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Influence From Album Artwork--Your Thoughts

Posted by - 09:02 PM on 08/22/07
Destination: Beautiful. The Everglow. Maeís first two albums had cover artwork that were received extremely well by fans and non-fans alike.

Then came Singularity. The artwork for this album was met with derision from the second it was released from the same people who lauded the other covers. Its simplistic, colorless nature led to many labeling it boring and, perhaps unconsciously, these people may have gone into their first listen with a bias toward the album being a boring one because the art under whelmed them. Regardless of your thoughts on this particular album, we at Absolutepunk.net would like to know--do you think that there is a correlation between the artwork and the album?

Some will argue that album art is the reason for the purchase of the album in these digital days, offering that it is as much a part of the album entity as the music itself. Some say that itís unnecessary; the music is all that matters. However, it is undeniable that the artwork can be its own subject of controversy.

Album artwork can be a factor of influence not only for how an album sounds, but also for the decision to listen to it. Maybe you remember this album? While the reaction of the typical Absolutepunk.net reader was one of shock, imagine being someone who had never heard of this band before and saw this album in the store. Do you think that they would give it a chance or pass it up?

There are many bad album covers out there; would you take the time to listen to them or would you judge the music by its bad cover? Can you recount any experiences of being turned off from trying out an album because of its art?

On the other hand, there is some spectacular artwork out there. Has album artwork ever influenced you to purchase or listen to an album on a whim?

Does the artwork need to correlate to a specific theme, feeling, or mood that the album conveys? Does it even matter?

Do you think album art still matters?
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09:06 PM on 08/22/07
Registered User
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umendevery1weno's Avatar
If I like the band and the album alot and the artwork sucks ass, I will buy it on itunes. However, If I like the album and the artwork for it is very interesting or I like it alot, I will go to the store and buy the album.
09:06 PM on 08/22/07
All that wander are not lost
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irthesteve's Avatar
album art give me an overall theme to think of when i hear the music. as for singularity, i like the artwork and the whole cd booklet when you open it up is awesome
09:09 PM on 08/22/07
Registered User
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StevenK's Avatar
Cartel-Chroma. Very boring but the music was anything but. I don't mind much for the art.
09:10 PM on 08/22/07
Advanced Listener
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hempy3's Avatar
it absolutely matters. in a day when digital downloading becomes the preferred method of purchase, bands need to depend on their artwork to encourage consumers to pick up physical copies, whether they be CD's or Vinyl.

secondly, when browsing for cd's, some people (myself included) are drawn to bands based on artwork alone. countless times i've found great bands in the used bin and bought them to try out based on mainly cost and artwork.

finally, shitty artwork lowers an artists repor, which if negative can be catastrophic...we'll see how the Mae cd sells (based upon their previous records, not via major label standards)
09:11 PM on 08/22/07
yes. yes. yes.
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Thug_Nasty's Avatar
im not a huge fan of circa survive, but when i saw the art for On letting go i really wanted it. so i bought it.
09:14 PM on 08/22/07
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updownleftright's Avatar
floating world is some of the best artwork ever done.
and i think artwork still matters, just not as much as it use to, but that's to be expected (thanks to downloading, etc.)
like Riot has some pretty iffy artwork but does that matter? not the slightest, that album is selling like hot cakes.
09:16 PM on 08/22/07
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thatwasamoment's Avatar
It'd be important to me if I collected vinyl.
09:17 PM on 08/22/07
Registered User
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Momo32T's Avatar
Album art is essential. Many tests have proven that over 70% of America responds to visual aids. Pictures, like music, is an art form. Album art helps contribute to the overall essence of an album. The album artwork also helps people draw conclusions about the music theyre listening to. The forum about someone (sorry I forgot the user name) trying to prove the storyline behind The God And Devil Are Raging Inside Me uses the artwork to make their point. The artwork really helped me understand where they were going with it. By the way, the painter who has done all three of Silversten's album artwork is fantastic.
09:17 PM on 08/22/07
is a brain in a vat
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12:46AM's Avatar
it pisses me off when bands don't put effort into their artwork. i'm paying money for something that i can't get for free; i want it to be worth it.
09:17 PM on 08/22/07
Down and almost out
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vandalroyale's Avatar
I had heard some of the Kings of Leon new album, but when I saw it in the store it was an impulse purchase and the artwork had some (not all, but some) motive
09:18 PM on 08/22/07
is a brain in a vat
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12:46AM's Avatar
the worst is when you expect there to be lyrics, then there's not, then you send away a dollar to get said lyrics, and they're still not here 10 months later. phfft.
09:20 PM on 08/22/07
i am a legend
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xdrummerxdudex's Avatar
i agree. i think artwork plays an important role. despite it might your favorite band releasing a cd, someone new who's never heard of that band could be looking for the new justin timerberlake and come across amazing artwork like brand new's "the devil and god are raging inside of me." it's the covers that can sell too
09:21 PM on 08/22/07
Anarchist Cat Owner
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AP_Punk's Avatar
I think that there is a correlation between the artwork and the album. For example, when I was younger I put off buying Can't Slow Down and Through Being Cool simply because I thought the covers were bland (eventually that thought would be proven wrong). And I used to do/still do that with a lot of my favorite bands albums, if I haven't heard anything from that particular one.
09:21 PM on 08/22/07
I'm a slave to the details.
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eternalthings's Avatar
I have always loved mewithoutYou's artwork. It was actually a huge part of why I picked up [A-->B] Life on a whim a few years back. I'm glad they've stuck with the same artist for their full-lengths thus far. The color themes of the artwork generally were on key with the mood the album gave off to me. For example, Brother, Sister seemed more light and energetic than [A-->B] Life felt (as this album seemed more dark and aggressive), and the colors in the artwork seemed to catch such moods rather well - for me, at least. I hope that didn't sound redundant.

Just a question for Anton/any AP.net staff member - are we allowed, and if so, how may we go about recommending a topic for these discussions?

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