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02:44 PM on 04/19/12
Not everything, not yet
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I'm pretty vested in this whole thing since I preordered the bundle and defended RJ all the way up til he disappeared. I mean he delivered with previous blink releases even if they were sometimes late so I figured this one was just taking extra long. And everyone who is factoring how much he supposedly got away is assuming the conspiracy that he was intending this the whole time. I find it hard to believe he hadn't already spent some of that money on failed gatefolds, sleeves etc. or put down an advance on the pressings

Just got even more interesting. I'll PM you some details that can't go public yet.
02:47 PM on 04/19/12
Not everything, not yet
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I'm the unpaid intern actually.

great job, using Google.

I never knew about any of that. I didn't think that it was right and so I left. I was there for a month...if that. I wouldn't run a company that way and I don't want to learn from one that does. As far as walking into shit that I previously knew about....you're wrong. Why on earth would I do that? Wow

There was never any Blink-182 records whilst I was there or you would have received it. I'm just trying to get some experience. If someone ordered a record and the shit was there then it was sent. Try not calling me a bitch and get off your computer. I'd love to know what makes you feel like your words hold any meaning.

So I guess you quitting had nothing to do with how RJ was handling the Blink release? Cause it sounds like you know nothing about it
02:55 PM on 04/19/12
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Also the reissue of TOYPAJ probably wont be happening in June, Im guessing it will happen eventually but I think they want to get the MTS thing all sorted out first and when the band is ready hopefully we can do another pressing for HT of that album
03:01 PM on 04/19/12
Not everything, not yet
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Topsecret needs to spill what he knows and stop keeping it....top secret
08:28 PM on 04/19/12
i was a teenage anarchist.
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Any thread about MTS on this website is going to blow up and bring the Lolz about how much of a buttmunch that guy is.
10:28 PM on 04/19/12
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So you're the unpaid intern? Female in NYC. Could be. And I think its perfectly fair what I posted. All I said is that its interesting that no one associated with the label has spoken out about it. I worked at a label for many years & I chime in on things that went down whenever I get the chance. All the people I called out (except the intern) have defended this shitty label to no end in the past. Kind of funny how RJ & Andy both disappeared from the VC board around the same time. Also, was RJ paying all these people w/ our preorder money? How the hell did he have employees & an office w/ such few releases. This shit smelled bad from the start. I'm right, you're fucking wrong.

edit: And the female intern started interning w/ MTS after all this shit went down. According to Briana's LinkedIn she started interning in January 2012-present. HA! Who the fuck would help these clowns out. Especially for free. I fucking love interns. You da, you da best.

edit2.0: According to LinkedIn, Briana also helped w/ mailorder, so bitch where's my record :)

A - as has been proven, I am not the intern. I am far too old to work for free.
B - I never said you were wrong or right; I didn't make any statements regarding what you have posted and your opinions on the matter. I just felt it was unfair to call out people that didn't work for (i.e. get paid by) the label for their roll in this. Nothing more, nothing less.
01:48 PM on 04/23/12
my heart beats pacific -
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Just got even more interesting. I'll PM you some details that can't go public yet.

Its been a bit before this happened, any new details you can spill? Paypal is being non responsive.

I literally just want my $20 back.

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