Meg & Dia - 08.24.07

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Meg & Dia - 08.24.07Meg from sisterly outfit, Meg & Dia lets AbsolutePunk.net know that Bukowski is great, making new friends on the road is even better, and making that perfect album would be the best. Thanks to Keren at WBR for the hook up and Meg for taking her time to talk to AP.net.

For the record, what’s your name and what do you play in the band?

Meg: All right! My name is Meg and I play guitar and I write songs.

Can you give us a run through of how Meg & Dia came to be?

Meg: My sister and I started an acoustic duo about six years ago in Vegas. We set up a little Myspace page and played around locally. We did that for awhile. We decided to take a break and I decided to go to college up in Salt Lake City, Utah. After I went to school for about a year and decided it wasn’t for me. I met Nick up in Salt Lake City. We formed another band and started playing around.

How old are you guys?

Meg: I’m 22. Nick is 23. Dia is 19. Jonathan, our bass player, is 20. And Carlo, our guitar player, is 24.

Ah, so you guys are older, at least older than I thought. A lot of people I’ve talked to thought you guys were all younger. I don’t know why – Maybe it’s because people assume that females are always younger.

Meg: I look like I’m really young. But we’re not. Haha.

So you are coming off this amazing tour with Saves The Day and Say Anything. Tell me about this experience. We’re you intimidated or nervous?

Meg: Well, we previously met both the bands. We knew Saves The Day from the last Warped Tour. They were totally awesome and they made us feel really comfortable. I had known Max because he was on Doghouse with me. So it’s not like we didn’t know anybody at all. At the same time we were really lucky to play the tour because with Saves The Day, we had been listening to them when we first started playing and writing together. We really really look up to them. But once the tour started, it was amazing. The first week we really got to know to each other and hung out all the time. It was amazing. It was the greatest experience. After the tour, people would ask who do you want to tour with and what do you want to happen, and Saves The Day would have to be at the top of our list, and that already happened.

That is amazing. So would you say that this tour was your favorite so far?

Meg: Probably not, actually. That tour was amazing and we learned a lot from it, and I would love to go on tour with those bands again. But I think I would say my favorite tour that we did was with Anberlin, Bayside and Jonezetta. We didn’t know any of the bands before the tour, but for some reason, every single band on that tour got along really well. We just had a great time. And it’s really great because Jonezetta is coming on Warped Tour in August, so all four bands will be back together again.

The neat thing about tour is making new friends and creating this new, special experience with them that you don’t get on any normal basis.

Meg: Yeah!

Here’s a user submitted question: What are some of your favorite places to eat when you are on tour?

Meg: Have you heard about Chipotle?


Meg: We try to stay away from fast food like Taco Bell and McDonalds because we’ve had some bad experiences before.

That’s rough. (laughs) So, I was checking out the Diary section of your website, and I was noticing how positive your entries are. It seems like you try to look at the brighter sides of situations. Do you have a sort-of life philosophy, a proverb, if you will, that you try to follow day-to-day?

I think when you are first starting out in a band and writing music, you’ll get a lot of positive and negative feedback. “Your band sucks,” or “I think you’re horrible,” and then some people think you are awesome. People always have their opinions and for some reason, the negative feedback can tend to stick with you. If you think about it for a whole week or however long, it can mess with you. After awhile you just have to work at what you do and accept it for what it is. You wrote it; you have to be proud of it. You have to realize that people are going to have their own opinions.

Well said, well said. Let’s talk about being a female in the music industry. Do you that it’s tougher to be a female in this line of work, or do you think it makes it easier? Perhaps because you can prove the haters wrong?

Meg: I think that there is a lot preconceived notions when it comes to being a female. It seems like they tend to automatically write you off. “They probably sound like this.” But now I think that the more female artists that are emerging are really great, and I think people are more and more open to the idea, more accepting. Now we feel that way a lot less than we used to.

Do you guys read AbsolutePunk? Do you ever check up on what people are saying about you?

Meg: Yeah, I read it all the time, actually. (laughs) It’s a little more difficult now that we are on Warped Tour. We had some equipment stolen and it was on the site. I was like, “Wow, they know about everything, don’t they!”

It amazes me too. (laugh) When you are reading up on the site, and you see that you have all these dudes saying things like “They’re so hot!” or “I want a threesome,” how does that make you feel? How do you deal with it?

Meg: Well, I don’t get upset. We’ll play shows where the guys will call out, “Hey! Take off your shirt!” You can’t really ignore it because it’s so blatantly obvious that they just said that. You just have to play it off. And you have to realize that there are going to be girls that think the guys are really attractive and want them to take off their pants.

(Laughs) And then at the same time, you’re kind of a role model to younger girls.

Meg: It’s so exciting when we play shows, like at Warped Tour, and we meet these younger girls – “I want to play like you guys. I love your CD.” And I’m like, “Yes! Keep going! We need you guys!”

I have a younger sister who is 13, and I want her to listen to powerful females so she can have that inspiration.

Meg: Yeah! We have four little sisters and a little brother.

So what is a major goal you would like to accomplish with Meg & Dia? You’re playing higher profile tours, you’re doing Warped Tour. What big thing would you like to do next?

Meg: We want to go as far as we can. We want to play in stadiums, travel the world and all that stuff, but the most important thing to me is developing the music. It always comes back down to the music. And after writing our first record, playing that for awhile – I was a lot younger – I realized that the music is so expansive. It covers everything, so many different styles, so many different rhythms. So many things you can do and discover. It goes on forever. I want to make that record that’s everything I want. I want to push on. I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen because I’m very critical on my own music, and I’ll be like that. But hopefully I’ll get to the point when I am completely proud of the music that we make.

I was also reading up on your website about your book exchange idea, which I love. Anyway, what are your favorite current authors or books that you can recommend us?

Meg: I just got into Charles Bukowski. A friend of mine introduced to Hot Water Music, and I love that band. And so I got Hot Water Music and I loved it. So I tried to get every single thing I could find. I’ve currently read six different books of his. I love him because he’s so blatantly honest.

What other bands could we find in the bus, your iPod, CD player, etc?

Meg: I love listening to Muse and The Format. And that ska band… Oh man, I can’t remember their name. They’re sort-of political?

Rx Bandits?

Meg: Yeah! I love their new record that they just came out with.

I have a Format related-question. I’m always curious. Which do you prefer: Interventions & Lullabies or Dog Problems?

Meg: Dog Problems. I think that record is incredible. Some people think they went down a negative turn, but I think they did a really good job at keeping it up.

You can’t listen to The Format and not be ecstatic about life. It’s impossible.

Meg: Yeah, I know! What should you take with on a picnic? The Format.

(Laughs) Exactly. I have two more questions. What are some of your favorite albums?

Meg: It’s a greatest hits record - I don’t know if this can be considered as an album - but Hall & Oates. Clarity by Jimmy Eat World. Yeah, let’s stick with those two.

Ok. Sounds good. Favorite song to play live?

Meg: “Lessen in New Jersey.”

Ok, any last words?

Meg: We’re going to have our new music video coming on soon. Look out for that. And you can come see us on the Hurley.com Stage.
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12:19 PM on 08/24/07
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thatwasamoment's Avatar
Ah, I should of submitted a question about Kenji. Good interview, she seems nice.
12:59 PM on 08/24/07
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xpolaris's Avatar
Great interview. I met them at Warped and they were so nice and played a great set.
01:17 PM on 08/24/07
also ice cream.
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SteveLikesMusic's Avatar
Cool interview, Meg is awesome, by far the coolest person in a band i've met.
01:21 PM on 08/24/07
User Info.
meh's Avatar
01:58 PM on 08/24/07
I need something to believe in
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xidreamofyou32x's Avatar
thanks for the interview! I met them at Warped and saw their set and they seemed really nice.
02:58 PM on 08/24/07
I keep writing myself into ruts.
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coma's Avatar
Basically Hall & Oates is the best duo ever conceived on this earth. The most successful pop duo in HISTORY. THATS RIGHT, HISTORY.
06:06 PM on 08/24/07
Rode the El Niño
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tonighttonight0's Avatar
good interview...i'm starting to get into them
08:35 PM on 08/24/07
Julia Conny
"Julia HurriConny"
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Julia Conny's Avatar
Thanks guys. Appreciate it.
10:04 PM on 08/24/07
Registered User
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LuckyBear's Avatar
She knows Max from hooking up with him just like she hooked up with William from TAI and Ben from AFS. When I met Meg she was a bitch to me. Plus I have friends that were on Warped Tour last year and said she got passed around more than a bong on on that tour.
10:59 PM on 08/24/07
Registered User
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Vismund_Cygnus's Avatar
Wow, I think part of the question about females in the music industry was taken from me...don't worry, I'm not taking credit for it since there may be other people who asked that too.

Great interview.

Oh and Meg...

...ah, I love you? ;p
11:10 PM on 08/24/07
Faith In More Than Steel
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atticusfinch's Avatar
interesting interview. i've seen this band 3 times on random tours, including that Anberlin/Bayside tour, but they've never really impressed me. Couple of catchy songs, and Dia can sing like nothing else, but I'm just not a huge fan overall.

More power to them though.
09:18 PM on 08/25/07
Registered User
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punk_rock609's Avatar
i like them a little

but rad interview!

questions were good

and were answers seemsed to be well thought out
01:28 AM on 08/28/07
Always a student of life.
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woominlee2's Avatar
Well I wouldn't know if they are really whores or not from the above comments. But from what I see they seem like very intelligent, well thought out people who you could really have a conversation with. I went to their signing at Warped Tour since Cinematic Sunrise was playing right next to their booth and Meg wasn't very nice to me. I'm guessing they just played me off since I'm a 20 year old dude that listens to little girl music, but meh, not everyone in the world is perfect. I was kind of excited to talk to them since people are always like, "They are the coolest band to meet!" but I was pretty disappointed. But when it comes down to it, its all about the music, and I dig. The coolest person in the band from chatting with them shortly was Nick the drummer. Dude actually took the time and energy to respond and interact.
08:13 AM on 08/29/07
Registered User
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It's really a shame when someone takes such a cheap shot at someone when they're not on here to defend themselves. I like everyone in the band. They're as nice as can be. If you had a bad experience maybe they were under pressure or tired. Try touring as much as this band does and see what your sense of humor is like. As for being passed around, grow up stupid bitch.

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