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Record Store Day 2012: AP.net Recommends

Posted by - 10:03 AM on 04/19/12
Record Store Day is now just days away, taking place this Saturday in local shops across the nation. The AP.net staff has compiled a list of 20 releases this year that we feel are must-purchases. Check out the list in the replies and tell us what you're buying, what we should have included, and what your plans are for Saturday. If you're going to be surfing the web instead of dealing with the crowds, keep an eye on AP.net as we should have a stickied thread of any deals going down online.
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10:03 AM on 04/19/12
Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
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Alexisonfire - Math Sheets Demo 10"
Dine Alone Records
Alexisonfire fans won't want to miss out on their first recording, which was originally available on a burned CD wrapped in their high school math sheets. This white vinyl release is a fitting way to honour the band's successful decade long career, especially since it will include liner notes written by George Pettit. It will also be cool to hear the earliest version of "Counterparts and Number Them," a song that eventually became one of their first MuchMusic hits.

Botch - Anthology of Dead Ends
Hydra Head Records
(2nd press) (mixed colors /750)

Looking back on an album like Anthology of Dead Ends is far more bittersweet when put into the perspective of what metalcore and hardcore has somewhat grown into in the past decade. Since Hydra Head already re-released We Are the Romans last year, it was only time for some other records from the heralded four piece to get the reissue treatment as well. This is the last breath of greatness, and if you don't have it in your collection or have never heard the flawlessness of "Framnce," put down that scenecore crap and grab a copy of something that will challenge your tastes for the better.

Bruce Springsteen - Rocky Ground 7"
Columbia Records

When an artist like Springsteen announces a release for Record Store Day, it's always big news. But it's the creativeness in his RSD releases that have made them notable the last few years. This go-round, he takes one of the most polarizing and surprising songs from his 17th studio record, Wrecking Ball, in the form of "Rocky Ground" and gives it the wax treatment. I personally can't wait to hear Michelle Moore's rap verse on my turntable as this is my No. 1 priority for Saturday. On the B-side, there is a live version of "The Promise," taken from a performance at The Carousel in Asbury Park. The song was also featured on the Making of Darkness On The Edge of Town DVD.

Childish Gambino - Heartbeat 12"
Glassnote Record

Okay, so it's really only a single and a remix. It's only two tracks, one of which if you purchased Camp you already have. It's only Childish Gambino. One of the biggest buzzing rappers out right now. I don't mean to continue to beat a dead horse, but if only for the collection purposes, the addition of this to your collection would at least make me envious of you.

Crosses - Option/Telepathy 7"

Though arguably more of a collection item as it contains a track off of each of the band's EPs, it is still nice to see this side-project of Chino Moreno to get a bit more light and in some ways a physical release that does in fact give us two strong showings from the band. The fact that it is self-released might make it a bit tougher of a find, but if you can snag it, I suggest you do.

Feist/Mastodon - Feistodon 7"
Warner Bros.

Upon hearing this announcement, my first reaction was huh? Then my second reaction was fuck yeah! Feist covers the Mastodon ripper that is "Black Tongue," while Mastodon will add a new swagger to Feist's "A Commotion." Expect the unexpected, but make sure you pick this special 7" from the almighty Feistodon.

The Horrible Crowes - Live at Fingerprints 7"
SideOneDummy Reocrds
Red /300 (only at Fingerprints located in California) and Black /1,000 (everywhere else)

One of the most beautiful records from 2011 gets another 7" under its belt with the Live At Fingerprints release. Live versions of "I Witnessed A Crime" and "Blood Loss" get the treatment here, and if you want a red copy as badly as I do, good luck trying to find a decently priced one on eBay this weekend. The original album is breathtaking on wax, so live performances of two standout tracks should be just as good.

Jimmy Fallon - Tebowie 7"
Warner Bros. Records
Um, what is not awesome about this release? Late-night television's greatest host finally puts the "Tebowie" song on a physical release (yes that is a combination of the great college football player ever Tim Tebow and the mediocre rock star David Bowie). And on the B-side? Well, what else would it be besides "Reading Rainbow"?? Probably the must-own in terms of witty releases this year.

Mae - The Everglow
Tooth & Nail Records
2xLP /1000

A cult classic if there ever was one, The Everglow stands as a criminally underrated seminal album from the middle of the 2000s. Taking a slice of the best parts of emo and pop from that time frame, the album's quirky production brilliantly compliments the piano-led pop-rock ballads. A lot of people yearned for The Everglow when Destination: Beautiful took the trip to wax, and the wait is finally over. It's a nice way to re-live the Mae even as the band continues in its hiatus.

Mastodon/The Flaming Lips - A Spoonful Weighs a Ton 7"
Warner Bros.
(baby pink /5000)

While perhaps not quite as special as Feistodon, the baby pink 7" displaying the Lips' original take of the same name, with Mastodon covering it on the other side. I feel like even if you remotely enjoy a band, you should take the time to enjoy their musical adventures, and with Mastodon that adventure includes covering things completely out of your realm. Still, it will be interesting to hear a metal take on a song deemed classic that is well past a decade in age.

Misfits - Walk Among Us
Rhino Entertainment

As a big fan of both horror movies and punk rock, my love for the Misfits was inevitable. For my money, Misfits' first (officially released) full-length, Walk Among Us, is one of the best punk albums of all time. It has been widely available on vinyl, but Rhino Entertainment's Record Store Day pressing celebrates the album's 30th (!) anniversary. The faithful reproduction was cut from the original analog masters. This pressing is limited to 3,000 copies in the U.S., with 1250 on red, 1250 on blue and 500 on clear vinyl - all distributed randomly. 1,500 on purple will also be available internationally. If you don't already own this punk classic, you have no excuse.

Moneen - The Red Tree 2x12" + 7"
Dine Alone Records
(2xLP /500)
If you didn't get a copy of this Moneen classic the first time it was pressed, now's your chance. This release contains 180g coloured vinyl and a bonus 7" featuring 2 unreleased demos complete with brand new artwork.

Moving Mountains - Foreword EP 12"
Topshelf Records
(black /200)

Even though I'm a fan of MovMou's latest release, Waves, I still contend that Foreword is the band's best work. So naturally, I'm excited to finally have a reissue of the album out for purchase this year. The black version of this album is exclusive to Record Store Day, but if you don't want to risk missing out, scoop up a silver (/200 as well) or orange (/600) variant here.

Paul Simon - Graceland 25th anniversary LP
Columbia Records
180 gram

In one of the most underrated "big-time" Record Store Day releases this year, Paul Simon is reissuing his best LP on 180-gram black audiophile vinyl. At least, that's what they're calling it. But really, this is an all-time classic, and I'll be happy to complement the cracks and pops of my dad's 25-year-old original LP with a brand new one.

Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come
Epitaph Records
(colored /2000)

Someone told me this is fourth pressing. I'm just gonna put this bluntly... if you need any more reason to pick this up considering the band's re-uniting for shows and the spike in popularity this record is going to see in the coming months... it comes with a poster. Seriously, you don't need me to tell you this is worth trying to find.

The Saddest Landscape - Cover Your Heart
Topshelf Records
(baby blue /400 and ???/500)

There are many reasons that I am excited for Topshelf Records' reissue of The Saddest Landscape's debut EP, Cover Your Heart. First and foremost, it has been out of print for a decade, and this new release features expanded artwork. The EP includes "The Sixth Golden Ticket," which was the first song I heard from the screamo daddies and remains a favorite of mine. The raw emotion of frontman Andy Maddox screaming "And I don't want to miss you anymore" gets me every time.

I'm also stoked that I'll finally be able to see the band's perform live. Past attempts have proved futile for one reason or another, but I will be in Connecticut for their "secret" record release show. Before that, however, is what I'm really excited: I'll be directing a music video for The Saddest Landscape. I'll be filming a music video for "This Heals Nothing," which is off their new album, After the Lights - so be on the lookout for that in the near future. Shameless self promotion aside, this is a phenomenal effort.

St. Vincent - Krokodil 7"
(red /2500)

If you watched the end of Annie Clark's set at Coachella, then you know this 7" is a definite pick-up. It features a new St. Vincent song, "Krokodil," which shows off Clark's fantastic guitar skills. The second song is another new track titled "GROT." Pressed on red, this 7" is limited to 2500 copies.

Straylight Run - Straylight Run
(tan /300 brown /600)

Remember the anticipation we had for this in 2004? The first non-Taking Back Sunday project from John Nolan and Shaun Cooper. Along with Michelle Nolan and Will Noon, this was one of the best debuts of that year. Nearly 8 years later and Victory is finally pressing this one on vinyl. Limited to 900 (300 on tan, 600 on brown, colors shipped randomly), this is one LP you don't want to miss out on.

Tegan and Sara - Get Along
Warner Bros.
(white /3000)

The live album that the Quin sisters put out in late 2011 is getting the wax treatment for Record Store Day. This isn't your standard live album, as Tegan and Sara play 15 stripped down and re-interpreted versions of their most intimate songs, spanning their discography. Limited to 3000 copies on white vinyl, it's a must-have for any Tegan and Sara fans.

Various Artists - Empire Records Soundtrack
Universal Music
(2xLP orange /2000)

It's a movie that boasts not only the best quips about love and music next to High Fidelity, it also boasts quite a soundtrack of '90s alt-rock. The Gin Blossoms' "Til I Hear It From You" swoons in pop perfection and then there's the brisk energy of Ape Hangers' "I Don't Want to Live Today." Who could forget the chase scene after meeting shoplifter Warren as "Ready, Steady, Go!" plays by The Meices. There are a few omissions to the soundtrack that many fans including myself continue to be bummed about, all in all, with the release of Pretty in Pink's soundtrack as well on Saturday, this is my Pretty in Pink.
10:07 AM on 04/19/12
Summer Jam
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FourStarters's Avatar
While I'd love to have Straylight's record on vinyl, I can't support Victory and would advise no one else do either. This is the same label that put out a "greatest hits" for Taking Back Sunday that the band had no input on, right? Grab the TBS "We Play Songs" 12" instead with the four acoustic live songs.

Track Listing:
SIDE A: Recorded Live at Fingerprints:
Ghost Man on Third
Your Own Disaster
SIDE B: Recorded Live at Looney Tunes
Faith (When I Let You Down)
Great Romances of the 20th Century

I'm going to try and find the Fun. record of acoustic tracks that's being pressed for RSD.
10:10 AM on 04/19/12
Next Show: Jack's Mannequin NYC 2/3
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ACA's Avatar
I'm going to see Portugal. The Man play acoustic at a nearby record shop then catch their full-band explosion later. Awesome way to celebrate the holiday.

Vinyl holds 0 interest to me, but it will be cool to see PTM.
10:12 AM on 04/19/12
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phaynes1's Avatar
Definitely gonna pick up a few of these.
10:13 AM on 04/19/12
Reconnect This
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Xiegfried's Avatar
I'm picking up the fun. vinyl, the Neon Trees heart-shaped 7", and the Arctic Monkeys 7". Might grab the Horrible Crowes vinyl if my record store has it.
10:13 AM on 04/19/12
Zack Zarrillo
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While I'd love to have Straylight's record on vinyl, I can't support Victory and would advise no one else do either. This is the same label that put out a "greatest hits" for Taking Back Sunday that the band had no input on, right? Grab the TBS "We Play Songs" 12" instead with the four acoustic live songs.

Track Listing:
SIDE A: Recorded Live at Fingerprints:
Ghost Man on Third
Your Own Disaster
SIDE B: Recorded Live at Looney Tunes
Faith (When I Let You Down)
Great Romances of the 20th Century

I'm going to try and find the Fun. record of acoustic tracks that's being pressed for RSD.
To be fair, many labels have put out Greatest Hits albums without the band's consent - Mostly because they don't need it
10:15 AM on 04/19/12
Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
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Taking bets on how long till ACA is jocking vinyl hard.
10:15 AM on 04/19/12
Deborah Remus
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I'm especially excited this year because Frank Turner just happens to be in Winnipeg that day and will be doing an in-store performance at the Folk Festival Music Store.
10:16 AM on 04/19/12
saved latin. What did you ever do?
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bladerdude360's Avatar
I work on Saturdays so I'm going to ask my girlfriend to go take a look for me and give her a list of things to pick up. I'll probably stop by after work, but my guess is that most stuff will be gone. Also, I never got the hype behind Empire Records, I wasn't impressed by it at all. High Fidelity is miles better (and has a better soundtrack, IMO).
10:17 AM on 04/19/12
Jack Appleby
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I'll be grabbing both Anberlin releases and the Gorillaz/James Murphy/Andre 300 7". If I can somehow get the TREOS demos in a store (aka without paying shipping), will pick that up as well.
10:17 AM on 04/19/12
Registered User
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_veges_'s Avatar
Probably going to pick up a few on this list. Also looking forward to getting Danny Brown's XXX and Death Grips' new record
10:17 AM on 04/19/12
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KenneyBN's Avatar
Refused and Death From Above 1979 rerelease
10:22 AM on 04/19/12
Coughlin's Law
AnythingElseIsAlwaysSomet hingBetter
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10:23 AM on 04/19/12
Manufactured Dreams
Fabricated Revolution
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Manufactured Dreams's Avatar
No fun.?

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