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Interpol - Our Love To Admire

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InterpolOur Love To Admire
Record Label: Capitol Records
Release Date: July 10, 2007

You’d think all the love and respect Interpol receives would brighten their spirits a bit. Still, happiness isn’t anywhere near the emotion we expect to feel when Paul Banks finishes a song with his characteristically dismal delivery. Rather, I place a handkerchief right next to my Ipod whenever delving into an Interpol pity party. And I love it. Even when the lyrics are hazy or bizarre, I somehow know what I’m supposed feel. Plagued. Uncertain. But most of all, fulfilled.

Our Love To Admire wriggles free of prior Interpol releases just before snapping back towards its roots. We are never transported to a new and wonderful world as we are most definitely still in New York City. Whereas Turn On The Bright Lights might have focused on the subway system late at night, Our Love To Admire resembles a cloudy day aboveground. Figuratively speaking, of course. “Rest My Chemistry” feels poppier, upbeat even, but the mood is anything but: “I’ve slept for days / Bathed in nothing but sweat / And I’ve made hallways scenes for things to regret.” As I listen to this song, I can’t help but think of the same, horribly nondescript phrase, “That’s just so Interpol.” Stupid, yes, but I have a hunch many of you know the exact feeling.

Perhaps the most post-punkish track, “The Heinrich Maneuver” features Banks at his most energetic along with a dancey-hipster riff. “Mammoth” feels rushed and exasperated, but never forced. “Pace Is The Trick” (my favorite song) recalls Turn On, which makes me completely biased towards the track. I am happy, however, that I was never forced to pause Our Love To Admire and listen to, say, “Obstacle 1.” This album feels like a natural progression, a natural improvement. Black is still the color of Interpol, but there are now dashes of green (“There’s No I in Threesome”) and dark, dark blue (“Pioneer To The Falls”).

Each album I review contains conflict. After all, where would the fun be without a struggle? Our Love To Admire presents only one difficult song, but it is (arguably) the most important. Closer, “The Lighthouse,” is a battle of styles and preference. Interpol’s bread and butter is in mid-tempo, gloom-rock. Each balances the other out. But on “The Lighthouse,” everything is draped in sorrow. The jangling, ethereal riff blends as Banks moans in the distance. And truth be told, I hated it. I skipped over it countless times; until the genius of it all hit me. Hard.

Much later, as I was reading a particularly sad short story, "The Lighthouse" came on. Both pieces of art seemed to echo and reinforce the other until I was nearly overcome. I put the book down and pictured its characters, pictured Interpol. I was content. I needed a hug. I hit repeat. Interpol craft much more than songs. They create a chance for quizzical reflection. Each song has a hidden message, and it’s the listeners’ job (err, pleasure) to find it. I don’t dare reveal each meaning, partly because yours will be completely different than mine (and Mr. Banks’). But if the angular riffs and snappy drums don’t keep you coming back, the curiosity will.

Our Love To Admire wows and subdues, excites and calms. One thing it never does, however, is let down. The struggles overcome by a band on everyone’s list (good or bad) hasn’t silenced anyone. If anything, people will be talking about Our Love To Admire for a very long time.

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I want to be faux pas!www.myspace.com/interpol
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05:03 PM on 07/18/07
Kyle Thrash
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Kyle Thrash's Avatar
i like the songs they have on their myspace
06:17 PM on 07/18/07
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thatwasamoment's Avatar
Well written Blake! Great record.
06:26 PM on 07/18/07
User Info.
jusscali's Avatar
Best review you've ever written. Not a fan of the band, or the new record, but this baby flowed just as good, if not better than anything I've ever read on this site.

Way to go man.
06:57 PM on 07/18/07
tm decomposer
User Info.
tm decomposer's Avatar
I haven't really got into this. I barely even listened to it.

Again, you convinced me to give it another chance.. great job blake.
07:13 PM on 07/18/07
...all we fight for
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meeotch's Avatar
Nice work. I definitely need many more listens.
09:13 PM on 07/18/07
Registered User
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Vismund_Cygnus's Avatar
Great review. Yeah, I had a difficult time listening to "The Lighthouse" as well...

...but after reading this, maybe I will have to listen more closely.

Great record! Easily one of my favorites this year.
09:36 PM on 07/18/07
Blake Solomon
We're no saviors.
User Info.
Blake Solomon's Avatar
Nice work. I definitely need many more listens.


Oh yeah, this one can't be rushed. But once it clicks, it's lovely. I've probably listened to the record 20 times in the last two days.
08:07 AM on 07/19/07
Sandro Juañdez
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sandro's Avatar
Fantastic band and album.
08:07 AM on 07/19/07
Nobody's Nothing
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yoyoninjagirl's Avatar
great review
08:07 AM on 07/19/07
Sandro Juañdez
User Info.
sandro's Avatar
Pioner to the Falls is epic.
08:11 AM on 07/19/07
on the edge of summer
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lightcollapse's Avatar
nice review, but i think the lyrics are not so hot on this. i was let down a ton.
08:13 AM on 07/19/07
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
i really hope that your production critique isn't based on listening through an ipod. thats what stuck out the most to me.
08:27 AM on 07/19/07
Blake Solomon
We're no saviors.
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Blake Solomon's Avatar
i really hope that your production critique isn't based on listening through an ipod. thats what stuck out the most to me.

I listened to it underwater while a blender was on.
08:50 AM on 07/19/07
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airik625's Avatar
great review and great album. i love our love to admire.

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