New Atlantic - 06.15.07

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New Atlantic - 06.15.07I want to thank Gio for answering these questions for me! You can view New Atlanticís AP.net profile here.

Letís start off by stating your name and what you play in New Atlantic.
My name is Gio and I sing for New Atlantic

Where are you guys at right now?
We are at a friends place just outside of Baltimore. We played a show in Delaware last night, drove here, and crashed here. And then we have a show at the Ottobar in Baltimore tonight.

So howís the tour been going so far?
The tourís been really awesome man. The shows have been great, the kids have been great, and the turnouts have been awesome. Itís been a lot of fun. This is actually our first full US tour for our new record. Itís been really exiting for us and its good to have a record thatís been selling.

In your opinion, what has been the best show so far on this tour and why?
My favorite show so far would probably have to be New Orleans because not a lot of tours go through there so the kids have been responsive and awesome. We had a day off so all the bands went to Bourbon St. and partied all night. We had a great time and that was one of the memorable nights on tour so far.

After you guys load in your equipment, what do you guys like to do to pass the time until the shows start?
I like to go on the internet because we donít get much time on the internet, coordinate our Absolutepunk.net interviews, and lately, Iíve been spending that time setting up our merch because we donít have a merch person on this tour. Sometimes, if were in cool city like Lawrence, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, weíll walk around and check out the shops and scene and all that good stuff. And go into Hollister and play our own songs (laughs). Thatís pretty fun.

Yeah, I know what youíre saying. I like to pick random songs but it always takes a while for it to play.
Yeah, we were someplace in Texas and we went to the mall. It was my first time in Hollister with our songs there. It was exciting but it was also weird. So I went in to see if our songs were really there because everyone was like ďItís in Hollister!Ē I decided to go check and it was there. I looked around and made sure no one was looking, picked our songs and walked out.

Thatís cool. I would it too! Do you guys do a lot of interviews?
It kind of depends. When the record was just coming out, I was doing a ton of interviews with the internet blog sites and the magazine stuff. I did a lot of stuff with Germany and Japan too. We do a lot but it depends on the record label and how they are promoting the record.

Oh ok, Iíve always wondered about that with some bands because I donít know if you had five more interviews after this or something like that.
There will be some days where there will be a couple interviews to do in a day like when we were touring with The Starting Line. On the Cartel tour, we had a couple but this tour isnít too bad. Itís not even bad because I enjoy doing interviews though.

What are your plans after this tour?
When we get home, we will be playing some shows to keep us alive and make some money. We got that Cartel show and some tours in August. Not really sure what were doing yet cause were still waiting to hear back. We have some Warped Tour dates in July. And we have another tour we canít announce yet which will be at the end of September. We will be playing with two bands that have been our best friends and write good music. It will be a really awesome tour for the kids to come out.

I know there are a lot of challenges for bands that are unsigned and are just starting to tour like not having a van and/or money. You are guys on the indie label, Eyeball, what challenges do you guys face?
Right now, we still have some nights where we wonít have enough money to make it to the next show. As sad as that is, it still happens. Gas prices have risen extremely to a point where our guarantee sometimes wonít be enough to get us to the next show. Its kinda lame especially for a band like us who have been around for three or so years and were busting our ass saying ďShit, I thought I was gonna get out of this phaseĒ of the starting musician thing. Itís really hard nowadays. We got through a lot of that because we were unsigned for a good two and a half years. So we got through all of that on our own and were in debt cause of that. But we got the van, got a loan for that, and passed a lot of the hard shit.

Side question, where is gas most expensive?
I think the Midwest and the northwest is the most expensive, surprisingly. Letís see, up around Seattle to about California, the prices were around the $3.50 range. Then we get into Arizona and it dropped down to about $3 and in Texas, home of Mr. Bush, his is cheap. Itís been cheaper down south. Jersey actually has cheap gas compared to the rest of the country.

Why did you guys decide to go with Casey Bates and Bobby Darling in producing the new record?
We were kinda torn when we were trying to think of producers and stuff. We are a young band so we didnít have too many options. We had some producers we wanted to work with and some producers our managers wanted us to work with. Bobby came around and offered to our manager to produce us. We met Bobby on tour when we were on The Starting Line tour when he was with his band, Gatsbyís American Dream, who was on tour as well. We got a long really well and he became a fan of our music. He was really passionate about it and he spoke to me on the phone and said he wanted to produce our new record. What I think Bobby did most for us was help us find out who we were. We were a band for about two years and were confused about what kind of music we wanted to write and Bobby helped us a lot. I really like pop music and Bobby told me ďYou know what? I want the new New Atlantic record to sound like the self-titled Third Eye Blind record but only better!Ē That was the selling point for and I told the band that I wanted to work with Bobby and everyone was down. It was a really awesome experience.

With that being said, how do you think the new CD was received by your fans?
I think it went pretty awesome. And we had some fans that were bummed out because we didnít put ďThis Time AroundĒ or some of our older demos on the record. Iím not really disappointed because weíve had those songs for long because I know some fans got attached to those songs. When I first heard ďThe First SingleĒ by The Format, like a good six years ago, I thought ďThis song rules!Ē and it was just a demo. And when they re-recorded the song for the full length, I thought the older one was better because its not like it was better but it was because I heard that first. So Iím not surprised when I hear kids saying ďI like the older version betterĒ and things like. Iím just excited about the new record because their brand new songs. The response have been insane to a point where were confused on what our next single should be. We talking about it and we asked our street team what our next single should be and they gave a different answer from almost every kid. So we canít even narrow it down and I think itís awesome that the kids like all the songs.

Do you think Matt Watts has influenced you guys on getting the band to where you are now and where you guys are headed?
Mattís helped us out a lot. He is the nicest guy weíve ever met in the industry. Heís helped us skipped and miss some of the hardships because heís gone through them before and he guided us in the right direction. Heís helped us get on some awesome tours. He is the epitome of nice guys. This industry is all about meeting good people and making friendships so were really luck to have them.

A lot of people are saying you guys are gonna explode and break into the mainstream. How do you feel about this and is this something you really want?
I think for all of us, its something we really want. I started this band with Chris so I can be able sing and have a family. Thereís one thing in life that I like more than signing and being on the road and being on stage is my favorite part of being in the band. Itís really hard right now because Chris is getting married and itís stressful on him because he canít afford to have a family right now. I want to break into the mainstream. I feel the same way Cartel did years back. I want to be able to enjoy life and all of that. I wouldnít be disappointed if we get main stream and I would be psyched about it. I know some fans wouldnít like that but they donít know the struggle of being in a band and not have your parents pay for everything. Bands donít make too much money off record sales if not anything. Record sales are important because they get you on tours that you need to be to get further. But other than that, you make money off of merchandise sales, divide that by five people in the band, and its pretty much nothing. If I had the opportunity to move up, Iíd be so psyched.

If you guys were to go on an arena tour, what bands would you take with you and why?
If it was my choice, I would pick all the bands that have helped us out in the past three years. Bands that was kind enough to take us out when we were nobodies. By far, I would say Cartel, Waking Ashland, Daphne Loves Derby, and Sherwood. All these bands did so much for us. Waking Ashland has taken us on three tours in the past. They didnít owe us anything. We werenít worth it to them but they were good people.

And if you had the chance to open for any band, who would it be?
Right now, Iím all about opening for Augustana. I love that band so much. Other bands we like to open for are The Killers and the new Maroon 5 is fucking amazing. That would be a sick show.

Do you guys read your New Atlantic message boards? And if you, what are some of the weirdest things that you have read about you?
I was looking at it a while back and I remember one post in the forum about our butts. People were taking pictures of our butts at shows and posting it. I thought it was hilarious. Itís funny to see something like that out of the blue. I havenít looked since then but Iím sure thereís something crazier.

How did you start singing? Did you have any vocal training?
I didnít get any training until later in New Atlantic. I started singing when I was really little. I have home videos at age three. I joined choir in 3rd grade and stayed in the choir until my sophomore year in college. It was something I fell in love with right away. I tried sports for a while and I ended quitting my soccer team so I could join another choir. I love singing so much. I never had training until we started touring a lot and I was losing my voice. I went and took a few lessons to learn how to warm up and keep my voice on tour.

Is there a difference between Philadelphia and New Jersey crowds?
It kinda depends. Weíre mostly from New Jersey but we hardly play in New Jersey as a band. I canít make a really big comparison but we get a really good crowd in Philadelphia because we practice there. We also have awesome crowds in North Jersey so it kinda depends on whose there that night. I remember going to shows as a kid and the New Jersey scene back then was insane. I remember going to RX bandits, New Found Glory, Saves the Day, Midtown, and River City Show all in one show. It was probably the best show Iíve seen as a kid. Itís crazy how the scene has changed now. I donít think Iíve seen a show like that in a while.

So thatís all the question I have today. Thanks for everything.
Yeah man, no problem!
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08:31 AM on 06/25/07
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He seems like a pretty cool guy. Nice interview!
08:40 AM on 06/25/07
Coby won Kenobi
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Pretty sweet interview... interview questions were quite interesting. Especially the one about going mainstream and all, since fans are always saying oh its not cool to go mainstream but it seems here the bands do want to become mainstream due to financial issues... Good Job!!
08:43 AM on 06/25/07
Registered User
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frankenduck's Avatar
these guys are so sweet. great interview!
09:42 AM on 06/25/07
Murderer's Row '09
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WFUJerseyJon's Avatar
awesome, he was a real chill dude on that small cartel tour and at bamboozle.
09:55 AM on 06/25/07
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hijenna's Avatar
new atlantic <33333
09:56 AM on 06/25/07
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Can I have your attention please, I have been handed an urgent and horrifying news bulletin:

10:01 AM on 06/25/07
Registered User
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pnkrckprncss's Avatar
aww gio is amazing. he spent almost an hour talking to my friends and i after the show in toronto last week. such a nice guy
10:05 AM on 06/25/07
In all this chaos we found safety..
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singlexsorrow's Avatar
great interview!
11:54 AM on 06/25/07
Registered User
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yeah i've met him a couple times and he's definitely one of the nicest guys out there.
01:21 PM on 06/25/07
i'm a girl.
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GreenJellyBean's Avatar
gio is so sweet. good interview.

it'll be realllly weird if they become mainstream but they deserve it. i fucking love this band and their new album. i wish i could see them play everyday.

oh and i heard about who they're touring with in the fall but i don't know wanna say anything if they don't want it announced yet..
02:24 PM on 06/25/07
such a registered user
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jasoneyeball's Avatar
gio is so sweet. good interview.

it'll be realllly weird if they become mainstream but they deserve it. i fucking love this band and their new album. i wish i could see them play everyday.

oh and i heard about who they're touring with in the fall but i don't know wanna say anything if they don't want it announced yet..

it's so hard not to blurt it out sometimes, isn't it??
03:03 PM on 06/25/07
Registered User
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Gio's such a nice guy, I actually met him at the show in Baltimore and we ended up talking about the whole Philly versus Jersey thing, I have no idea why I brought it up. New Atlantic is my new favorite band.
04:37 PM on 06/25/07
i swim for brighter days.
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grace317's Avatar
aww gio is amazing. he spent almost an hour talking to my friends and i after the show in toronto last week. such a nice guy

I wish I sticked around the show! Gio is amazing ... I hope this band goes on more tours soon. I'm excited to see the boys again.
10:13 PM on 06/26/07
Let's Go Oakland
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jacnrh's Avatar
Nice interview; I wish I had seen them when they were here.
Seattle definitely has super expensive gas--its so obnoxious.

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