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You and AP.net -- Your Thoughts

Posted by - 09:58 PM on 08/08/07
In the beginning, there was Blink-182. At least, in the beginning of what is now Absolutepunk.net. For those that don’t know, this site started off as a Blink-182 and MXPX fan site in 1998 and then became what we now know as Absolutepunk.net on June 6, 2000. It has burgeoned into one of the most prominent alternative music sites on the Internet, with Blender Magazine recently featuring CEO/Webmaster Jason Tate on their list of online music influences. 40,000 news articles, 1000 reviews, and 350 interviews later, the most important aspect of the site is not content that staff generates…it is what you, the reader, does for the site.

With over 150,000 members, it should come as no surprise that without you, this site would not exist today. Absolutepunk.net has grown from a news magazine into its own entity: a veritable Internet community. Your comments in news posts have an enormous impact on how some record companies and bands operate. Some bands have been signed as a direct response to the interest you all have shown. Heck, Hawthorne Heights named a song after someone’s post in a news post about the band.

If you go past the news page, you will find the forums. This is an entirely separate community that has grown further and more close-knit than most people think the Internet can allow, with members working together to create an AP music compilation, comprised of original songs from the Absolutepunk forums. Another one is currently in the works. The forums have become not only a place to talk about anything, but a place that has formed numerous friendships and spawned its own culture of inside jokes and AP memes.

We at Absolutepunk.net would like to thank you profusely for helping what was initially a fan site into so much more than anyone could have ever expected. What we want to know this week is simple—how did you find Absolutepunk.net? We’re interested to see where each of you has come from to make our community so diverse. Was it from a record label? Did you hear about us from a band? Was it in an album’s liner notes or was it a Google search? What brought you here?

Now that you have found the site, do you have a favorite memory from this site? Perhaps some of you revel in the fact that you took Tom Delonge’s scene points? Does Vag>Pen mean anything to you? Dear Fiance… may ring a bell and the lurker bar may be a distant memory at this point, but how many of you remember Punk or Not? Remember when Max Bemis posted a tirade against Tim Kinsella? What is your most distinct and favorite memory created on this website?
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10:00 PM on 08/08/07
I'm very concerned.
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concernedparent's Avatar
Now that my place is definitely secured, let's read.
10:04 PM on 08/08/07
I'm very concerned.
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concernedparent's Avatar
Well, I found out about this site from my friend Domenic (domenic182). He was trying to tell me that Donnie Darko was a scene movie (I didn't even know what that meant at the time) and showed me a poll on this website proving him right. I joined about a month later. Best memory..I'm not sure.
10:04 PM on 08/08/07
Train Rides Up North
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doomcrs04's Avatar
I learned from a place called tbsunion.com a tbs fansite. I used to come just for the news then got hooked on to the forums. Now I come for the forums and have to reming myself to check the news each night.
10:08 PM on 08/08/07
Registered User
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StevenK's Avatar
I heard of this site when I downloaded Sherwood's Summer EP. That was so long ago that I can't remember if it was even this site, but I think it is.
10:09 PM on 08/08/07
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xseventyx7's Avatar
im an old member apparently, haha i got all my blink wallpapers here :)
10:09 PM on 08/08/07
All that wander are not lost
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irthesteve's Avatar
i found it through a search for some band's news through google. i forget what band though. The free music downloads are what pulled me in in the beginning
10:09 PM on 08/08/07
Kicking it middle school
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i was on google and i popped up, i used to read the news for about two years before i finally joined.
10:10 PM on 08/08/07
Registered User
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BlBJE00's Avatar
i ready for awhile as well until i joined. long time and running
10:11 PM on 08/08/07
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walking_person's Avatar
I found out about AP from Motion City Soundtrack's Commit This to Memory reading the liner notes almost a year and a half ago now. I really don't have a particular memory now because I remember a lot of things from the past year and a half.
10:13 PM on 08/08/07
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FrankMareno's Avatar
2001 or 2002 i searched for blink 182 and this site came up and i bookmarked it 2003 came around and this site changed and it become my homepage ever since
10:13 PM on 08/08/07
Broken Parachute
arte et labore
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Broken Parachute's Avatar
Too many good memories.
10:14 PM on 08/08/07
But we will ne'er be broken hearted
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vandalsandquinn's Avatar
The first time I saw the site was in a google search for what, I don't remember
10:14 PM on 08/08/07
notMcLeod either
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notdarren's Avatar
found out about ap.net from a link at the org many years back.

best memories? The old days when Scott Weber would destroy the self esteem of any kid who questioned him. also, the few months of the punk forum were fantastic, and now the punk regulars thread in the music forum is probably my favourite thing around here.
10:15 PM on 08/08/07
*crying stars*
... are you crazy?
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*crying stars*'s Avatar
This was a great discussion topic, tonton46.

I think I was reading a band's message board or something and someone's signature had a link to AP; signed up not too long after that.

Haha, I remember all of those things that were mentioned; it's been a pretty great year and a half(ish).

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