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Guest Blog: Daytrader Vocalist Talks Refused

Posted by - 07:08 AM on 04/25/12
As we posted a couple days ago, Refused played a secret garage show in Brooklyn to 100 people right after selling out the 3,000-capacity Terminal 5 in New York City on Sunday. A good friend of the program, Daytrader vocalist Tym (he doesn't have a last name, deal with it), managed to catch both shows. Want to know what it was like? Check the replies to read about his thoughts on Refused's reunion and the legendary double-header of shows Sunday.
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07:08 AM on 04/25/12
Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
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Guest Blog: Tym from Daytrader Talks RefusedHoly shit.

So that just happened. After over a decade apart, one of the best punk bands of all time decided to play some reunion shows. And they fucking killed it. Not like they were pretty good or we're all nostalgic for their old tunes, they played every song completely perfect; with such intensity and showmanship, it was... well it was perfect. Terminal 5 in NYC was a fitting venue because Dennis Lyxzén is a goddamn rockstar. Their performance and his crazy stage presence filled the 3,000-capacity club like they've been playing places like that the last 13 (?) years instead of not being a band. So yea, it was great. And I really don't like to weigh in on hip message-board controversies, but seriously anyone who is annoyed that a band like Refused is playing some reunion shows can suck it. This band wrote one of the best punk records EVER. Maybe one of the best rock records ever. It's still kind of ahead of its time, and it was released 14 years ago. So they go and write this amazing record, and come to the United States and NO ONE gives a shit. I mean, they could get maybe 40 people to come to one of their shows when they were an active band. So 14 years later people, actually realize what they were getting at with Shape of Punk to Come and magazines like Rolling Stone start talking about how genius it was (when it came out obviously they didn't give a shit about it) and they play some shows. They're living the dream that every kid who makes a record dreams about. "Someday they'll understand what I was trying to do." You could tell they were having the time of their lives on stage and it honestly inspired me as a musician. It reaffirmed why we do what we do even when it seems like the worst thing in the world. Anyway, I digress. Back to the show(s).

So the Terminal 5 show was great. Before the show I was at the only bar in the area (Terminal 5 is way out on the west side of Manhattan in no man's land) and a bunch of people going to the show were there drinking as to avoid paying $9 for Bud Light at the venue. A couple friends mentioned Refused were possibly playing a secret show later in Bushwick, and I was immediately determined to go even if to just wait outside some shitty bar on the off chance it was going to happen. As the T5 show was starting, I heard from enough credible sources that I told a few friends they should head to The Acheron (a DIY Brooklyn venue, basically a garage with a stage and a small bar) afterwards because there might be an aftershow. I hitch a ride with my buds from Albany (Aficionado sssssup) from Manhattan to Bushwick (Brooklyn) and get in line. After an hour or so of waiting Refused posts on their Facebook page the address of the venue, which is obviously a terrible idea because this place holds 100-ish people at best, but they're Swedes so what're you gonna do. At first it was maybe 50 people hanging outside but once it was confirmed on the Internetz, people starting showing up in taxies, cars, and fixed-gear bikes in droves. I immediately text a few friends, including my bud Daniel Danger (artist, does our record covers, etc.) who I see 10 minutes later running full-tilt up to the line out of breath. He saw the text, ran straight to the venue, and took the first stage dive of the night. Well played. Anyway, what can I say about Refused playing in a garage in Brooklyn other than it was an awe-inspiring, wild time with many friends and they played some old stuff and lots of Shape of Punk To Come. It was surreal. I got knocked in the eye because the guitarist kept stage-diving while playing. It was awesome. Not like the word you see on the Internet all the time. Most of us were in awe of what was happening. It was fucking real and it was inspiring and beautiful and it's why people listen to and play punk rock music. Fuck the fucking world Refused is fucking dead.

P.S. That's a Born Against reference. Listen to them. Oh and Refused played a SOIA cover with Lou Koller. Word.

07:15 AM on 04/25/12
Next Show: Jack's Mannequin NYC 2/3
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It was good.

At Terminal 5, Refused definitely took at least 10 minutes to get into get into their groove, which is unfortunate because three of their best songs (Worms, Party Program, and Liberation) went during that lull. You could probably find a more fun crowd at a Korn show, but, whatever, the audience isn't necessarily a reflection on the band. Near the end of the set, people were actually picking up people who were falling.. that was nice.

A strange moment was hearing "Liberation Frequency", having seen Paramore play "Born for This" in this same venue not too long ago. Really cool to see the reach Refused has, from the awful ripoffs all the way to the massive pop-rock bands.

"Summerholidays vs Punkroutine" was probably the coolest song of the night. Oh, and yet another show where Lou came out to cover a Sick of It All song, which is always sweet. That cover probably had the best energy of the night.. the kids (adults now, ha) who actually grew up listening to punk/hardcore were out in full force and the pits weren't just "hey bro, let's slam into each other as hard as we can!".
07:18 AM on 04/25/12
Regular Member
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Read the whole thing. My reading is done for the day.
07:20 AM on 04/25/12
Jack Appleby
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I like when musicians can write.

Good read.
07:23 AM on 04/25/12
Next Show: Jack's Mannequin NYC 2/3
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Also, after reading Tym's writeup, this is a great chance to namedrop Aficionado, who you should be listening to on the reg if you like Cursive, Piebald, All Get Out.. that kind of thing. One of the best bands I discovered last year.
07:33 AM on 04/25/12
Pentimento / Mike Hansen
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"They're Swedes what're you gonna do" hahaha
08:09 AM on 04/25/12
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oh how i wish i saw that garage show
08:13 AM on 04/25/12
Bright and Early
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Goddamn. I wish I could've been there.
08:27 AM on 04/25/12
Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
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Read the whole thing. My reading is done for the day.
08:35 AM on 04/25/12
Registered User
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Love that write up
09:02 AM on 04/25/12
Where are your friends tonight?
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Incredible atmosphere. Probably one of the loudest shows I've ever been to. Hearing 3000 people yelling "CAN I SCREAM!?" at the top of their lungs should be on your bucket list.
09:08 AM on 04/25/12
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(im reposting this with some additional stuff)

in short: seriously, holy holy holy fucking shit.

in long form: the thing to really and truly note about this run of shows is that unlike a lot of "reunion shows", where bands well on in their years try to specifically recreate what once was, we have a band that is in a truly unique situation; they were trying to finally realize what never was. when shape of punk came out, it was an album that was simply not particularly well received, it was challenging and different from their contemporary and didn't really find a home. they were attempting to sell a grand statement to an audience not ready for it, and maybe as a band with a struggling lineup, they had an album they arguably weren't even ready to actually play. anyone who's ever tried to play over a backing track in a new jersey basement with a shitty crate PA knows that never ever ever works (crunk core bands: FUCK YOU, BREAK UP) (except tower of gopal, that shit is brilliant).

but all these years later, everyone had their reservations. the band, the audience, the critics, the scalpers. but what was delivered to us was a band, "reunited", that is the best version of that band that ever existed. hands down. and good goddamned they fucking KNEW IT too. expertly practiced, flawlessly presented, ambitious and daring, and feeding rabidly off everyones sweat in the room into an outright fucking tornado of bravado and confidence and total FURY. thats what made these shows special, we were seeing what they spent YEARS dreaming about, in a place they dreamed about playing, you could see it in their faces as they played. this was a milestone finally realized. there are plenty of internet naysayers who say "oh theyre just doing it for the money" or "they didnt look that into it" or "they werent as good as they used to be." look at them. loooook at them. no no and no.

all that being said, i drove in from boston specifically for these shows and to do some art related happenings as a little vacation away from, well, everything. i went with exclusively OLD friends, people i knew from that era, people i've been in bands with, high school friends who accompanied me through the discovery of punk rock in the first place. for both terminal 5 shows i was right up against the barricade, squeezed of all but a faint breathe and just floored at how perfect everything around me was. the bonus of not drinking is that you don't give ANY kind of fucks about $8 beers, so it doesn't ruin your evening. turning around and seeing the vaguely thunderdome-esque venue, everyone on the same page (except Cerebral Ballzy, i have NO idea what page they were on), and cobwebs coming off a lot of older people who thought maybe this would be a huge disappointment like everything in the lives of your average 30 year old seems to be; it was something special.

so bruised and battered we left and took the train back to brooklyn, glowing, but the glow slowly transforming into the realization that my ankles arent what they used to be and my 2012 neck is unfamiliar with this "whipping hair back and forth" thing. despite rumors, constantly unfounded about a "secret show", we all decide to call it a night. then the previously mentioned Tym sends me a text. "its happening." so my friend and i run out the door, booking it full tilt the entire way through back streets of brooklyn to the venue, as fast as our feet will take us, nearly hopping over a literal train that blocked our path to trim off some time. me, in my infinite wisdom, chugging a bottle of coke the whole time because fuck you dad, thats why. people were there. the line grew, more and more taxis arrived, people nervously walked past everyone up front, knowing the farther they walked the less likely they were getting anywhere near the door.

and then we were inside. dennis said that the terminal 5 shows were our gift to him, and that this show was his gift to us. briefly holding my cellphone camera like a goddamned asshole, i realized "what the fuck am i doing?", threw it in my pocket, shoved my hat into my pants for fear of losing my favorite hat, saluted my friends behind me and tore myself to the front, up and off the stage to get things going with a solid leap. and off we went. as always, it wouldnt be a real punk show if there wasnt a problem with a makeshift PA. outside i hugged Dennis, telling him thank you for an amazing two days and that i was so happy for him*.

-daniel danger

*full disclosure: in 2000 i bought an X belt from Dennis. i still wear it today, it is my favorite belt. this transaction did not bias my review of the Refused reunion shows.
09:16 AM on 04/25/12
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JasonEpitaph's Avatar
I got chills reading this, I wish I was there. I saw them at Coachella and surreal is the only way to describe it. Dennis is 40 but he moves better than pretty much every 20 year old front man out there. I hope I get the chance to see them again, I'm not sure if any other band could live up to 14 years of pent-up expectations the way that they have.

Young bands take note. If you truly mean what you write to your very core, your record can live on forever.
10:41 AM on 04/25/12
Dead Inside
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ScorchOurBodies's Avatar
I don't really care for Refused's music all that much, but I have a ton of respect for this band and I definitely wish them the best.

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