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Black Sabbath Drummer May Sit Out Reunion

Posted by - 04:47 PM on 02/02/12
Drummer Bill Ward may not participate in Black Sabbath's upcoming reunion tour and album, as he is unhappy with the contract.
StatementAt this time, I would love nothing more than to be able to proceed with the Black Sabbath album and tour. However, I am unable to continue unless a “signable” contract is drawn up; a contract that reflects some dignity and respect toward me as an original member of the band. Last year, I worked diligently in good faith with Tony, Ozzy and Geezer. And on 11/11/11, again in good faith, I participated in the L.A. press conference. Several days ago, after nearly a year of trying to negotiate, another “unsignable” contract was handed to me.

Let me say that although this has put me in some kind of holding pattern, I am packed and ready to leave the U.S. for England. More importantly, I definitely want to play on the album, and I definitely want to tour with Black Sabbath.

Since the news of Tony’s illness, and the understanding that the band would move production to the U.K., I’ve spent everyday getting to or living in a place of readiness to leave. That involves something of a task, and as I’ve tried to find out what’s going on with the U.K. sessions, I’ve realized that I’ve been getting “the cold shoulder” (and, I might add, not for the first time). Feeling somewhat ostracized, my guess is as of today, I will know nothing of what’shappening unless I sign “the unsignable contract.”

The place I’m in feels lousy and lonely because as much as I want to play and participate, I also have to stand for something and not sign on. If I sign as-is, I stand to lose my rights, dignity and respectability as a rock musician. I believe in freedom and freedom of speech. I grew up in a hard rock/metal band. We stood for something then, and we played from the heart with honesty and sincerity. I am in the spirit of integrity, far from the corporate malady, I am real and honest, fair and compassionate.

If I’m replaced, I have to face you, the beloved Sabbath fans. I hope you will not hold me responsible for the failure of an original Black Sabbath lineup as promoted. Without fault finding, I want to assure everyone that my loyalty to Sabbath is intact.

So here I am. I lay my truth down before you. I’m good to go IF I get a “signable” contract. I don’t want to let anyone down, especially Black Sabbath and all the Sabbath fans. You know I love you. It would be a sad day in Rock if this current situation fell to the desires of a few.

My position is not greed-driven. I’m not holding out for a “big piece” of the action (money) like some kind of blackmail deal. I’d like something that recognizes and is reflective of my contributions to the band, including the reunions that started fourteen years ago. After the last tour I vowed to never again sign on to an unreasonable contract. I want a contract that shows some respect to me and my family, a contract that will honor all that I’ve brought to Black Sabbath since its beginning.

That’s the story so far.

Stay safe and stay strong.

I love every single one of you.

–Bill Ward
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04:49 PM on 02/02/12
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rollerman4221's Avatar
Give me more cash, bitches.

-Bill Ward
04:54 PM on 02/02/12
Zack Zarrillo
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Zack Zarrillo's Avatar
If only Ozzy was a forum member. It could get so fun
04:54 PM on 02/02/12
I am not Tom Delonge
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Rysker6's Avatar
04:55 PM on 02/02/12
I am not Tom Delonge
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Rysker6's Avatar
If only Ozzy was a forum member. It could get so fun
Best battle ever: Ozzy vs. Cody Payne
05:03 PM on 02/02/12
The Starship Renegade
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guitarguy211's Avatar
Best battle ever: Ozzy vs. Cody Payne

Yes. And the referee for the fight will be ReplieswithGIFs!
05:05 PM on 02/02/12
Registered User
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danawalker's Avatar
Best battle ever: Ozzy vs. Cody Payne
05:10 PM on 02/02/12
Rob McWilliams
i'm just bad bad bad for you
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Rob McWilliams's Avatar
This reunion is fucked.
05:22 PM on 02/02/12
Jake Denning
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Jake Denning's Avatar
Right on, I can feel what he's saying.
05:42 PM on 02/02/12
I want a new username.
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PirateSkater182's Avatar
Doh! One of the things I really wanted to see with this reunion, Bill Ward on drums.. damn. Maybe it's because I don't play drums, but I feel like he's an underrated drummer in the classic rock era.
05:46 PM on 02/02/12
Jason Tate
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Jason Tate's Avatar
Why not just say what's "unsignable" about the current one?
05:48 PM on 02/02/12
@BehindtheCade Seen 735 bands live!
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TheRealJohnOC's Avatar
I'm on both sides here. He is an under-appreciated member of Sabbath but I mean he's set for life. Just bang out one more tour!
06:10 PM on 02/02/12
6-3-0... 6-3-0...
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LightningKid665's Avatar
Why not just say what's "unsignable" about the current one?
Because he can't say "This isn't about the money" if he tells you that it's about the money.
06:40 PM on 02/02/12
@Boomersboro Did u say dick cream?
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roachguy1's Avatar
I'm on both sides here. He is an under-appreciated member of Sabbath but I mean he's set for life. Just bang out one more tour!
how do you know hes set for life? my guess is that he has played on so many 'unsignable' contracts his whole life that he really hasnt made a whole lot, even tho hes earned it. I think he realizes this is his last chance (health wise) to make what he deserves and hes not backing down, respect him alot for it. bring on Children Of The Grave!!
06:41 PM on 02/02/12
Judas seems sincere...
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JunkBondTrader's Avatar
it isn't about money, its about the principle. just because you're "set for life" (if he is or not, who knows, still doesnt matter), doesn't mean you just roll over and take a lesser contract and let people have their way with you. it's about respect. if the dude i was in a band with forever wanted to stiff me on a contract decades after we had started the band i would be miffed too.

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