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06:19 PM on 03/11/12
walk aimlessly
made of fabric strings and elastic.
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I waited forever for this! Album is amazing. Favorite song so far after about 10 plays straight through is "A Clown and His Pipe". I didn't like "Spineless Crow" at first but it grew on me a lot. The only beef I have with this album is that a couple songs have that cutting/slicing/chopping the guitars and vocals to make it sound all glitchy. Every band/producer in the genre is doing it now, so I won't blame Mr. Mizell, I just sorta roll my eyes when I hear it though. Otherwise near perfect album. It really lived up to my expectations.
08:56 PM on 03/11/12
walk aimlessly
made of fabric strings and elastic.
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To be fair, I'm pretty sure he was the one who pioneered that into being a commonplace occurence in this style of music. Although it's a little too often used these days he is quite good at it.
I think you are right.
Also did you notice on Watchmaker, Cameron used the reverse snare to metallic ding? If I recall correctly, he told you that he would stop using that in another thread here. I actually really don't mind it, just pointing it out haha.
10:28 PM on 03/11/12
walk aimlessly
made of fabric strings and elastic.
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Hahahaha, yeah that was me and he did say that! I'm guessing that that that half of the CD was recorded during the first session and Cameron talked with us between the two sessions (I think there was like a 1/2 year between the two sessions). I've been listening to albums he's done since that forum and it seems that he's been keepng his word.
Hmm...I also noticed it's in the breakdown of the Sleeping With Sirens cover of Fuck You by Cee Lo Green. I think Cameron produced that too.
12:32 PM on 03/12/12
walk aimlessly
made of fabric strings and elastic.
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That's very astute, I forgot about that song. I believe he produced like half of the bands on that disc. Do you by chance follow his work ?
Yes I do, probably a little too closely haha. Following producers is such a good way to discover new bands and Cameron is my favorite producer. I assume that you follow his work as well?
04:30 PM on 03/12/12
walk aimlessly
made of fabric strings and elastic.
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Wow, I didn't know other people did that! My two favorite producers are Cameron Mizell and Joey Sturgis (much to the dismay of the majority of AP.net lol) and I honestly buy EVERYTHING they release. Like you said, it's a superb way to find out new bands and these two have both led me to many great new discoveries. For Mizell, I'm loving his newest works with Travelers, The Gift Of Ghosts, The Last Word, and Bruised But Not Broken. I actually contribute to his wikipedia when I find something new (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cameron_Mizell) Not to boast but I've gotten everything on this page from Last Winter to Hands Like Houses).

With the exception of Scare Don't Fear, I think he's produed an exciting array of bands. Unfortunately that streak looks to be broken when he produces Forever, I Am in a few months. I don't mean to hate but they are AWFUL. Think a poor, poor man's We Came As Romans. Their singer just sounds too close to Kyle Pavone for their own good. Here is a newer song;

If you know anything that is not on that list let me know!
Yeah I am not digging that Forever, I Am but maybe Cameron will make them a bit better. Sturgis is also up there in my favorites but very recently he has been not so hot. Kris Crummett is also a good one in the scene. My other favorite producers are James Paul Wisner and Casey Bates. They are the first producers I've began to follow, so they will always be up there for me.
Back to Mr. Mizell though, Scare Don't Fear is pretty awful haha. I remember showing my friends them to see how they would react since they are into hip hop, and they thought it was a joke. Also on that wikipedia page, I noticed The Color Morale was on there for a minute, did you put that up there? Back in October I saw them with Like Moths To Flames and I asked one of the guitarist of TCM if they were really recording with Cameron and he said that they were talking with him about it but nothing was set in stone, and that he didn't even know anyone knew about it. I told him not to add any of those glitchy parts if they do, and he said of course not. But since then TCM's name has been removed.

I'm loving Travelers' new single. I was really into Dawn Defeo and I'm stoked those dudes are making music again.(SN: Secrets' new album was such a let down.) The Gift of Ghosts and The Last Word sound too much like A Skylit Drive and The Word Alive respectively and I think that's making me not enjoy them as much as other Cameron produced works. I am however really digging InDirections and the Trees Above Mandalay demos. Trees went back to the studio recently but they decided not to go to Cameron which makes me sad. I guess they actually recorded an EP with Cameron but something happened and they can't release it but it's recorded. I heard the same thing happened with The Hi Fi Horizon/Ghosts Among Us.
There was also this band called Ascend The Sky (formerly The Fallout Season) and before they changed their name and got a new vocalist, I was messaging one of the members on Myspace about trying out because they were looking for a new singer but I was too lazy and never did. Cameron produced a few songs by them back in early 2009 I believe, and also before that when they were known as The Fallout Season. One of the songs features Misha from Broadway.

More/better audio quality songs are on their Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/ascendtheskyfl. Check out those bands that I mentioned and let me know what you think if you haven't heard them.
And lastly, I'm kinda bummed A Bullet For Pretty Boy is in the studio with Zeuss recording a new album. Zeuss usually works with really heavy bands and I'm afraid ABFPB's melodic side may get lost in the upcoming album.

Edit: Add Capture The Crown to that list of Cameron produced bands that sound too similar to other bands for me to enjoy fully because they are pretty much Asking Alexandria.
10:41 AM on 03/13/12
walk aimlessly
made of fabric strings and elastic.
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I'm actually very surprised to read this as I feel very similar to you it appears. I seriously said the exact same thing about A Bullet For Pretty Boy on their Facebook page. I didn't want to be rude to the band, but I have to be honest; Zeuss simply does not have a history of making the melody in bands shine. I don't think he's ever produced a "core" band as well. I know he's revered in the scene but frankly, I think he sucks. For example, Sturgis produced Oceano's Depths which sounded great (IMO) and Zeuss did their follow up, Contagion....the differences are HUGE. He just has a tendancy to make bands sound very sludgy and kind of hard to pick apart the different instruments.

As for TCM, I saw that a while ago but I wasn't the one who added that (it looks like Missouri Breaks was moved to Sturgis as well). Looking at the page, itlooks like Memphis May Fire is going to record with Mizell again!

I've never heard of "The Fallout Season", they sound good though. Do you by chance have the mp3s that they recorded? I found a demo CD online (http://duotonesky.blogspot.com/2010/...sky-demos.html) but it was taken down. Is I wasn't aware that Travelers had a previous iteration, thank you for pointing me their way! Was Dawn Defeo the same basic lineup as Travelers? Also, how much of TGOG and TLW have you listened to?

I love C. Bates too. He did a superb job with MMF's Sleepwalking and Lions!Tigers!Bears! début (which was sorely overlooked). On a side note, Mizell actually did the demos for that CD which were quite good.

We should pool out knowledge together and complete the Mizell wiki.
I listened to Oceano's Depths and thought it was okay but never listened to the follow up. To be honest, I stopped listening to heavier stuff like that a couple of years ago. I did enjoy Zeuss's production on Goodbye To The Gallows by Emmure though.

I have 5 mp3's from Ascend The Sky/The Fallout Season but I don't know how I would get them to you.

Travelers was Dawn Defeo but they have a new drummer and a new clean vocalist. Richard use to do cleans for Dawn Defeo until he joined Secrets. What do you think of Dawn Defeo? I loved them.

Lions!Tigers!Bears! debut reminded me of Underoath's They're Only Chasing Safety for some reason even though they have their own thing going on. Maybe it was just the feel of that album. The demos were okay but the songs on the album were a tad better. I tried to get a staff member to review it a while back but it didn't happen.

The only other album that isn't on Cameron's wikipedia page I can think of is The Carrier Of Dreams by Divide The Sky. It was an EP that came out May of 2009 (Three years ago wow time flies!). I listened to it nonstop when it came out. I was disappointed with their next release because they changed their sound, but that EP was good for what it was and for the time it was released.

I've never even met anyone who cared about this stuff as much as I do and it's good to know there's someone on AP.net with similar interests and doesn't care what the other people here think about this type of music, because the hivemind shits on it here on the regular, haha. But don't get me wrong, I do love me some Brand New, New Found Glory, older TBS, and Acceptance.

Edit: Listening to that youtube clip I posted, Cameron's production has improved greatly since 2009.

Edit 2: I have listened to a song or 2 of old TGOG and of course their newest single. I have TLW's Crashing EP.

Edit 3: It appears that The Hi-Fi Horizon's EP "Synchronizing Our Hearts" was also produced by Cameron. I was confused because James Paul Wisner did the Pre-production. Synchronizing Our Hearts was released in November of 2009.

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