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Musical Regrets--Your Thoughts

Posted by - 09:26 PM on 08/29/07
Please look at this. Then look at this. And finally, this and this.

Does any of that remind you of this?

That’s right. As much as it might hurt to admit, this whole emo/goth craze that our society is going through seems to be just another fad much like hair metal was in the 80s. People look back in disdain and wonder how in the hell that could have been as prevalent as it was and how others could have degraded themselves any further for the sake of getting closer to the band or emulating what was popular at the time. Will this generation be doing the same, looking back in humiliation at their guyliner and girl jeans? In a time where ‘juggalos’ form gangs, men freely dress like women as a way to not only get attention, but to make a living (and are freely accepted for it), and teen girls around the world dress up in black, fantasizing that they are members of The Black Parade, what does the future hold? We at AbsolutePunk.net want to know--will the future be one of regret or will it be one of fond memories of youth?

On a more personal note, are you a casualty of the scene? Or are you a willing participant? If so, do you think that you will regret the choices that you have made by adopting this style? If you are not a part of this culture: why not?

And these are only the social regrets that people have. As much as people love to say that they are living life without regrets (regrets are worthless…), it’s impossible to truly regret nothing. For the second part of this discussion question, we want to know what the skeletons in your closet are.

What band/albums did you previously like or love that you severely regret now? Maybe it was loving Avril Lavigne's "Complicated" when it first came out. Perhaps Aqua's "Barbie Girl" was your anthem of 5th grade. Did you have a crush on the lead singer from Smash Mouth?

What are your musical regrets and why do you regret them today?

Remember, if you ever have any topic you’d like to see as a Thursday Discussion question, leave a comment detailing what you'd like to see in my blog.
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09:29 PM on 08/29/07
Keep 'em crossed.
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Exit30six's Avatar
where'd you find those pics of me?
09:29 PM on 08/29/07
Strangers on this road we are on...
User Info.
SingleDoubt's Avatar
i refuse to get sucked into the "emo" fashion craze. its all completely ridiculous if you ask me.
09:30 PM on 08/29/07
Sometimes I teach kids English.
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Loveisa4lttrwrd's Avatar
Dude, for some reason the last link isn't working so I have no idea what the pictures were supposed to remind me of other than an Escape the Fate concert.
09:31 PM on 08/29/07
i'm still here?
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guitarliketom's Avatar
i think of this
all the fucking time

all these kids laugh at how redic hair metal looked, and al these fads from the 80s.

what are their kids going to say about them?
09:31 PM on 08/29/07
importance of entertainment
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MightCatchFire's Avatar
hair metal was silly and never taken seriously. these kids cut themselves for fashion and the right to belong to a ludicrous culture.
09:32 PM on 08/29/07
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No Avatar Selected
very few styles are absolutely timeless. no matter what you wear, you'll look ridiculous in 20 years. unless you wear a suit everyday.

i wear "scene" clothes. nothing extreme though. however, i do think there is a line that can be crossed.
09:32 PM on 08/29/07
The Tallest Man on Earth
User Info.
ArmorForZzZzZ's Avatar
I've already started the next fashion craze. Short hair, jeans, and a t-shirt.
09:32 PM on 08/29/07
Clown Baby
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redsand62's Avatar
How did you know I had a crush on the lead singer of Smash Mouth??
09:33 PM on 08/29/07
True Punk Fan
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No Avatar Selected
I enjoy wearing band t-shirts and jeans.
09:33 PM on 08/29/07
Registered User
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SJms1026's Avatar
"Did you have a crush on the lead singer from Smash Mouth?"

As in, this guy?

My answer is no.
09:35 PM on 08/29/07
The Revisionist
Loves shittyass pop music
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The Revisionist's Avatar
My fashion has basically been the exact same since ninth grade, so I guess I can only speak on behalf of albums/artists.

No, I have no regrets. Everything I own or once owned fit into my modes and methods at one point and have brought me to where I am now, and I enjoy where I am now.
09:36 PM on 08/29/07
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
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Alexxx's Avatar
I saw a kid at a local show last year with white pants, a tight motley crue shirt, and all that hair shit.
i want that back.
09:37 PM on 08/29/07
Registered User
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SoDakValerie's Avatar
I agree. I'm kind of "scene" or whatever. I regularly have bright red hair (though, I've wanted that since about the seventh grade) and I own an utterly ridiculous amount of band tees. Some of the bands I'll probably look back on and think, "uhggh."
I don't take it as extreme as some people do though. Some scene kids just look like hobos. I just want to tell them to take a shower and throw their clothes in a washing machine.
09:37 PM on 08/29/07
Long Gone Before Daylight
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abusedcat's Avatar
I regret wasting my money.
I'd always like Blink 182 & Green Day, but I'd buy KoRn to try and fit in at school.
Other than that, I've always dressed the same and worn my hair at a somewhat short length.
I fucking hate a lot of change, so I tend to keep things the same.

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