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03:56 PM on 10/05/11
solitary WEASEL
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Not making a video because I'm about as technologically savvy as a 90 year old, so hopefully I won't lose too many points for doing a text entry.

I was 9 years old. I had just received my first MP3 player, and the only knowledge I had of the music world was the 60 or so songs that my older sister had put on there. There was some *NSYNC, some awful 90's pop, and there was this one song called First Date that I absolutely hated.
Being 9, I considered myself an absolute scholar of the world- and I scoffed at the immaturity and vulnerability of the lyrics. I also couldn't seem to get my head around the singer's chipmunky vocals. They were irritatingly high-pitched, and the pronunciations of some of the words bothered the hell out of me. I mean, "is it cool if I hold your heeeand?" I frowned upon such silliness and promptly asked my sister to remove the track.
A few years later, I had developed some semblance of a music taste- a very shitty one, mind you. "I Miss You" was getting airplay, and I remember being stunned with recognition when the second verse hit and the chipmunk rang in my ears once more.
Except this time, I liked it. And it changed my life.
I fell madly in love with the song, begged for the rest of the blink-182 CD's for my birthday, and Mark, Travis, and my beloved chipmunk- Thomas Delonge- all carved out a place in my heart that remains to this day. The discovery turned me on to an entirely different genre of music than I was being spoon-fed ad the time, and I'll never forget it.
Tom is one of my favorite vocalists, First Date remains one of my favorite songs, and blink-182 is rounding on the 9th year of their spot as my favorite band of all time.
At this moment, I'm sitting by my door, hoping that the UPS guy might finally deliver my copy of Neighborhoods- youtube rips don't suffice. Until then, I'm content to work my way through the rest of the records in anticipation for the latest- maybe playing First Date a couple more times than the rest.


<3 I love you, blink.
04:00 PM on 10/05/11
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My camera is broken. So I uploaded an explanation video with quite a bit of reading. I hope you accept it. :D
04:02 PM on 10/05/11
Saves The Night
AP's Resident STD Fan
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When are winners being announced? will i have a few days to upload my video??
04:05 PM on 10/05/11
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crushxcrushx3's Avatar
I was in kindergarten when I heard blink for the first time.. it was at the talent show and this group of 5th graders came on stage with a bunch of blow-up guitars and microphones and had their hair spray painted green and they lip synched to "All the Small Things". Throughout the talent show we all just kinda watched, but once these kids did their performance, everyone was up dancing and having fun..so that's how I discovered blink
As for MCR, I just found them through friends and the internet mainly
04:06 PM on 10/05/11
. . .Sure, let's go with that.
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04:18 PM on 10/05/11
stevegreenwrites.blogspot .com
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The first thing I remember about Blink 182 is the "All the Small Things" video. I didn't understand at the time why they were poking fun at all of the boy bands of the era. Even though I wasn't a fan of said bands, I thought it was unfair to poke fun of them like that. That being said, my friends kept listening to Blink and in seventh grade I remember buying TOYPAJ along with Jay-Z's "Black Album." I vividly remember listening to both albums on the way home from Best Buy. After buying the rest of the Blink albums, I discovered that the band opened me up to a whole new world of music outside of hip hop and Nu Metal. All of those albums were special to me, but when the band broke up, I felt a great deal of sadness that the band was dissolving before they truly reached their artistic pinnacle. Self-Titled was the soundtrack to high school and college for me, and I'm glad that "Neighborhoods" will be part of the soundtrack to my 20's. Every album has reflected something that's happened/happening in my life and I'm glad that they're back.

*Not really a strict intro, but more of a mini-essay as to what they've meant to me*
04:25 PM on 10/05/11
climb is all we know
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trl. =/
04:27 PM on 10/05/11
I am not a dirty god
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I will never get used to Drew's voice
04:52 PM on 10/05/11
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My stupendously lame story about finding My Chemical Romance through Yahoo Answers.
04:54 PM on 10/05/11
Saved The Day
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I like your hat.

For my responses (no web cam here at work, besides - I've left my cool hats at home).

I remember hearing blink's Josie and Dammit on the radio in '97 when Dude Ranch came out. Primary school. Geez, old man. Hooked from then on.

I got into MCR with the release of I'm Not Ok single and video. The Fangoria reference and overall Anti-teen movie theme to that video struck a chord with me.
05:09 PM on 10/05/11
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The first cd that I ever bought was Ennema of the state in the summer of 2000 and the first 'real' show that I ever went to was Blink in the summer of 2001 (Edge fest) with JEW, sum41, millencolin and nfg. Blink helped me discover all the fast punk rock bands that I listen today: In their cd's liner notes they would thanks bands like Lagwagon, ten foot pole and Face to face (my favorite bands of all time) so i'll be forever gratefullto them for that
05:12 PM on 10/05/11
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The first time i heard a My Chemical Romance song was back in 2005. I was 11 and I was watching MTV before school and this amazing video came on and I was intrigued. The music video was for the song The Ghost of You and it remains my favorite MCR song to this day
05:12 PM on 10/05/11
seek the joy
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05:33 PM on 10/05/11
Sneak Peek
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My Chemical Romance.

It was 2002, and I just started taking drum lessons at 12 years old. I asked my new drum teacher to teach me a cool "punk beat". He said his son just joined a punk band playing guitar and asked if this was the type of drumming I meant. He played me "honey this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us". It turned out to be Frank's Dad and since that day I've been a huge fan. They opened up my musical taste as a kid and allowed me to discover some of my favorite bands. I took lessons from Frank's father for 7 years, incredible drummer.
05:33 PM on 10/05/11
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I was going to reply to your email and say, "Cue all the 'She has an accent!' comments."

haha I jumped straight to your video because I was like OMG a pretty girl works on AP.net?? Plus she's intelligent, nice, and has a neat accent. I thought it was just us pop-punk nerds!


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