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Favorite Musical Moments--Your Thoughts

Posted by - 09:01 PM on 09/12/07
When people think of beauty, it's nearly always associated with a visual image. The definition, according to dictionary.com, states that beauty is "the quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality." The very definition of beauty even lends itself to the visual. Can beauty be applied to music?

With some moments in music, it's nearly impossible to argue against. There are particular sections of songs that can absolutely sweep a listener into a completely serene world with its aural escapism.

Beauty, however, is not needed to give a song a certain something that makes it unforgettable. Not all songs can fit the implied definition of beautiful, yet they still have incredible moments to them. Some stretches of music are so downright caustic and bombastic that they bring the listener so far into the song that it becomes impossible to not feel empowered. As long as the moment moves you in some way, there's no further qualification to determining what makes a great moment in one's opinion.

We at Absolutepunk.net would like to know--what are your favorite moments in music?

It can be any moment at all, one that lets you feel the band's passion through the music (think the building crescendo in As Tall As Lions' "Ghosts of York" from 2:53-3:26), one that lyrically speaks with an honesty and sincerity that feels unrivaled (think of Geoff from Thursday's cry to the world in "How Long Is The Night" from 4:28-end), or a part that just rocks (think 2:39-2:50 in At the Drive-In's "Cosmonaut"). Post whatever moments in music you love for whatever reason, we'd love to listen.

If you decide to post a moment, please format it in a way that will allow readers unfamiliar with the song to locate the moment easily, with the time frame in which the particular section appears. Also, list the reason why this moment deserves to be called one of your favorites, if it is the lyrical prowess, the music, a time in your life where it hit home, etc.

If you have a suggestion for a future topic for the Thursday Discussion Question, please leave a comment in my blog.
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09:06 PM on 09/12/07
thoust dare quoth i?
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youareallfreaks's Avatar
webster's dictionary defines wedding as a melding of two metal objects
09:07 PM on 09/12/07
Registered User
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astretch4glory's Avatar
Copeland (California 325-end) i just love the final notes and how soft the song is and the big and explosive and simple yet fulfilling it is. always one of my favorite things when it comes up on shuffle. and this is such a good topic btw also lyrics wise on letting go by circa survive 240-307 "if blood is thicker then water...." its such a tough lyric but sounds so nice in the contents of the music
09:10 PM on 09/12/07
Defeated, but not yet broken
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noles05's Avatar
the starting line - photograph
09:10 PM on 09/12/07
Dan CiTi
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Dan CiTi's Avatar
Off the top of my head...whatever crazy guitar effect and solo Vinnie does in Limo by Brand New. I love that so much. I have many more though.
09:16 PM on 09/12/07
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TxRepresent's Avatar
1:12-1:37 of Bless The A.M. by Letter Twelve. I still get goosebumps sometimes. It was such an amazing song live.
09:18 PM on 09/12/07
Dan CiTi
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Dan CiTi's Avatar
Saria's Song/Lost Woods in Ocarina of Time. That was the first piece of music in that game that really grabbed/hooked me.
09:18 PM on 09/12/07
Registered User
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the ataris
blue skies broken hearts
broken promise ring 1:45-3:26

"i guess that im wrong for falling in love
but you're still the one that i dreaming of
i guess that its you, i want to hold on to
but you're holding on to someone else"

um, holy crap? not exactly beautiful, but perfect to my ears. after that the song outro just rocks hard. its sung with such....defeat? i don't know. i'd also recommend the ending of fast times at dropout high into song for a mixtape, or the quiet palm mute part towards the beginning of road signs and rock songs off, both off of the album end is forever. man kris has written some awesome shit.

the everglow
the sun and the moon, 3:22-7:17

"so when you say forever
can't you see?
that you've already captured me"

now that is just fucking beautiful. the whole song, especially the outro is just haunting.
09:23 PM on 09/12/07
Co and Ca
What are you doing here?
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Co and Ca's Avatar
Saves the Day - This is Not an Exit

Enough said
09:25 PM on 09/12/07
Registered User
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WhatKelliSaid's Avatar
The first thing that came to mind for me was "Where the Moss Slowly Grows" by Tiger Army. The first time I heard that song, I was literally captivated. There's something so incredibly beautiful, and yet hollow and defeatd about it. Everything from the lyrics, to the build up, its all perfect.

And I know these aren't original choices, but no one can deny the beauty in "Brothers" by Brand New (and the honesty of it), and "Konstantine" by Something Corporate.
09:25 PM on 09/12/07
Highly inappropriate, but funny.
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Lirr168's Avatar
The Starting Line - "Artistic License" (from BOATS) - 1:47 to end

I personally think TSL's guitar work and Kenny's vocals doesn't get any better than this sequence. Even if you're not a huge fan of the song/band, when the guitars are at their strongest and Kenny belts out "I'll try not to scream if you're trying to sleep" at 2:30, it is definitely striking.
09:26 PM on 09/12/07
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iwasahero's Avatar
American Football - Never Meant

When that guitar comes in at 2:14. Holy shit.

My Morning Jacket - Gideon

From 2:02 to 2:36, when Jim starts belting out that hypnotizing "Ohhhh-ohhhhh-ohhhhh-ohhhh".

Circle Takes the Square - Interview at the Ruins

"A murmur from the ruins echoes softly as the roots undo, and the branch becomes..."
09:27 PM on 09/12/07
saving jonathan
everything in transit
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saving jonathan's Avatar
in fall out boy's "the patron sait of liars and fakes", there is a short guitar breakdown before the second verse. i don't know why, but i can't help but go nuts when it picks back up.

and also, in weatherbox's "atoms smash" the intro when the gang vocals when "a stage set for", i can't help but do a power thrust/head jerk combo.
09:28 PM on 09/12/07
Registered User
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Hobby's Avatar
Brand New - Deja Entendu. The entire thing.
09:29 PM on 09/12/07
*crying stars*
... are you crazy?
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*crying stars*'s Avatar
This is tough.

the starting line - photograph

I'll swing from the streetlights...

Saves the Day - This is Not an Exit

Enough said

Agreed. The song would have made a brilliant ending track.

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