05:26 PM on 04/02/12 
User Info.
imma let you finish
HarryPotter's Avatar
Male - 28 Years Old
1st time - for public urination - Was at Shamrockfest in Washington DC(had a vip ticket so all the beer I wanted was included in ticket price). There were long lines at the portapottys so I decided to piss behind a truck where I saw about 30-40 other guys piss fine. Just happened I got caught. Was put in cuffs and kicket out of the fest. It just ended up I had to pay a fine though and no charges.

2nd time - Public disturbance in the 2nd degree and destruction of property(I think or something close to that). Was about 24 at the time and was at a party playing beer pong. A team was on the table for a while and was talking shit to everyone. Me and my partner beat them easily(they only hit 4 cups.) So they gets pissed and want to play again this time for money- So we all put in $20. Me and my partner won again in 2 shots(we both hit same cup, game over.) this really pissed them off and they wanted to fight us. After they pushed us a couple time trying to get us to throw the first punch we didnt't, and they got kicked out of the party. One of the kids keyed my car. Someone else at the party saw it and told me what happend. So that pissed me off, and I ran outside and started punching the kid. I kick the shit out of him and then kick his car and dented his bumper. While this was happening the cops were called, and the kid I fought got in his friend’s car and left the scene, I did not.Cops came and i was still there. Person who owned the house the party was at only saw what i did and told the cops that part of the story. So I got charged with fighting and damaging his car, and he got away with nothing because I couldn't prove that he keyed my car. I had to use my Accelerated Rehabilitation, do about 50 hours community service, pay a fine, pay to fix his car, and pay lawyer’s fees, but is off my record now.

3rd time - Purchasing alcohol for a minor. I was being nice and drove my cousin back to college so his mother wouldn't have to. I didn't realize what time it was and needed to make a beer run before stores closed at 9pm. We were on Uconn Campus( where he went to school) and didn't have a chance to drop him off so he was still in the car. He was 20 at the time and I was around 25-26. So I went into the package store while he sat in the car. I bought beer for myself, and went to leave but a cop blocked my car in. He asked for both of our id's. We both gave the same story that we were cousins and I was just dropping him off and the beer was mine, but they didn’t believe it. I had to go to court and ended up getting the charges dropped but it took 3 court apperances, each that I had to use vacation days to get off from work and I had to pay lawyers fees.
I feel for everyone of your 3 times. it looks as if ladyluck wasn't on your side, but for some reason I feel as if your life is going well.
06:22 PM on 04/02/12 
User Info.
Legal Drug Dealer
deFobbed14yrs's Avatar
Queens, New York
Female - 23 Years Old
the drunk driving part wasn't directed at me right?

oh no! sorry if it looks like that!
12:40 PM on 04/03/12 
User Info.
samsara's Avatar
Nuevo Mexico
Female - 25 Years Old
Only close call once. My friends were smoking in my car and someone called it in. In the end my friend owned up to it and ended with just a fine since I wasn't smoking and my other friends were underage.

Other than that I get pulled over for lights out and dumb stuff. And I end up shooting the shit with the cops around here. There is one that would ticket me regardless of whether or not I did anything wrong just because he hates my last name. Dick.
01:27 PM on 04/03/12 
User Info.
Either I'm in heaven or I'm in hell
takemyhand's Avatar
Detroit, Michigan
Female - 24 Years Old
Almost. When I was 19 my friend and I went to karaoke night at this venue by where I live and my friends kept giving me beer and I drank a bottle of wine and yeah I got pretty drunk. On our way home (my friend didn't drink and was driving by the way) we pulled into a trailer park to turn around because we made a wrong turn, and we got pulled over. The cop pulled us over because apparently we were in a bad area, and I told him right away I was drunk and we were on our way home. He called two other cop cars and they brought dogs and this lady cop searched me and the dogs were going wild at like 2 am in a trailer park. We didn't have any drugs and it was crazy and they kept asking me why I was wearing a dress and the lady cop touched my boobs when she was like searching me and she said some creepy mean remark about me having little boobs. I didn't get in trouble at all, surprising since they pulled out all the stops with the dogs and frisky lady cop and I was super drunk and underage. And yeah if I wasn't hammered I probably would have shit my drawers because it was cray.
05:32 PM on 04/05/12 
User Info.
Regular Member
SubStylee's Avatar
Possesion of cannabis on one occasion, drug trafficking on one occasion ( weed too, duh), vandalism, domestic abuse on 2 occasions ( which really had nothing to do with domestic abuse though... ).
08:40 PM on 04/05/12 
User Info.
RyanPm40's Avatar
Male - 22 Years Old
uh.. care to elaborate on that last one? lol
08:41 PM on 04/05/12 
User Info.
RyanPm40's Avatar
Male - 22 Years Old
For those of you who mentioned driving drunk and getting away with it, I hope you're not too amused by it. So many lives have been destroyed or lost because of assholes like you.

06:02 AM on 04/08/12 
User Info.
Long live the car crash hearts
SincerelyMe's Avatar
Stanhope, NJ
Female - 23 Years Old
Been arrested twice. Possession of a controlled substance and arson. It was fun.
06:30 AM on 04/08/12 
User Info.
georgedcc's Avatar
Male - 24 Years Old
I've never been arrested, but I've been threatened with arrest, which isn't as cool.

Police got called to a house party and because I was hammered I started singing Police On My Back by The Clash. They weren't happy. That's the closest I've come to arrest. Not my finest moment.

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