me why I love MCR and Blink so much and I can't tell because a person can only have so much spare time.
Point is>>> I love MCR and Blink and always will.
03:42 PM on 10/18/11
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Hi!...Well, I'm a girl, my name is Mackarena and I have twelve years old. I remember that the first time I heard to My Chemical Romance was to three years ago, in my own home, through my brother (22 years actually). He was listening some of the songs of MCR and those was "Welcome to the Black Parade" and "Vampires will never hurt you", I was excited, that song and that voice was really Beautiful...
I thought that was amazing, beautiful, the nicest thing that I had heard.. simply, A-W-E-S-O-M-E.
And I remember that they drew my attention and started to like it little by little, until today :)...
Well, I started to be a REAL FAN this year and I'll be this and more For Ever..

I'm a Killjoy and obviously love to My Chem, with all my heart. They are my life, my heros.. Without they, I would be dead, really, they saved my life.
Well, thanks you for read this... And, I hope be the winner ^^

P.S: Apologize for my English, I'm from Chile..
http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:A...799ZdjkJsPM w
03:50 PM on 10/18/11
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If youcanít read it all while you are watching the videoÖ press the pause button! Hahaha

Heyeveryone! I had included in the video a part where I was speaking showing meand explaining the video, but I took it out because Iím so shy :$
In a fewwords, what I told in the video was:
ďMy name isMiriam, Iím from Spain and Iím 18. MyChemical Romance is my favorite band since I was twelve. I think I have a sweetor funny story about how I met MCR, and I liked to tell you. It has been sohard for me to explain all that this band means in my life in a few words, butI tried make it in a very special way, creative and different, and I hope youlike it.Ē
I hope ithas been understood all that I wrote in the video and what Iím writing rightnow.
It was verydifficult to paint in the ceiling, but I like the result.

Until thiscontest asked me the challenge to say why Iím fan of MCR, I didnít know howdifficult was do it! Iím sure I forgot things about it that I love.
Then Iforgot to say that MCR help me to learn English! Thank you! I learn better withtheir songs than in the High School!
A big dreamof my live is go to a MCR gig! I couldnít go to anyone MCR gig because I wasnít18 years old and my mother didnít leave me because the gigs were so far awayfrom my city, but now Iím 18 andÖ MCR Iím waiting you! :D
And I forgot (again) to show in the video thisfolder:

I made itwith all of my love many years before! I love it! :) But I donít use it becauseI donít want hurt it.
And this isall I can make to demonstrate what I feel about this fabulous band. I love youeveryone!
06:10 PM on 10/18/11
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I can't begin to summarize my feelings torwards this band in such a short video but hey I gave it a shot! My Chem has saved my life. I'm planning on going somewhere in my life thanks to them. I see myself as worth something. No matter how bad my home life gets I always have mcr to turn to. Gerard has inspired me to go to art school (I'm going for fashion design though). I fell in love with my beautiful girlfriend at an mcr concert and I can't thank them enough for bringing the two of us together.
I really hope I win!!! Mcr<3!!!!!!!
02:09 PM on 10/19/11
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I can't wait to see the winner(s)- so many entries!
06:33 AM on 10/20/11
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I really don't know if I have the words to describe this band and how much they mean to me but I am going to try:

I saw the Glee cover of Sing and instantly loved the song. It was in my head for the next week before I had enough time to listen to it again. I went on YouTube and watched the clip from Glee again and again. On the side of my screen there was a recommended video: My Chemical Romance - SING (official music video). I watched the video and I loved how everything just clicked together. The story of the video intrigued me but it did not make any sense. I went to Wikipedia and searched the music video. The page told me that it was a sequel to Na Na Na. I had to watch Na Na Na. The music was amazing and I loved it. Slowly I began to explore some of their older music and fell even more in love. I was hesitant to listen to some of the music off The Black Parade, such as Famous Last Words. I never knew how much music could help me until I heard that song. I was kind of depressed so the chorus with the inspiring lyrics ( I am not afraid to keep on living I am not afraid to walk this world alone) really helped me discover inner strength that I didn't know I had. Thanks to MCR I have found a family that accepts me for me in the MCRmy. These four guys really have changed my life in so many ways. I have found the strength to remain me even with all the outside peer pressure to conform to society's standards. This is a life changing band and I am so happy that they have come into my life. Thanks to MCR and the MCRmy, I now have a refuge if I ever need it.

My Chemical Romance has truly saved my life in more ways then I can count.

Even though I do not personally know this band, I feel like they understand me in ways that no one ever has. There are no words for how much this band means to me and feel like whatever say cannot express my feeling. All I can say is: Thank you so much helping me be me and Thank you for being there when the rest of the world wasn't
01:29 PM on 10/20/11
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01:08 PM on 10/21/11
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when does this comp. end???
01:48 PM on 10/22/11
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hell o guys!!!

thissss is my videoo!!!


Sorry for my "english" but i speak spanish,




10:51 PM on 10/22/11
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Has a winner been picked yet?

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