From First To Last - 08.27.03

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From First To Last - 08.27.03Wark: What's your name and what do you do in From First To Last?

Phil: I am Phil gorgeous and I do the singing / screaming / hip and ass shakin’ and have been known to destroy a Mic stand or two.

Wark: How long have you dudes been playing in a band?

Phil: We’ve been a band together playing and shit for about 5 months now…going on 6 soon.

Wark: I heard that labels want to pay you alot of money to release your music with their logo on it.

Phil: hahaha yes that’s very true…its kind of funny. We’ve got a good list of labels into us, and were trying to decide what we really want from all of this and hope we make the best decision.

Wark: When do you plan on releasing a full length?

Phil: sometime next year. We’ve got like 3-5 songs ready to go. In fact were going to demo them in September, as well as record an Xmas song immortal is releasing call Santa cause. Saosin’s on it as well.

Wark: Those guys are really good friends of mine, they shred!

Phil: Yeah they’re sweet we have some dates with them real soon form Florida to California I believe. Then we do the from autumn to ashes /every time I die /cave in us tour, and we’re soooo stoked about that!

Wark: yeah that’s pretty insane dude, I heard your line up changed since this recording.

Phil: Yeah, we have Jon from Cali (sweet fucking kid) currently on bass and he’s been helping us so much. He’s been practicing guitar spins with his bass. We also added a DJ and a strings section but that’s not a big deal. Actually Jon’s cousin is really the emcee form Linkin Park…we’re soooo going to try and hook up that tour I think it’d be the most amazing experience of my life…we didn’t really add a DJ or strings though sadly, or we’d be as cool as them.

Wark: yeah, BUMMER!

Phil: hahaha, but his cousin seriously is that dude, its weird.

Wark: are you kidding?

Phil: No. It’s funny, I know but neat as well he found out at a funeral recently and was like wha?

Wark: Whoa...that’s insane.

Phil: I wanna see 34567456745678 kids a night push moshing (mooshing) to us. I’d die.

Wark: Are you all straight edge?

Phil: All but one, and two of us are vegan, two are vegetarian and one pussy...um I mean meat eater...we give Travis sooo much shit about eating meat but hes good on tour and we give derek shit about smoking.
Wark: That sucks, poor dude

Phil: I don’t mind his shooting crank, cause it makes his drumming amazing, but cigarettes will kill you everyone knows that!

Wark: Yeah seriously. Haha

Phil: I mean I’ve seen truth commercials…ever seen one about heroin besides the "this is your brain on drugs"? No and they don’t show those so heroin and shit are A-OK now I’m sure.

Wark: So all summed up... what are your plans for the rest of the year up ‘til you record your album ?

Phil: We plan to tour like crazy, meet tons of kids shake our asses like a bitch; find a label to call home; make videos, fans, songs, and babies...you know regular band shit. Oh I plan on finding more garbage pail kids from other countries too!

Wark: What are your favorite movies?

Phil: I love half baked, and I love stand up comedy and porn.

Wark: Comedy Central Stand Up on Friday night?

Phil: haha I prefer cursing! …Saying fuck just sounds funny.

Wark: Awesome…Old School is my favorite movie ever!

Phil: its funny

Wark: yeah will ferrel is just incredible.

Phil: yes in snl blue oyster cult was the best shit ever, and they didn’t say fuck once…now that’s impressive.

Wark: What CD's have you been listening to lately?

Phil: on broken wings both the demo and the eulogy debut, the All American Rejects; the brand new
Brand new and taking back sunday, more mosh bands too but no one will even know who I’m talking about

Wark: Rad, have you heard The Bled record?

Phil: all i really listen to are mosh bands and boy bands

Phil: yeah

Wark: rad. do you like it?

Phil: It’s pretty good.

Phil: I’m super picky on my mosh, i played in mosh bands forever…yeah I liked it.

Phil: I like more sick ass breakdowns

Wark: bitchen... they're one of my favorite bands

Phil: i was in am mosh band called xno love lostx with some of the underoath boys and one of the this runs through kids...sick mosh bro SIQQQ actually…that’s 3 Q’s, so you know it was craziness.

Wark: Rad! ... What turns you on?

Phil: as in? sexually?

Wark: haha or in Life! I ask that to every band I interview now.
Phil: hmmm I love going stencil graffiti. I was recently featured on Gainesville newspapers and online shit...I love foreign garbage pail kids and the band and friends I have in the band. I also love to make clothes. Girls like my clothes...and then they pretend to like me, which is fine by me.

Wark: What turns you off?

Phil: kids at mosh shows who CANNOT mosh.... Its annoying crap and when people talk shit out of jealousy or envy...you guys get alot of kids on your forum that seem to be very opinionated and don’t have much a clue what they’re talking about...and boy do they love to generalize like WHOA!

Wark: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you get to the pearly gates?

Phil: something about me getting all the foreign garbage pail kids ever made. Actually, I don’t know probably something about me being able to have fun and love.

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10:09 PM on 08/27/03
Earmuffs with Alina
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blue's Avatar
rock and roll.
07:43 AM on 09/01/03
New User Title
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PeeDster's Avatar
that was wierd. wierd guy.
06:01 PM on 09/12/03
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morbidlyem0's Avatar

Phil is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From.First.To.Last is wicked, and an awesome band!!!!!!!!
07:29 PM on 09/19/03
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I love phil.


join the army.
11:55 AM on 04/20/05
Registered User
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I Love Phil!

I <3 From Frist To Last!!
01:59 AM on 04/23/05
erasing the artwork
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that was probabaly the gayest shit i have ever read. get over the scene and into the music
11:39 AM on 11/21/05
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refriedriley's Avatar
I Love From First To Last......love.
12:28 PM on 11/21/05
feels good man
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mogwaifearsatan's Avatar
This dude sounds like a brain dead douchebag. I think Hawthorne sucks too, but at least their band members actually have brains. Meh.
09:52 PM on 11/24/05
Registered User
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Cubed's Avatar
What an idiot.
Music > Scene
07:58 AM on 04/23/07
Garrett Miller
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Garrett Miller's Avatar
This is cool.
11:50 AM on 03/07/08
Every cloud is in your way
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popdisaster00's Avatar
What the fuck? Reading this 5 years later...what a douche bag.
10:24 PM on 04/19/10
I'll be back around
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phillycheese37's Avatar
he does seem like a bit of a tool now, doesn't he?
09:12 PM on 11/29/11
When you smile I melt inside
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LPcatitoRJA's Avatar
^ lol

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