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07:18 PM on 04/11/12
False. Black bears.
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This makes me wish I liked Green Day
07:19 PM on 04/11/12
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Do you think everyone is a half wit?
Your assumptions of other peoples intelligence astounds me.
I don't have to assume, it's proven for the most part.
07:20 PM on 04/11/12
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Stuff like this comes off as gimmicky at best and a way to make more money off fans at worst. Regardless their last album wasn't too enjoyable so I'm not exactly excited.
07:21 PM on 04/11/12
I'm not used to this temptation
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Freaking awesome. I can't wait. I'm glad they are releasing them so close together.
07:22 PM on 04/11/12
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I actually agree with everyone. Early Green Day is better than later Green Day. I do like later Green Day a lot, but certain people say the same exact thing in every thread about a given band. Really tiresome. Good to know people are still hitting home runs on the "heaven forbid people have an opinion that doesn't line up with yours" thing though.
I'm all over the shop with Green Day

early - don't care
Dookie - love, classic
Insomniac - poo, odd ok song
Nimrod - liked, fun album, some filler
Warning - good singles. Rest is smegma
American idiot - amazing, magnum opus
21st CB - some solid singles and tunes. Too much filler
07:30 PM on 04/11/12
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If they say it's the best music they've ever written, then I guess I have to take them at their word for now.

What band doesn't say that about their latest album haha?
07:34 PM on 04/11/12
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What band doesn't say that about their latest album haha?

I know!! Ha

Korn are the worst for saying how the next is the best and heaviest they've ever done only to blast it a few years later

Although I think John Mayer said Continuum was better while promoting Battle Studies. Although it's hard to top that album I think he did a mighty fine job, and the new one by sounds will go close as well
Which on subject, another artist with albums gonna be in quick succession. But mainly cause he's voice is buggered and can't tour B&R
07:48 PM on 04/11/12
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InfiniteArms's Avatar
What band doesn't say that about their latest album haha?
Very few. But what I'm saying is, I can't judge until I've heard something first.
07:50 PM on 04/11/12
Cold hands, Lips blue
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WeWereGiants's Avatar
Saves The Day already did it.... Theirs will still be infinitely better too. I don't like the titles for these either.
08:06 PM on 04/11/12
I was born a wise man
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smoke4thecaper's Avatar
Always up for new Green Day, and I admire their ambition. Here's a punk band with the ability to fill arenas and top charts... and they're doing something a little different. I think it's foolish and rather silly to dismiss the records before knowing much more than an idea and release date. Let's just hope each record is differently not only thematically, but musically. I'd be super disappointed if they retreaded through the politico-punk opera deal again -- but I can't see them being THAT transparent.
08:07 PM on 04/11/12
yes. yes. yes.
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Thug_Nasty's Avatar
im interested to see how much the sales decline from Uno! to Dos! then to Tre!
08:12 PM on 04/11/12
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PaperLantern's Avatar
This is getting a ton of hate. No matter though, this will be good like everything they've put out, and fans will absolutely LOVE it. I have no problem dropping $30-$40 on a few albums. I'm with the people saying this should be a nice mix of different styles.
08:13 PM on 04/11/12
all hope lies in Doom
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I think I'm one of the only people on here that loved their last record. Really looking forward to this trilogy.
08:26 PM on 04/11/12
G apostrophe Ra
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I'm excited for this. I was also excited to read all the comments where 23-year-olds talk about how much they miss early Green Day. Cause you know they were 7 when Dookie came out so they miss it. Can we have some more of those comments in here?
I feel you, but I'm 25 and have truthfully been listening to Green Day since I was 8 years old. Dookie is literally the first record I owned personally. They were not only the first band to get me in to punk rock or any derivation there of, but the first band that really made me passionate about music in general. I certainly don't dismiss their later catalogue, and I definitely wouldn't say I "miss early Green Day" like a lot of bandwagon hoppers, but there probably are alot of actual lifelong GD devotees in their early to late twenties now.
08:38 PM on 04/11/12
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My thoughts exactly.

Hey Thomas, this coming from someone who worships Bruce Springsteen? Think about how fucking stupid you sound. You were what? -25 when he released that album?

RIP rational thought
This is a beautiful post.

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