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AJ from The Dangerous Summer Blog Entry

Posted by - 10:36 AM on 01/25/12
AJ from The Dangerous Summer has posted a new blog entry.
From the BlogSo here I am, and youíre lucky to catch me when Iím in the mood to talk. I am up late watching Toy Story 3 because sleep isnít happening. I think that thereís a lot that I can say, because Iíve been busy as hell. Itís an odd thing as you get older, and you slowly treat life like itís fragile as hell. Of course by now, I have acknowledged my career as a musician, and I love it. Things with The Dangerous Summer get better and better as the days go on. Itís really amazing to see how years of hard work can turn into something so tangible and rewarding. I just wish I could meet my childhood self and tell him about all that Iíve accomplished musically. I grew up listening to so many bands that were so small at the time, but I looked up to them so highly. Itís an incredible feeling to break boundaries that youíve always wanted to cross. The first tour, to the first good tour, to the first sold out show, to traveling internationally; and most of all to be taken seriously.

We would be nowhere without you guys, and your amazing love for us. The Dangerous Summer fans are the best fans I could ever ask for. Itís incredible meeting you guys, and seeing your presence online. It really does make my day to see all the positivity, and your consideration for our feelings, as people. I love seeing all the tweets about us, the Facebook statusí, and the various message board love. Itís so unreal to see people with words that I wrote permanently inked on their body as well. I hope you guys understand that weíre never out to hurt you when we do things like cancel a tour, not play a city, or spend some time at home.

This last year we did a ton of amazing tours that weíre all thankful to have been a part of. It was a long year and a hard year, but weíve been preparing for an even bigger future. Weíve been working on some new music, because that is in fact the most important thing to us. If I told you how much time we actually spent playing and composing music, you probably wouldnít believe me. War Paint alone was one of the biggest struggles of our career. We ended up spending months past our due date writing and writing until we were completely happy with our songs. We try to push ourselves musically. We donít settle for the first progression, or lead, or melody. We literally write over and over until we feel like every song could be a single of itís own. This time weíre trying to be smart by spending all of our time at home working ahead of schedule. Itís hard to say when our next album will come out, but Iíll say that we have a lot of it instrumentally written. I still havenít put as much effort into the lyrics as I should yet. I just want to proceed slowly with these songs, in order to create the perfect new sound. Our goal, like most bands, is to make each album better than the one before it.

I just want you guys to know that The Dangerous Summer are strong and moving forward as always; and we have a lot coming up for you guys. We have some badass tours all over the world happening over the next few months. We recorded a cover, taken lots of video, and will be dropping little teasers for you guys till the next release. We have also, individually, have been writing for other bands, and stretching our musical muscles wherever possible. As I said, we have established ourselves as song writers, and weíve slowly learned how to make it our full time job. I know weíve seemed like ghosts to a lot of you lately; but weíre alive and well somewhere in the state of Maryland.

Basically, thank you for an amazing year. Thank you to the true fans who stuck through all the rough times with us. We do have our hard times as a band, but life is hard; we take on each obstacle as it comes our way. Hereís to another chapter coming up for The Dangerous Summer, and hereís to everyone who will come along with us.
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10:39 AM on 01/25/12
long live RepliesWithGifs
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justinwho's Avatar
and here we go.
10:43 AM on 01/25/12
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B.Leibo's Avatar
THis thread is going to implode - they should change their name to The Dangerous Summary.
10:44 AM on 01/25/12
Legal Drug Dealer
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deFobbed14yrs's Avatar
friends don't let friends watch toy story 3 and blog
10:45 AM on 01/25/12
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ODDSn_nds's Avatar
Thats a blog post that I enjoyed reading. Nice writeup.

I'm not even a TDS fan but if you can't appreciate that, then you should probably just hate elsewhere.
10:46 AM on 01/25/12
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CurtisFFI's Avatar
That seemed sincere to me.
10:49 AM on 01/25/12
Regular Member
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Davey_Owens's Avatar
I'm bored with reading blogs about bands thanking their "true fans that stick with them through thick and thin". Especially when they're this long.
10:50 AM on 01/25/12
First Love / Late Spring
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mkohler's Avatar
10:52 AM on 01/25/12
Calvin Lauber
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Calvin Lauber's Avatar
Haters can hate. Love this band so much. Hope to see them soon if they come to Memphis or Nashville at some point this year.
10:56 AM on 01/25/12
Registered User
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heartsdietoo's Avatar
Surprised Lueda hasn't been whining in this thread yet...
10:57 AM on 01/25/12
When you smile I melt inside
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LPcatitoRJA's Avatar
I stopped reading at "and most of all to be taken seriously."
10:57 AM on 01/25/12
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CurtisFFI's Avatar
Surprised Lueda hasn't been whining in this thread yet...

She will!

11:01 AM on 01/25/12
Bright and Early
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JayBee420's Avatar
Yeah I didn't see anything wrong with that one. That was a nice blog.
11:02 AM on 01/25/12
Hey, are you a dreamer?
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DylanPPPP's Avatar
Enjoyed reading that for some reason. I always see this band in a negative light (especially AJ and Cody) so its nice to read something like this from a band I really really love that has zero negativity in it. Gained a tiny bit of respect.
11:05 AM on 01/25/12
Jake Jenkins
feel like a brand new person
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Jake Jenkins's Avatar
i love AJ. cody can get fucked but i've always liked AJ. he can be a bit of an ass at times, but can't everyone?

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