Everytime I Die - 10.08.03

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Everytime I Die - 10.08.03I interviewed Keith Buckley, the vocalist for Every Time I Die. Read it, and you'll have a good time.

Wark: What is the message behind your latest record "hot damn!"?

Behind the record is actually less of a message and more of an "i" in an old english font. if you open it up and remove the cd, you'll see what im talking about.

Wark: For kids that play guitar and want to learn the songs from your record, what do the guitarists tune to in the band?

drop d says andy, who is sitting across from me right now.

Wark: What's the hardcore scene like now, compared to how it was when you guys were coming up?

the kids arent as tall as they once seemed to be. also,
it is alot easier to get to shows, since i have my own drivers license.

Wark: I heard that you were a creative writing teacher when you weren't touring, if so, where do you teach and what do you teach writers?

i was actually just an enlgish teacher, but my reflective inquiry project wason the implementing of creative writing journals, reader/response sort of thing, into a previously lecture oriented class.

Wark: The lyrics you write are the most inspiring and creative lyrics in hardcore. How does it make you feel when people respond to things you've written like that?

im flattered, as expected, but never accepting. ive
always wanted to be a writer, so it feels good to be recognized for it,but i will always be studying it, always trying to alter or modify or ammend my style and subject

Wark: How has touring affected your friendships at home? Is it worth it for you to be on the road most of the year?

yes, absolutely. ive accrued life experiences that alot of people, even people in other bands, even people in my band bight not ever get to experience. i value every new mile
marker, every new city.

Wark: Where are your favorite places in the U.S. to play?

new york city/jersey, southern california, texas and buffalo.

Wark: What were you like when you were a kid? (i.e. What bands did you listen to, what T.V. shows did you watch; and did you write stories/poems when you
were young? when did you start writing?)

i wrote alot of bad poetry. i listened to alot of bad music. i watched alot of bad sitcoms. i owe everything i have now to those desperate and unfulfilling times.

Wark: What vocalists inspired you to start singing in a band?

paul mccartney. when i was little it was the beatles that brought music into my house. i knew it was something that would always be in my life, whether i was listening to it or making it.

Wark: How did your band form and meet?

just from shows around the buffalo area. jordan is my brother and we had planned on starting something when i got back from college in VA. he introduced me to andy and mike.

Wark: Do you plan on headlining your own tour? What are your tour plans for the rest of the year? Who would you like to take out with you?

we still have another three months of touring with senses fail, and then with poison the well. we may headline sometime shortly after that but there are no specifics yet.

Wark: When you're on the road what are your favorite records to listen to?

jeff buckleys grace. the darkness "permission to land". motley crue dr. feelgood. deerhoof apple O. with those four records, and probably the new radiohead, i could drive for days.

Wark: What are your favorite movies?

new movies? none that are in the theater right now. i thought it was going to be cabin fever until i realized that eli roth is the most
dilluded, self absorbed, pretentious hack director to ever shit on the cinematic slasher legends. i liked punch drunk love alot. thats the last dvd i bought. and house of a 1000 corpses. i love horror movies!

Wark: What do you think of getting to share the stage with Cave In?

steve brodski is jamming out, writing an "interview" soundtrack on his guitar while i type these responses. these guys are amazing. their music is what i grew up on and watching them every night is unbelievable.

Wark: What authors/books do you recommend to read that you've been inspired by?

borges. a personal anthology and labyrinths are the only books i
bring on tour. ive read them each about 5 times, they're all scribbled in and folded. his books resound with me perfectly. he makes sense of things in my life that i couldnt.

Wark: What do you think of some of the newer hardcore bands coming up in the scene; like Unearth, and The Bled?

great. sweet dudes, sweet bands, good for them.

Wark: What turns you on?

long walks on the beach.

Wark: What turns you off?

rapists and bungee jumping

Wark: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say to you when you arrive at the pearly gates?

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05:39 PM on 10/08/03
time to die
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your questions are kind of boring.

and it's Every Time I Die

not Everytime I Die

just so you know
07:44 PM on 10/08/03
Fuck you, I'm edge.
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xxHOPESFALLxx's Avatar
Originally posted by time to die
your questions are kind of boring.

and it's Every Time I Die

not Everytime I Die

just so you know

Thank you for your completely pointless post.
I really think it's time for you to shut the fuck up.
09:26 PM on 10/08/03
capt. emotastic
so emo your mom cries
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capt. emotastic's Avatar
Originally posted by xxHOPESFALLxx
Thank you for your completely pointless post.
I really think it's time for you to shut the fuck up.
12:52 AM on 10/12/03
Jon Wark
Wishes Do Come True!
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Jon Wark's Avatar
God is smiling down on us. He is a DELIGHT!
04:06 PM on 10/13/03
Fuck you, I'm edge.
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xxHOPESFALLxx's Avatar
Don't let your dreamers grow up to be dead men.
01:00 AM on 10/30/03
i tore it in 2
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i tore it in 2's Avatar
i think every singer or songwriter should be as educated as keith.
08:21 AM on 11/13/03
fucking awesome
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OscarMurder's Avatar
i saw them with FATA in oct....
nothing more

if you get the chance though, you should deff see them.
08:02 AM on 05/20/05
Registered User
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xYouFailMex's Avatar
I'm going to see them in June at Sounds Of The Underground. I can't fucking wait. I <3 ETID

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