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03:30 AM on 02/29/12
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I'm really feeling for this guy right now. He's smart, articulate and he doesn't deserve the 'I liked you better fat' commentary that he is actually receiving.

Never kept super up to date on record sales but it sucks to hear Soul Punk went badly, and I'd really be interested in hearing a follow up. I really hope he gets some hope/recognition/understanding soon and continues to make music.
03:58 AM on 02/29/12
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no, of course not. but i do speak frankly to my friends and in forums, where the whole point is to voice your opinion. i don't think what i said was unnecessary. that album is an embarrassment [IMO]. i have lost a lot of respect for him. it's great and wonderful that he does what he wants (although i think that's kind of expected and not a particularly admirable virtue, unlike others here), but the music that he "wants" to make is throwaway pop garbage. i don't know if i actually have any respect for him anymore if he truly thinks that the music he's making as a solo artist is praiseworthy and not throwaway pop garbage. i'm sure the nickelback guys think their songs are wonderful, but that doesn't mean that anyone here has any extra respect for them or holds back on their negativity, and i honestly would put soul punk in the same realm as nickelback.
You may call it pop garbage but you gotta accept some people like other music than you. One thing that is impressive is that he did every instrumental for that album. He even learned new instruments I hear. It is just not your piece of cake and that does not make it terrible. I don't like kanye west at all but I will say his last album was probably a good album for those who do like him. You think so narrow minded. You are allowed to dislike an album but to bluntly call something garbage and loose respect for the artist is stupid. There are people who enjoy more than just scene music.

Apparently I am about the same age as you so it is sad that people my age can feel so entitled. I would expect this from a young teenager and even more so children. You act as if he personally owes you something. You don't like it therefore it is terrible. I am not even a fan of Soul Punk and I can respect the man for doing what he wanted to do. How can you really be 20 years old and have the common sense of a 10 year old?
04:00 AM on 02/29/12
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+1 to team "I want to give Patrick a hug."

Personally I thought Soul Punk was great. I really thought it would do better than it apparently did.
04:02 AM on 02/29/12
I'm on the up and up.
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Fucking douchebag haters. Fuck 'em. "We liked you better when you were fat!" is such a disgusting thing to say.

I don't know if he's depressed, but I have been. To feel treated like a piece of crap by other people is not fun. And the thing is, while touching, words from people over the Internet aren't going to be the cure for him. He's going to need people close to him to help him out.

For what it's worth, I still get chills every time I hear Thriller.
Also, this. Such an underrated song. Many of his stuff is the same way.
04:04 AM on 02/29/12
I'm on the up and up.
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Noteworthy comments on that blog:

- Dude, Patrick, if you read this, man, you are remarkable. People have the right to their own opinion; however, I don't think people are giving you a fucking chance. I never really got into FOB at all, just wasn't my thing. However, my roommate showed me your solo album and I really loved it. It's incredible. You have wonderful melody ideas and a great voice. I would love to get together with you one day and create some music. Keep up the tremendous work, man and don't let anyone change the way you feel about music.

- dude, you can play my house in delaware if you want. I'll book you a good show.
04:08 AM on 02/29/12
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I am speechless. I literally have no words to express what I'm feeling right now, apart from the fact that it was ironic that I was just calling Soul Punk one of the best (experimental?) pop albums I heard in 2011. He seems like such a great guy.

I hope those douchebags who bought tickets just to tell him he sucked can get over themself and let him be - Sure, you don't like his music, don't buy tickets to his concert just to tell him he sucks. That sets you back 40 or 50 dollars and he gains money from your hatred!

Looks like I found words anyway.
04:08 AM on 02/29/12
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Honestly whether or not Fall Out Boy returns or he continues his solo work I just hope he keeps making music as long as it makes him happy. There are definitely some songs on Soul Punk I can dig and why I am a big Fall Out Boy fan I agree with the statements they only got better. Take This To Your Grave may be one of the best Pop Punk albums but Folie a Duex is one of the best pop rock albums in the last decade hands down.
04:14 AM on 02/29/12
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I like Patrick but I didn't enjoy Soul Punk. If you love an actor you have to enjoy every movie they do. I think the same could be said here for me. And it's not a Fall Out Boy vs. Patrick thing. I'm just really not into the sound of that record. It was just way too much for me (although I do enjoy Oh Nostalgia). He seems like a great guy, so hopefully he keeps on doing what makes him happy. I'd love to see him start up another band, even if it's a side project.
04:33 AM on 02/29/12
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personally I enjoyed close to everything that man does, and I'm sure there's a lot of people like me, so I just can't stand that there are far more people that just like to hate on everything. would be great to just not worry about them, because there's usually just no depth in such stupid reactions, but still it's probably devastating
04:40 AM on 02/29/12
When I fly solo, I fly so high!
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I purchased the ep and gave it a few spins before going to his first chicago solo show. In reality, I didn't care if I knew his new material, I just wanted to see him perform again because he is great live and I kind of missed seeing him on stage.

I love TTTYG, FUCT and IOH. I purchased Folie because I was a fan of the band not because it had a huge buzz surrounding it (it didn't. I can't remember the first single). I listened but it wasn't what I was accustomed to so I set it aside. I did, however, put it into my ipod. The songs would pop into the shuffle and I grew to eventually like five or six of them. That isn't how I normally handle music and putting an album I'm not really fond of into my ipod doesn't happen but I didn't want to just toss the record. Something didn't let me. Nostalgia, perhaps? Most likely.

As I get older, I'm coming into the realization (just short of acceptance) that the bands I loved as a teenager (the ones that haven't broken up or disappeared) won't always put out music that I dig. My taste in music has changed a bit but I think that was inevitable. When I say changed, I mean the beat has changed but the words have pretty much remained constant. I'm getting off topic but to finish up, I feel for Patrick. Having continued to work hard and being happy about it is an awesome feeling but having someone flat out tell you your progression isn't worthy is a slap in the face. Having someone tell you you'll never be as good as you once were is disheartening. It takes a lot out of you and it's tough not to feel that sting when you continue trying something new.

I, personally, think his weight loss was admirable. Having lost forty pounds myself (sweet brag) is an awesome feeling. An accomplishment. To have people say things like, "you were better when you were fat" is awful. That's the dumbest thing someone can tell you.

I know it'll be tough to regain that confidence to a place where you feel comfortable but I hope it happens sooner than later.
04:47 AM on 02/29/12
Lindsay let me kiss your forehead!
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Patrick Stump needs to listen to The Upsides
04:53 AM on 02/29/12
...survived prep school.
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I've grown to really understand that FOB is one of the most tragically under-appreciated bands in the past ten years.

Pretty much everyone around me HATED them, and I just conformed to that mindset until I decided to ACTUALLY check out FUTCT and I fell in love. I just don't understand how people can pass the band off as a "bullshit pop-punk band". There are so many bands that deserve that, but not FOB. I will never understand why they received the hate they did. Maybe because the vulnerable nature of their music, and I'm a heart-on-my-sleeve type of person. I'm not sure.

I don't think FOB was underappreciated, I think as as band they were crimminally overhyped or unjustifiably hated on. I've listened to every album and I saw they live. They're a good pop-punk band that started incorporating different genres towards the end and wrote atleast decent to well crafted lyrics. they are talented and they do deserve the recognition and poularity they have. my only griped was how I felt it was very apparent island records has hand in controling the band's image and whatnot. thier music was good though,

they were a great emo/pop-punk band, but not the second coming of the beatles that people would sometimes lead you believe in short

05:13 AM on 02/29/12
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I thought Folie was one of their best reviewed albums too.
05:17 AM on 02/29/12
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This kills me. Ugh. I really, really hope he keeps his head up and makes it through this. I adored Folie, and I appreciated Soul Punk. This guy deserves so much better, and I sincerely pray that things get better for him.
05:19 AM on 02/29/12
Spencer Control
i am orange and i can grow wings
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Well, that was depressing. I'm not even a huge fan of Fall Out Boy (they have a few songs I truly love, but in general, I have yet to actively want to listen to most of their discography), but I respect their success and it bums me out that people who once loved him can hate him now, and he knows that.

Props for breaking the mold, and getting your body in good order. Best of luck wherever you choose to take yourself now.

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