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12:45 PM on 07/18/07
Don't start no shit wont be no shit
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krishasaheadake's Avatar
thats funny
12:48 PM on 07/18/07
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sweetforever's Avatar
Like everyone else has said, the Thrice comment caught me off guard.
12:50 PM on 07/18/07
Can't Stand Ya
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walshknilb281's Avatar
its funny how everyone agrees with the guy about every band except thrice.

it makes me think if the same thing is happening at like absoluterap.net, like they agree with this guy on every band except 50.

i disagree with him with thrice but i just think its funny, this guys seems cool tho AP did an interview with him a while ago he seemed straight
12:56 PM on 07/18/07
I'm damaged bad at best
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sayyes's Avatar
That was refreshing from an MTV article. I need to read more of this guy's work.
01:06 PM on 07/18/07
Guns don't kill, Cedric & Omar do
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GiggsOho's Avatar

while I agree what this guy says, I don't see why everyone should be on his jock. His writing is mediocre at best; it's easy to rip bands, say something positive.

Who compared him to Klosterman??!?! WAY OFF BASE.
01:08 PM on 07/18/07
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jpepe's Avatar
I enjoy his wittyness to say what he feels in a mainstream society where he knows he'll get torn apart week after week. Besides he's pretty much spot on with his analysis of a lot of trends in music even if everyone doesn't agree with what he has to say.
01:08 PM on 07/18/07
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Coverbydesign's Avatar
wow dude should watch his back...thrice fans roll thick he might get his skull bashed if for saying some dumb shit like that about thrice.You cant sit there and tell me all there cds sound the same.
01:15 PM on 07/18/07
bippity boppity
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Praetor's Avatar
I think it's really immature how you all think this guy is funny until he says something bad about a band you like. Usually I find stuff like this funny whether I agree or not but this guy is boring and trying way too hard.
I think the word you want is 'hypocritical.'
01:25 PM on 07/18/07
Why Bother?
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Why Bother?'s Avatar
I think the word you want is 'hypocritical.'

Immature, hypocritical, stupid, whatever. It's just ridiculous to say they agree with everything except the Thrice thing, I mean, if he said that about Thrice, why would you support his thoughts on any other things?

The guy's just an arrogant douche.
01:35 PM on 07/18/07
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pleasegoodmusic's Avatar
I don't think he sounds like a douche, I think he just has a style that might be described as 'irreverant', meaning, he won't suck up to all of your favorite bands, especially the ones that aren't that good. And c'mon, it's a gazillion times better than the average boring music journalism piece where the artist talks about how their 'sound is maturing' or 'how their next album will be their best one yet!'. Good for this dude for not being afraid to speak his mind.
01:39 PM on 07/18/07
Yes. And?
♥ break in stereo.
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Yes. And?'s Avatar
Panic! at the Disco will suck and so will Weezer.

Hahaha at what he said about Cobra Starship.
01:39 PM on 07/18/07
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jantelis's Avatar
He must like Hillary duff, man jame's Montgomery ...not all music has to be taken so seriously he had some good points overall but really comes off as a pessimistic. Mtv plays lots of "shit" music as james to to come off so why does he work therre again? paycheck .
01:42 PM on 07/18/07
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rawketscience's Avatar
The funniest thing ever written about Weezer. Ever. Thank you BuddyHead.

Make Believe
20 things we would rather do than hear that “Beverly Hills” song ever again:
1) Visit the dentist
2) Wait in line at the DMV
3) Live in Arkansas
4) Vote
5) Zip our dicks up in our jeans
6) Fall into the gorilla exhibit at the zoo and get gang raped by all the gorillas at once
7) Read
8) Make out with Rip Taylor
9) Accidentally sit on our nuts
10) Skin our dickheads with a carrot peeler
11) Watch Bushwick Bill from The Geto Boys fingerbang our sisters
12) Deliver a retard baby
13) Wax Buzz from The Melvins’ back and taint
14) Masturbate with broken shards of glass
15) Tattoo an un-circumcised dong onto our chests
16) Funnel stomach bile mixed with trucker cum and “rrhea”
17) Sew vagina lips onto our forehead
18) Shave Oprah’s gunt
19) Titty-fuck Star Jones
20) Go to the Warped Tour without a gun

01:50 PM on 07/18/07
Dr. Acula
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Thrice's Elements Project
Why Will It Suck?
: Because no matter what Dustin Kensrue and company will tell you about "changing the band's sound" and "pushing boundaries" — something they seemingly do whenever there's a new album to promote — everything the band does sounds exactly the same. Throw in a half-baked "concept" (four EPs, each based on one of the Earth's elements) and this one has the potential to blow everything past, present or future directly out of the water in terms of suckitude.

What a douche. Have you HEARD Vheissu?
02:02 PM on 07/18/07
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a mediocre article to read at the end of the workday

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