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we did this last year so why not bring it back? I'm sure we can field enough interest to fill it up again. I also think that since this is a deeper draft at a lot of positions that we should be able to get through 2 rounds.

post what teams you want. I'll obviously be taking the Dolphins.

xbrokendownx- Dolphins, Rams
Vanislh- Browns, Falcons
xkj1985x- Eagles
Tyler Vagyler- Panthers
startBBtoday- Patriots
IcedOpethBlind- Texans
blimpcityhero11- Bengals
mht- Chiefs
tkamB- 49ers
Broken Parachute- Giants
MyBestFiend- Vikings, Chargers
WRLD ART/Godmachine- Bills, Cardinals
Chris M.- Bears
Jeffrey Hammonds- Cowboys
Max Stern- Jets
porttheman- Broncos
Erik the Orange- Buccaneers
Coverbydesign- Lions
saintnumberfive- Seahawks, Ravens
XenoAbe- Packers
WardCity- Steelers
livethesounds- Titans
inthemidst- Jaguars, Saints
lp670sv- Colts

TRADES (denoted by *):
The Bengals send a 1st (17), 2nd (53), and and 4th(117) to the Browns for a 1st (22) and 2nd (37)

The Bengals will trade a 1st (22) and 3rd (85) for the Colts 2nd (34), 3rd (65), and 4th (98) round picks

The Dolphins will send a 2nd (42) and 3rd (74) to the Bengals for a 2nd (34), 4th (98), and 5th (149)

The Vikings trade the 35th overall pick (2nd round) and the 99th overall pick (4th round) to the Jets for the 47th overall pick (2nd round), the 78th overall pick (3rd round) and the 146th overall pick (5th round)

The Bengals have traded #42 and #74 to the Browns for #53, #68, and #101.

The Dolphins trade #99 and #147 to the Saints for #91

Draft Pick Value Chart

1. Colts
Andrew Luck- QB/Stanford
They cut Peyton so there really isn't much choice of what position to go to for #1 overall. In the end the debate comes down to RGIII vs Andrew Luck and I think Luck is more ready to start on day one that RGIII. I like RGIII but he played in a college style offense that is pretty hit or miss on translating to the NFL, Luck has played in a Pro style offense his whole career and overall I just think he's more pro ready than RGIII. Both will likely be great players (well okay RGIII is going to Washington so that might hurt him) but Luck is more ready to come in and turn a team around right now which is what the Colts need after last season and losing their Franchise QB.

2. Redskins (from Rams)
Robert Griffin III- QB/Baylor
There’s been a spring of debate following Baylor’s pro-day earlier this week as to who should go number 1: Luck or RG3. With the odds favoring Luck as the Colts’ choice for quarterback of the future, the Skins’ decision is made for them. RG3 has all the tools to be a star QB for a long time to come; athleticism (4.41 sec 40-yd dash at the combine), arm strength, accuracy, and a high football IQ. The only con that springs to life is the system he played at Baylor, which is a spread shotgun formation that doesn’t translate well to the NFL, but because of his intelligence, the Skins have no doubt that he’ll be able to adapt well. The Redskins will be putting a lot of pressure on the young kid to perform immediately out the gate, since recently the Skins have been accused of frontloading contracts prior to the CBA agreement; they had to pay a significant penalty, but regardless of this, they put all their eggs in the RG3 basket by bringing in free agent WR’s Pierre Garcon from the Colts and Josh Morgan from the 49ers. The confidence level is high for Griffin III to be the Redskins’ QB for life, and they hope to God they’re right.

3. Vikings
Matt Kalil- OT/USC
The Vikings are already starting the 2012 season on the wrong foot. Their star running back, Adrian Peterson, tore his ACL and MCL late last season. While he hopes to be healthy on opening day, he still might not be ready to play by then. The Vikings already have a young quarterback to groom in Christian Ponder, so there’s no need to reach for Ryan Tannehill. They need help in many places, so they should just take the best player available. In this scenario, that is OT Matt Kalil from USC. Kalil is one of the best offensive line prospects in years, comparable to Joe Thomas and Jake Long, and he fills an immediate need, replacing Charlie Johnson at LT. He will make it easier for Christian Ponder to throw, as well as for Peterson and Toby Gerhart to run. Kalil is the best player available, and he makes the offense better. He’s the perfect pick for the Vikings.

4. Browns
Morris Claiborne- CB/LSU
After the Browns missed the chance to trade up for their franchise QB, they take the BPA in Claiborne at #4. This was a tough choice, but I just think he's the guy that will be best for the Browns in the long run. Claiborne has everything you want in an lockdown/playmaking CB and I think he'll be a lockdown corner for years to come. He's having minor wrist surgery this week, but that doesn't change his stock at all in my mind. I was sold on the guy after a combine where he ran a 4.5 40 and at his pro day he lowered that time to 4.39. After really putting thought into this, I think Claiborne should be our only pick at #4.

5. Buccaneers
Trent Richardson- RB/Alabama

6. Rams (from Redskins)
Justin Blackmon- WR/Oklahoma State
The Rams moved back from #2 after the trade with the Redskins and they also acquired two more first rounders, which was great value. With this pick, they get the surefire #1 WR on the board to give QB Sam Bradford a bonafide target for the next decade, which is all the more important since they lost Brandon Lloyd in free agency. Blackmon has size, speed, and good hands and will step in right away and become the Rams primary threat through the air.

7. Jaguars
Quinton Coples- DE/UNC
The Jaguars need help in a lot of places and defensive end is one of their biggest concerns. It is amazing that their DLine isn't really a force with all the high picks that they have spent there recently. They recently re-signed Jeremy Mincey but he is essentially the only defensive end they even have on their roster at the moment. Coples has a unique blend of size, strength, and speed and his talent and athleticism cannot be denied. Coples does come with some risk as his attitude and motivation has been questioned in the past but the Jaguars are hoping that they can steer him in the right direction

8. Dolphins
Melvin Ingram- DE, OLB/South Carolina
The Dolphins have had one of the worst offseasons in the NFL personnel wise. They missed out on Peyton Manning. They missed out on Matt Flynn. The Redskins traded up for the #2 pick to select RGIII, so that option was also taken away. They also traded Brandon Marshall to Chicago because they got tired of dealing with his off the field antics. The Dolphins current needs are QB, WR, RT, pass rush, and safety. The pick that would seem to make the most sense would be Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill played for Dolphins new offensive coordinator Mike Sherman in college, which adds fuel to this pick even more. However, I just do not see Tannehill turning into the franchise type QB that the Dolphins have been looking for ever since Dan Marino retired some 12 years ago. So with the pick, I go with Ingram. He is versatile enough to play in both the 3-4 and 4-3 which is something the Dolphins plan to do again in 2012. Adding a pass rusher opposite Cameron Wake will make their young defense even stouter, and if they can somehow land another safety they will be good to go. The Dolphins will almost certainly look to bolster their offense with their remaining picks in the draft.

9. Panthers
Janoris Jenkins- CB/Northern Alabama
Due to injuries and complete lack of talent, the Panthers had one of the worst defenses in team history last season. It is pretty obvious that the team's biggest needs are DT and CB. Last season the team drafted two DTs in the 3rd round and also brought in FA Ron Edwards to address the DT position. However, Edwards went down before game 1 and the two rookies were both forced to start and really seemed in over their heads. Ron Edwards is expected to be fully healthy going into this season and I also expect Fua and McClain to make progress. The front office did very little to help Chris Gamble at the CB position and Captain Munnerlyn proved to everyone that he is not capable of being a #2 CB in the league. Because of this, the Panthers select Jenkins with the #9 pick. Jenkins may be on the smaller side, but his speed, athleticism, and instincts make up for that and more. During his days at Florida he provided blanket coverage against top talent. He will also help the Panthers on STs as a return man, which is also a big need for the team.

10. Bills
Dre Kirkpatrick- CB/Alabama
The Bills secondary needs an overhaul. After getting torched week in and week out, they need to add a play-maker. The signing of Mario 'The Savior' Williams, makes this pick all the more probable. Kirkpatrick is a big physical man coverage CB, who is also good against the run that the Bills desperately need if they are ever going to end this playoff drought. After drafting Dareus, the Bills are clearly trying to improve their defense. A lot of scouts like Kirkpatrick as a safety, but the Bills would play him at CB to cover Lloyd, Holmes, and whoever the Dolphins are going to throw out there.

11. Chiefs
Ryan Tannehill- QB/Texas A & M
Peyton Manning snubbed the Cheaps and Dick Stanzi needs some competition in training camp. Mark Castle and Brokie Quinn suck. Chiefs have no other need this high other than to trade down or draft DeCastro. You can find value at guards in later rounds, Pioli is good at that. (i.e Jon Asamoah, Rodney Hudson, etc.)

12. Seahawks
David DeCastro- OG/Stanford
In what can only be explained by Pete Carroll's love for former Pac-12 players, he and John Schneider draft another conference stud for a total of 19 on the active roster, if you're keeping score at home. Seattle has made the offensive line a priority in the Carroll/Schneider regime, and bringing in DeCastro will only solidify the Seahawks' improved running game and add more protection for coveted free agent QB Matt Flynn. He comes from a pro-style offense at Stanford where he was part of a squad that let Andrew Luck get sacked only 23 times in his three years there. He simply does not get beaten in pass protection. Though not an elite athlete, DeCastro has the work ethic and nastiness needed to be an elite lineman in the NFL. He makes his triumphant return home after going to high school 15 minutes from downtown Seattle.

While the Seahawks also have needs at pass-rush and linebacker, the front office has proved to be able to find value in those positions later in the draft. Pete Carroll and John Schneider pull the trigger on DeCastro at #12.

13. Cardinals
Riley Reiff- OT/Iowa
The Cardinals get one of the top OL in the draft to protect Skelton/Kolb. This is their biggest need being filled by BPA. Last year Kolb got hurt, causing them to start prospect John Skelton at QB. Neither of them had time to throw, making it hard to gauge how the QB's fared last year. They had a well documented pursuit of Peyton Manning, to no avail. Reiff dropped this far because teams have him listed as a guard, do to less than desirable measurements for a Tackle. The Cardinals are thrilled.

14. Cowboys
Fletcher Cox- DT, DE/ Mississippi St.
The Dallas Cowboy's biggest need not addressed in free agency was defensive line. With Jay Ratliff holding down the nose tackle position, the Cowboys would move Cox to DE. Cox showed the athleticism in the combine, and should fit what Dallas wants to do.

15. Eagles
Luke Kuechly- LB/Boston College
It really is no secret that Andy Reid loves drafting big lineman in the early rounds but in this particular mock with Fletcher Cox (who the Eagles are reportedly very interested in) off the board to the Cowboys at pick #14, it makes the Eagles step back and really examine where they are and whats out there. They could absolutely use a safety but I think 15 is a bit early to be taking a guy like Mark Barron who hasn't worked out all offseason and is just a huge risk to be taking in Round 1 but they undoubtedly will be looking for help there on the second day. They could target a bigger receiver here as well to help out in the red zone which has been an issue forever but with the recent extension for DeSean Jackson and inevitable extension for Jeremy Maclin, I think they'll target this position later in the draft.

With the trade for DeMeco Ryans earlier this week, picking Kuechly at #15 gives the Eagles and immediate boost in what was without a doubt their biggest positional weakness last year. Kuechly should easily be able to move over the SAM position and allow second/third year guys in Jamar Chaney & Brian Rolle battle it out in camp for the starting WILL spot. This will project the Week 1 lineup to be Kuechly @ SAM, Ryans @ MIKE, Chaney @ WILL. HUGE upgrade compared to what was there last year.

Reports have surfaced today that Michael Brockers will be visiting the Eagles so even with Fletcher Cox off the board, taking another big DT is a very likely scenario but in this case with Cox gone and Kuechly still sitting there, it makes sense for the Eagles to pull the trigger on this kid and look in the trenches later in day two.

16. Jets
Jonathan Martin- OT/Stanford
It was no secret that the Jets missed RT Damien Woody last season, and Wayne Hunter just doesn't cut it, the Jets need to address the right tackle situation immediately. Martin comes from one of the most technically sound offensive lines in college football. He is extremely durable, missing only two games throughout his tenure at Stanford. He is a smart player, both solid in the run and pass game, he has great feet and is athletic, which is always a plus for a tackle considering they are going up against some of the most athletic players in the NFL on a consistent basis. If this pick is not used on Richardson, the Jets still come out with a player who can contribute to their offensive motto of "ground and pound."

17. Browns (from Bengals)*
Michael Floyd- WR/Notre Dame
The Browns didn't see Floyd slipping this far, and felt that the price was right to go up and get their #1 receiver of the future. I think Floyd has the potential to be the best WR to come out of this class. He's a big bodied receiver with good hands and speed that the Browns haven't had for years. There were questions about his speed going into the combine, but running in the lower 4.4s really helped his stock. At about 6'3/220, I couldn't watch Floyd fall much further without going to grab one of my favorite prospects in this years draft. Floyd will come in and start from day one and I think he really turns this offense around.

18. Chargers
Michael Brockers- DT, DE/LSU
The San Diego Chargers, more than anything, need linemen. They lost Mike Tolbert and Vincent Jackson in free agency, but signed Robert Meachem and Eddie Royal to join Phillip Rivers, Ryan Mathews, Antonio Gates, and Malcom Floyd on offense. They signed Jarret Johnson to bolster the LB core, and their secondary, led by Quentin Jammer and Eric Weddle, is in solid shape. That leaves the offensive and defensive line. The best lineman available is LSU's Michael Brockers. Brockers played DT in college but would likely become a 5-technique DE in the pros. He has the athleticism to handle the position, and the Chargers already have a very good NT in Antonio Garay. Brockers will be able to step in immediately and start over current RE Vaughn Martin. Martin is best suited for a situational role, as he is pretty good against the run but terrible against the pass. Brockers will fit in well with new defensive coordinator John Pagano's defense.

19. Bears
Cordy Glenn- OL/Georgia

20. Titans
Dontari Poe- DT/Memphis
The signing of Kamerion Wimbley gave the Titans the opportunity to draft the best defensive player available and not worry as much about need. Not that defensive line wasn't a need. The titans were in the bottom half in rush defense last season and got gouged by a lot of teams last the in the season. The addition of 350lb Poe will help clog those gaping running lanes. His combine workout also suggests he has great quickness for a 300 lb tackle, which will help him get to the quarterback. I see Poe as possibly another Albert Haynesworth type for the Titans. He's a steal slipping to 20, giving the Titans great value.

21. Bengals
Kendall Wright- WR/Baylor
The Bengals are feeling pretty good because they now have an explosive weapon to pair with rookie sensations Andy Dalton and AJ Green. After an underwhelming 40 time at the Combine, Wright proved at his pro day that he truly has the blazing speed to separate and run with it after the catch in the NFL. Wright brings excellent route running and great hands, along with the ability to line up outside or in the slot, to an offense that certainly needs an upgrade across from AJ Green. With many expecting him to go in the late teens, this minor slide presents good value at a position of need for the Bengals.

22. Colts (from Bengals)*
Donta Hightower- LB/Alabama
The simple fact is, the Colts just aren't going to be blowing teams out like they used to for a number of years and they need help in run defense. In a division where they have to see Arian Foster, MJDIII, andChris Johnson twice a year, they just need to get better at stopping the run, something they were 29th in the league at last season. Hightower will most likely be shifted to outside in the colts 4-3 defense but he will adjust quickly and make some plays fresh out of the gate. The NFL as a whole may be trending towards a passing league, but the AFC South is stacked at running back. Hightower is also a pretty good cover linebacker as well so it's no loss in the passing game. In the end it came down to either Hightower or a CB and I thought that Hightower was better player than the best available corner.

23. Lions
Zebrie Sanders- OT/Florida State
With a line that is not getting any younger and a QB in Matthew Stafford who needs to stay up right for the Lions to be able to score points. The best thing the Lions can do is start drafting young O-linemen to help this line get better and to keep people like Stafford healthy. So with that in mind drafting Zebrie Sanders a Tackle from Florida State is a perfect choice to be able to fill a need and start revamping the O-line for the future.

24. Steelers
Jerel Worthy- DT/Michigan State
Steelers get a great prospect here and also fill a huge need to anchor their defense. Casey Hampton is looking at retirement in the very near future and the Steelers grab Worthy to have him learn behind Hampton until he'll need to become a starter. Steelers would have loved to grab Poe who fit their scheme better, however luckily the DT class is fairly deep this year and Worthy is certainly a first round talent given the opportunity to play. He's very agile and has a better quick step then most defensive tackles in this years draft. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a huge frame like Hampton and will be susceptible to double teams. He could easily play DE as well since he's a natural pass rusher and gets to the quarterback quicker than most guys his size.

25. Broncos
Devon Still- DT/Penn State
This pick for a DT was easy at first when Tim Tebow was the quarterback but once Peyton Manning joined
I thought maybe the team would look for some offensive help. Then the DT postion went downward with Brodick
Bunkley signing with the Saints, Marcus Thomas looking at other teams, and Ryan Mcbean sitting out for six games.
All that happening, it made it even easier to think(and hope) the Broncos will draft a DT in the first round.
Devon Still is a great fit for the Fox/Del Rio scheme on deffense. He is a big guy with a very explosive off the snap speed.
He can get to the ball fast and has done very well getting at the running back even when he is double teamed.
There are a few concerns i have with him. Devon can be too aggresive off the snap that he misses his assignment,
luckily i havent see too much of that.He also has a few injuries that need to be addressed when looking at him
prior to the draft. Overall i think that Devon Still would be a great addition to this team.

26. Texans
Coby Fleener- TE/Stanford
Most will argue the Texans should have gone WR with this pick, but after the loss of Joel Dreessen to the Broncos, a void opened at TE... With James Casey likely taking fulltime FB duties the only reliable TE left on the roster is an injury-prone Owen Daniels (Garrett Graham has shown nothing in his first few years as a Texan)... For a team that likes to run multiple TE sets that is a problem.. Fleener can fill in Dreessens role and provide a much better red zone threat at 6' 6"... The Texans will address WR, OL or defense in rd 2..

27. Patriots (from Saints)
Courtney Upshaw- OLB, DE/Alabama
With Mark Anderson gone to the Bills and Andre Carter still recovering from a torn left quad, the Patriots are in need of some pass rush help even after signing Trevor Scott from Oakland. With the Patriots likely at least going back to a 3-4 base next season, Courtney Upshaw will be able to man the 3-4 SAM OLB spot in New England, and possibly ILB in a pinch. With the Patriots using a four man front in nickel and sub packages, Upshaw will also be able to play SLB, and the occasional 7-tech rush.

Upshaw played standing up in Alabama, which usually doesn't translate to playing DE in the pros. Upshaw has nice flexibility for his size, he can drop back in coverage, and he sets the edge against the run very well. He doesn't have the elite height for an OLB that Belichick usually looks for, but his versatility and run support are a huge key. He can become a three down player in the NFL, but coming into New England, he'll likely be a rotational player with Rob Ninkovich, Trevor Scott and Andre Carter if he comes back.

It's an absolute dream situation if Courtney Upshaw is available to the Patriots at 27. 5-tech might be their biggest need, but rush OLB is close.

28. Packers
Nick Perry- DE, OLB/USC

29. Ravens
Rueben Randle- WR/LSU
With Dont’a Hightower surprisingly off the board, the Ravens' plan to draft an ILB for Ray Lewis to mentor no longer remains an option. And while it may be tempting to draft Mychal Kendricks, it's about two rounds earlier than projected. So Baltimore decides to upgrade at the receiver position (and take the 4th WR in the 1st round) with Rueben Randle. Randle is a great route runner with exceptional hands and athleticism for a receiver of his size. He does well in fighting for additional yardage and can break through tackles for more big plays.

With Anquan Boldin being the only Raven WR with over two years experience, Randle will be yet another young receiver for Joe Flacco to throw to. But given his skillset and body type, he could be Flacco's #1 option in a few years.

30. 49ers
Peter Konz- C/Wisconsin
The 49ers are a team with few needs but as of right now their slated starter at RG is Daniel Kilgore a 5th round pick from last year. With drafing Peter Konz they can upgrade two positions instantly with Konz playing center and moving an aging Goodwin over to right guard until they feel confident in Kilgore. The 49ers have invested heavily in the o-line over the years which might make them hesitant to take another o-lineman in the first round but with Peter Konz they get best player available and give Alex Smith the protection to hit their recent wide receiver additions in Randy Moss and Manningham down the field.

31. Patriots
Stephon Gilmore- CB/South Carolina
Might seem a little crazy to take another corner back in the first 33 picks after taking Devin McCourty first round in 2010 and Ras-I Dowling 33rd in 2011, but CB got shallow very fast last season. Dowling is a giant injury concern, McCourty was terrible for half the season last year, Kyle Arrington is an average pro and Sterling Moore is completely unproven after having just two solid games during the playoffs.

Gilmore fits the Patriots measureables they look for in a corner nicely and has similar size to Dowling. Gilmore is solid against the run, can play zone or man and has nice ball skills. His technique could still use some work, but when that comes, he'll be even better.

32. Giants
Doug Martin- RB/Boise State
If there's anything I've learned from watching the Giants draft over the past few years, it's that they favor talent over necessity. They need to shore up holes at a couple of key positions (RB, LB, OL, TE) heading into the season, especially with the departure of RB Brandon Jacobs and the two separate ACL injuries sustained by TE's Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum, but for some reason, the Giants always seem to draft the most talented guy on the board instead. I cant see them drafting a linebacker at this spot given what's left (if anything, Dont'a Hightower is going to be their guy if he's left). RB Doug Martin from Boise St. seems like a logical choice here. I think it's going to come down to Martin or an offensive lineman (Mike Adams from Ohio St. and Bobby Massie from Ole Miss are both possibilities). If they go with Martin (or David Wilson of Virginia Tech), it just means they have their eye on a lineman in the later rounds. In a span of five seasons, the Giants went from having one of the best offensive lines in the league to having one of the most dilapidated, so I wouldn't be too shocked if they chose to grab the best available lineman; but given their track record, I think they go with the best running back left in Doug Martin.

33. Rams
Brandon Thompson- DT/Clemson

34. Dolphins (from Bengals via Colts)*
Brandon Weeden- QB/Oklahoma State
The Dolphins have not had much luck with selecting QBs in the 2nd round in recent years, but they hope the selection of Brandon Weeden changes that. Weeden has a strong arm and has shown to be a very intelligent player. There are questions about his age since he will be 28 when the season starts, however the Dolphins are not as concerned about that as other organizations seem to be. Weeden will battle it out with Matt Moore and David Garrard in training camp in hopes of being the starter from day 1 for the Dolphins.

35. Jets (from Vikings)*
Stephen Hill- WR/Georgia Tech
I really don't know how GT does it, just about year after year they churn out these big, fast, freakishly athletic wide receivers. Gauging these wide receivers is a bit tedious because of their triple option offense, you don't necessarily get to see them run a full route tree, so if you decide on taking one of their receivers you have to go with your gut instinct. Hill has a huge frame, something that the Jets love, he is strong and can go for the jump ball. He also has the speed to blow the top off a defense which will help the Jets struggling running game (Hill averaged 25.47 yards per catch in his 3-year career at GT which would have easily been a school record had he caught one more pass to reach to minimum of 50). He will also contribute to the running game with his blocking, which is probably the best part of his game. I believe one of the reasons the Jets struggled running the ball last year was because they had no one who scared defenses who could hurt them over the top, so defenses who often come out in 8 man fronts. With Hill, that is no longer an issue

So, whether it be Sanchez, or Tebow, either quarterback will be happy with a target like Hill who can stretch the defense which will help the Jets running game.

36. Buccaneers
Brandon Boykin- CB/Georgia

37. Bengals (from Browns)*
Mark Barron- S/Alabama
The Bengals are definitely in need of some help in the secondary, where Barron's experience in a pro-style defense will allow him to step in and be an immediate upgrade over the aging and ineffective Chris Crocker. There's some room to improve in man coverage, but Barron is consistently in a position to make a play. Even more impressive is his ability to create turnovers in coverage by utilizing his size and great hands. While he may lack elite recovery speed, he more than makes up for it with solid play recognition and excellent run support. His stock may have dipped a bit throughout the Combine and pro day process due to his inability to work out following hernia surgery, but the Bengals are excited to grab bring in the first round talent of this hard-hitting safety with pick 37.

38. Jaguars
Mohamed Sanu- WR/Rutgers

39. Rams (from Redskins)
Kelechi Osemele- OL/Iowa State

40. Panthers
Zach Brown- OLB/North Carolina

41. Bills
Alshon Jeffery- WR/South Carolina

42. Browns (from Bengals via Dolphins)*
Whitney Mercilus- DE, OLB/Illinois
I wasn't expecting Mercilus to fall this far at all. I'm normally not a huge fan of trading up more then once in a draft, but again the value here is awesome imo. Mercilus will come in from day one and start across from Jabaal Shear, and is the final piece to our extremely young D-Line. He was the most productive pass rusher in the nation last year, and led the nation in sacks and forced fumbles. Along with being a explosive pass rusher, he also does well against the run and holds his own. I couldn't be happier with this pick for Cleveland.

43. Seahawks
Andre Branch- DE/Clemson
After Seattle shot themselves in the foot waiting for Whitney Mercilus to fall to them, they take the next best available DE in Andre Branch. He lacks the explosiveness and overall speed that Mercilus has, but has good agility and flexibility to evade pass blocking. Initially recruited to play LB at Clemson, that could be a useful tool for the Seahawks if their LB core signs elsewhere this offseason. He has a hard time holding up to double teams, but can break down in space and wrap up some of the elusive, small RBs in the league. Exceptional closing speed.

44. Chiefs
Alameda Ta'amu- NT/Washington

45. Cowboys
CB Alfonzo Dennard- CB/Nebraska

46. Eagles
Jared Crick- DE, DT/Nebraska

47. Vikings (from Jets)*
Harrison Smith- S/Notre Dame

48. Patriots (from Raiders)
Kendall Reyes- DT/UConn

49. Chargers
Mike Adams- OT/Ohio State

50. Bears
Jayron Hosley- CB/Virginia Tech

51. Eagles (from Cardinals)
George Iloka- S/Boise State

52. Titans
Kevin Zeitler- G/Wisconsin
The Titans probably wanted to spend their 2nd round pick on a defensive player, but with Zeitler still on the board, and their huge need for interior O lineman, the Titans couldn't pass him up. Zeitler was projected as a possible late 1st round selection, or early 2nd. The Titans will happily grab him in the middle of the 2nd. Zeitler could contend with LG Leroy Harris straight out of camp for the Titans starting guard position opposite new acquisition Steve Hutchinson.

53. Bengals (from Browns)*
Lamar Miller- RB/Miami

54. Lions
Jamell Fleming- CB/Oklahoma

55. Falcons
Bobby Wagner- LB/Utah St

56. Steelers
Lamichael James- RB/Oregon

57. Broncos
David Wilson- RB/Virginia Tech

58. Texans
Vinny Curry- DE, OLB/Marshall

59. Saints (forfeited)

60. Packers
Chris Polk- RB/Washington

61. Ravens
Bobby Massie- T, Ole Miss

62. 49ers
Marvin Jones- WR/California

63. Patriots
Trumaine Johnson- FS, CB/Montana

64. Giants
Mychal Kendricks- LB/California

65. Bengals (from Colts)*
Casey Hayward- CB/Vanderbilt

66. Rams
Lavonte David- OLB/Nebraska

67. Vikings
Orson Charles- TE/Georgia

68. Bengals (from Browns)*
Ben Jones- C/Georgia

69. Buccaneers
Sean Spence- OLB/Miami (FL)

70. Redskins
Josh Chapman- NT/Alabama

71. Jaguars
Amini Silatolu- G/Midwestern St

72. Bills
Brock Osweiler- QB/Arizona State

73. Dolphins
Joe Adams- WR/Arkansas

74. Browns (from Bengals)*
Mitchell Schwartz- OT/California

75. Chiefs
Brandon Hardin- CB, S/Oregon State

76. Seahawks
Dwayne Allen- TE/Clemson

77. Texans (from Eagles)
Chris Givens- WR/Wake Forest

78. Vikings (from Jets)
Jeff Allen- OG/Illinois

79. Raiders (FORFEITED- used pick in Supplemental Draft to select Terrelle Pryor)

80. Chargers
Chandler Jones- DE/Syracuse

81. Bears
Nick Toon-WR/Wisconsin

82. Cardinals
Tommy Streeter- WR/Miami

83. Cowboys
Phillip Blake- OL/Baylor

84. Titans
Josh Robinson - CB/UCF

85. Colts (from Bengals)*
Ladarius Green- TE/Louisiana-Lafayette

86. Falcons
Billy Winn- DT/Boise State

87. Lions
Cam Johnson- DE/Virginia

88. Steelers
Brandon Washington- OL/Miami

89. Broncos
Markelle Martin- S/Oklahoma State

90. Eagles (from Texans)
Omar Bolden- CB/Arizona St

91. Dolphins (from Saints)*
Brian Quick- WR/Appalachian State

92. Packers
Chase Minnifield- CB/Virginia

93. Ravens
Isaiah Pead- RB/Cincinnati

94. 49ers
Derek Wolfe- DE, DT/Cincinnati

95. New England Patriots
Shea McClellin- OLB/Boise State

96. Giants
Matt Mccants- OT/UAB

97. Raiders (COMPENSATORY)
Bruce Irvin- OLB/West Virginia

98. Rams
Bernard Pierce- RB/Temple

99. Saints (from Dolphins via Bengals)*
Danny Trevathan - LB/Kentucky

100. Jets (from Vikings)*
101. Texans (from Philadelphia via Tampa Bay)
102. Browns
103. Jaguars
104. Redskins
105. Dolphins
106. Panthers
107. Bills
108. Seahawks
109. Chiefs
110. Broncos (from NY Jets)
111. Redskins (from Oakland)
112. Chargers
113. Bears
114. Cardinals
115. Cowboys
116. Eagles
117. Titans
118. Browns (from Bengals)*
119. Lions
120. Browns (from Atlanta)
121. Steelers
122. Broncos
123. Texans
124. Saints
125. Packers
126. Bills (from Baltimore)
127. 49ers
128. Patriots
129. Giants
130. Minnesota (COMPENSATORY)
131. Oakland (COMPENSATORY)
132. Baltimore (COMPENSATORY)
133. New York Giants (COMPENSATORY)
134. Green Bay (COMPENSATORY)
135. Green Bay (COMPENSATORY)
136. Minnesota (COMPENSATORY)
137. Dallas (COMPENSATORY)



6/202/New York Jets
6/203/New York Jets

7/241/Green Bay
7/242/New York Jets
7/243/Green Bay
7/244/New York Jets
7/250/San Diego
7/252/St. Louis
02:06 PM on 02/29/12 
User Info.
Don't turn your back on the wolfpac
MyBestFiend's Avatar
South Philly
Male - 23 Years Old
I'm in, but someone else can do the Eagles, I'll be happy to cover another team.
02:07 PM on 02/29/12 
User Info.
Vanislh's Avatar
Male - 23 Years Old
I got the Browns
02:14 PM on 02/29/12 
User Info.
Trash Squad
4Who4What's Avatar
Auburn, WA
Male - 30 Years Old
02:17 PM on 02/29/12 
User Info.
Tyler Vagyler
No Avatar Selected
Greensboro, NC
Male - 26 Years Old
02:17 PM on 02/29/12 
User Info.
startBBtoday's Avatar
02:19 PM on 02/29/12 
User Info.
IcedOpethBlind's Avatar
Houston, Texas
Male - 29 Years Old
Houston Texans
02:20 PM on 02/29/12 
User Info.
Died from an accident.
blimpcityhero11's Avatar
Akron, OH
Male - 27 Years Old
As a Browns fan, I'll gladly send Vontaze Burflict to the Ravens or Steelers... Kidding... I'll take the Bengals.
02:31 PM on 02/29/12 
User Info.
mht's Avatar
02:44 PM on 02/29/12 
User Info.
Trash Squad
4Who4What's Avatar
Auburn, WA
Male - 30 Years Old
When did you guys do this last year? Obviously this year is different with free agency and stuff but I presume we will just wait until after that all goes down, no?
02:44 PM on 02/29/12 
User Info.
Finals MVP
tkamB's Avatar
Bay Area
Male - 24 Years Old
02:46 PM on 02/29/12 
User Info.
Lets Go.
xbrokendownx's Avatar
Male - 29 Years Old
Platinum Member
When did you guys do this last year? Obviously this year is different with free agency and stuff but I presume we will just wait until after that all goes down, no?

I think it was done fairly close to the draft so we have some time

we could start it earlier though so that we could get into the 2nd round. maybe start the beginning of April
03:02 PM on 02/29/12 
User Info.
Broken Parachute
arte et labore
Broken Parachute's Avatar
Staten Island, NY
Male - 25 Years Old
Giants, please.
03:04 PM on 02/29/12 
User Info.
Don't turn your back on the wolfpac
MyBestFiend's Avatar
South Philly
Male - 23 Years Old
Give me the Vikings, I had them last year and I don't think we have any of them on these boards.
03:45 PM on 02/29/12 
User Info.
Thomas Louis
No Avatar Selected
Deal, NJ
Male - 23 Years Old

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