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Boys Night Out - Boys Night Out

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Boys Night Out - Boys Night Out
Release Date: June 26, 2007
Record Label: Ferret Records
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
How do you follow up a concept album about a man losing his sanity and going on a killing rampage? Why, you write an album about drinking, suffering, and despair! At least that’s what Boys Night Out did with their third album on Ferret Records. The self-titled album follows up the band’s 2005 moderately successful concept album, Trainwreck, and it takes parts from that album and 2003’s Make Yourself Sick to piece together Boys Night Out. This album features the addition of guitarist Andy Lewis, the departure of Kara Dupuy, who played the synth and sang on Trainwreck, and the return of original drummer Ben Arseneau. What we find on these eleven Lou Giornado-produced tracks are intensity, catchiness, and repetition throughout.

The infectious “Get Your Head Straight” kicks off the record and immediately gets stuck in your head. With driving guitars and a lively bass line courtesy of Dave Costa, the song is a strong album opener. “Swift And Unforgiving” is equally catchy, as Arseneau drum skills shine on the track. But while both tracks are cool musically, they suffer lyrically, thanks to repetition of one-liners (the cliché “loose lips sinks ships” line doesn’t help “Swift” either). “Up With Me” is the first single and it’s a moody track that features anxious vocals from Connor Lovat-Fraser. “The Heirs Of Error” is bound to be a crowd favorite, with in-your-face verses and the gang vocals shouting “We will rebuild!,” it’ll be an instant live staple.

Group vocals are also present in “Let Me Be Your Swear Word” and “Hey, Thanks,” but “Fall For The Drinker” takes the cake. My favorite song on the track, it begins with dark undertones throughout the first verse as Lovat-Fraser wearily sings about raising your glass. The chorus of “We’re all here now/tonight to hell with everything else/we’ll drink hard/and we’ll drink to ourselves” is echoed out by the entire band and is just begging for my friends and I to drunkenly sing along. “Apartment” is one of the stronger, well-rounded tracks, while “Reason Ain’t Our Real Song” is a hard-hitting, fast-paced track that’ll definitely remind you of Make Yourself Sick.

Personally, I don’t think Boys Night Out will ever top Trainwreck, the creativity and the construction of the album are damn great, and it would be hard for many bands in the scene to follow up an album like that. Boys Night Out is a valiant follow-up, but there are still glaring flaws, such as the constant repetition of lines in the majority of songs. I’m also not a fan of Lou Giornado producing this record, although he didn’t botch this record like he did with Sherwood, I still think BNO would have been better suited with Machine again or even Brian McTernan. What they lack in lyrics and production though, they make up with good musicianship and songs that are equally intense and catchy. Is this album going to be as memorable as Trainwreck? Probably not, but that’s rather a testament to Trainwreck than a discredit to Boys Night Out. Regardless, it’s still fun as hell to blast this album in my car and shout along to while driving 80 on the highway.

Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. Get Your Head Straight
2. Swift And Unforgiving
3. The Push And Pull
4. Up With Me
5. The Heirs Of Error
6. Let Me Be Your Swear Word
7. Hey, Thanks
8. Fall To The Drinker
9. Apartment
10. Reason Ain’t Our Long Suit
11. It Won’t Be Long
Produced by Lou Giornado

Boys Night Out are:
Connor Lovat-Fraser - Lead Vocals
Jeff Davis - Guitar/Vocals
Andy Lewis – Guitar
Dave Costa – Bass
Ben Arseneau - Drums
Official Website; Official Myspace; Latest Boys Night Out news

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01:46 AM on 06/26/07
is a brain in a vat
User Info.
12:46AM's Avatar
i never really listened to this band after i saw them live.
04:53 AM on 06/26/07
Registered User
User Info.
the push and pull shud easily hav been the first single.catchy as hell. i agree with drew tho - 'fall for the drinker' is a seriously awesome song. gang vocals rule!
05:28 AM on 06/26/07
User Info.
xjustinx's Avatar
Wasn't impressed =\
06:54 AM on 06/26/07
tm decomposer
User Info.
tm decomposer's Avatar
It catchy at times, but meh. Trainwreck was awesome. Nice Review Drew
08:40 AM on 06/26/07
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
i was hooked on this for a little while
still a good listen
08:58 AM on 06/26/07
Boy Castle Guitarist
User Info.
dannyrobes's Avatar
If Trainwreck wasn't such a masterpiece (or never existed), I would consider this a great effort from Boys Night Out. It's still a really good album, it's just nowhere near what Trainwreck was.
09:05 AM on 06/26/07
Nobody's Nothing
User Info.
yoyoninjagirl's Avatar
good review. I agree, I don't think Boys Night Out will ever top Trainwreck, but this album is quite good.
09:10 AM on 06/26/07
Registered Gangsta
User Info.
turbonium's Avatar
i was hooked on this for a little while
still a good listen

same here.
its pretty decent.
my favorite song would be the first track, which is about not doing drugs, interestingly enough.
09:25 AM on 06/26/07
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
it's decent
10:15 AM on 06/26/07
Bury Your Head
it aint easy being brown
User Info.
Bury Your Head's Avatar
I'm picking this bad boy up today at best buy.

You get the best prices there for the 1st week release.

I'm sure it isn't on the creative peak trainwreck was but I'm sure this is just as fun and catchy to listen to.
Good review.
10:27 AM on 06/26/07
Rode the El Niño
User Info.
tonighttonight0's Avatar
they'll never top Trainwreck...but it's a good record
good review
10:33 AM on 06/26/07
User Info.
midnightsociety's Avatar
decent album overall--nice review though.
10:36 AM on 06/26/07
Registered User
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
i got this album a while ago and can only stand to listen to two songs =/
10:36 AM on 06/26/07
hard rocking all day long
User Info.
Fades2Black's Avatar
I assumed they'd progress from Trainwreck, not degress. Kinda dissapointed in the new shit im not gona lie, but at least it still has that BNO catchiness

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