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Absolute Access: Life In General Turns 15

Posted by - 07:39 PM on 11/19/11
Today marks the 15th anniversary of the release of MxPx's Life In General. In honor of the occasion, Mike Herrera was kind enough to write up a little track-by-track rundown of the album. Check it out in the replies.
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07:43 PM on 11/19/11
Jonathan Bautts
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Life In General Track-by-Track

1. Middlename: A song written by a very young and rebellious teen punker. Looking for a home, for a place to fit in.

2. My Mom Still Cleans My Room: This is a song about home life, not so much about my room or it being cleaned by my mom. It describes my personality, or at the very least how I saw myself as I was way back when.

3. Do Your Feet Hurt: This is a hopeless romantic song I wrote to pick up girls. I think it worked a few times.

4. Sometimes You Have to Ask Yourself: This is a song touching on philosophy and the meaning of life. How the powers that be don't want what's best for US, just THEM and more.

5. The Wonder Years: This is about how we all as humans go through similar experiences while feeling like we're the only ones on the planet going through them.

6. Move to Bremerton: Came up with this idea after playing a really great show in Phoenix, AZ on one of our first couple tours. Just a funny idea for a song that people really seemed to have enjoyed over the years. We even got the Key to the City of Bremerton, WA because of this song.

7. New York to Nowhere: Because this was the first album written after we started touring full-time there's some songs about traveling or about things that happened to us while traveling. This is about one of those times. We were on a drive straight from New York City to a very small and smelly town in Illinois, when the whole interstate in Pennsylvania came to a halt due to a huge blizzard. Our van was parked on the highway with our fellow travelers for hours. We were running our engine to stay warm. I pulled out my guitar and wrote this song.

8. Andrea: This was a girlfriend song, now it's an ex-girlfriend song. It's about when we met.

9. Your Problem, My Emergency: We were becoming more and more known in the punk community and with that came a whole lot of left field criticism about how we were sell outs and this and that. I was reacting to all that by writing songs.

10. Chick Magnet: Just a fun idea for a song. Have you seen the video?

11. Today Is in My Way: A song about a bad day. A day in my way. But we all get through them. Until one day we don't… but that's life, and death...

12. Sorry So Sorry: Another touring song. This time the subject is band fights and yelling matches. We got over it!

13. Doing Time: I love to talk about the good ole' days. This one is about some of those and some of the not so good ole' days. High School can be a drag. Being young and not knowing where or even IF you fit in the world is a drag too.

14. Correct Me If I'm Wrong: This is for encouragement. You take it where you want to go.

15. Cristalena: My senior year of high school the band was getting busy and becoming known around my school. My friend, classmate and coworker said to me, "write a song about me!" I replied with a silly song about her.

16. Destroyed by You: This is about a relationship that ended, high school era. It all came down on the night of my senior prom. Na Na Na Na.

17. Southbound: After touring a while, many towns start to blur together. But heading down to sunny southern California from our small rainy town of Bremerton, WA was always so exciting. It was Los Angeles and Orange County, we made new friends and so many great memories. Good times.
07:51 PM on 11/19/11
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08:29 PM on 11/19/11
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xsinkshipsx's Avatar
such a classic...though "slowly going the way of the buffalo" is my favorite...this is up there in their discograpy and an obvious classic. Wouldn't be here if it wasn't for these guys
08:34 PM on 11/19/11
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"Chick Magnet" is the best.
08:46 PM on 11/19/11
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I still love this record, an absolute classic.
08:47 PM on 11/19/11
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trevorshmevor's Avatar
Awesome, I'll have to spin this sometime soon! Haven't listened to MxPx in forever, but I'll always have a soft spot for them.
08:58 PM on 11/19/11
A Void That Thinks
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drumdreez's Avatar
Life in General is an amazing album, for sure.
09:09 PM on 11/19/11
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Life in general is one of my top 5 albums of all time. Every single song is so good. This album is just so perfect, I'm hoping the new album will be like life in general. I can't even put into words how awesome this album is. So catchy, fast, and just perfect!!
09:21 PM on 11/19/11
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grimis16's Avatar
classic. Turned me onto the genre
09:25 PM on 11/19/11
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tdrrecords's Avatar
What a great album. MxPx was one of the first bands I started listening to before discovering Blink 182 and everything Drive-Thru Records.
09:28 PM on 11/19/11
Adam Pfleider
wait. what were we talking about?
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yeah. this album rules. definitely got into Teenage Politics more (I played the shit out of that record) but this was second to it.
10:11 PM on 11/19/11
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Gonna buy Tuesday. Never heard it, excited lol
10:27 PM on 11/19/11
Representin' the 514
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TSLataris's Avatar
One of my gateway bands into the realm of pop-punk.

After my first time seeing the video for Punk Rawk Show, I definitely wanted to dye my hair blue, green and/or purple.
11:10 PM on 11/19/11
What you feel will rarely rhyme.
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LivingTheLyrics's Avatar
I have somehow gone my entire pop-punk loving, music hungry life without ever listening to MxPx. I need to change this.

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