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Consequential Apathy: For Miles

Posted by - 08:35 AM on 05/10/12
Tonight, I will be seeing Thrice on their farewell tour stop in Austin. This week I've written up a look back on a band that has challenged me over the years to open up to new sounds and structures of what a band can become. You can read my column here. It may not have been Thrice, but what band have you had a hard time with following through their career, but end up coming around to as the months and years have gone by? As you've opened up to that band, what other bands and genres have they opened you up to as well?
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08:36 AM on 05/10/12
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ACA's Avatar
I haven't been sad to see too many bands come to a close. I think AFI loosing their punk/goth style was probably the most disappointing "end of a band" for me. Thursday, Thrice.. their conclusions made sense to me. I'm happy where they are.

I wasn't too into Bayside at first, but they really exploded with The Walking Wounded and it forced me to dig into their catalog.

Blink-182 was another band that I didn't really care for until I was much older and got to appreciate their silly side. They opened me up to the fact that bands could just dick around and still be worthwhile.

I didn't love Bruce Springsteen, knowing only his "hits". Thanks to Dustin Kensrue and my brother, I finally dug into Nebraska, Born to Run.. and realized how amazing he is. Along with songs like "Counting 5-4-3-2-1" and "I'm Not Okay", the lesson to be learned is that sometimes a single is an awful representation of a good band.

I don't think there's too many bands that I initially disliked but grew to love.
08:53 AM on 05/10/12
Jack Appleby
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There were so many bands I didn't understand until the very end of their careers, including Thrice. The other big one that comes to mind is Copeland - it's weird to think that at one time, neither were a big part of my life.
09:14 AM on 05/10/12
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DevinDomino's Avatar
I'd love to go to the show tonight! Hate finals.
09:58 AM on 05/10/12
aka Max Phillips
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MXP's Avatar
Hmm, I'd have to go with Thursday and Brand New. very few of my friends listened to either band, so I discovered them through here. Only within these past 6 months or so have I really buckled down and listened to all of their records. I'm pretty pissed I didnt know about Thursday and wish I knew more Brand New back in the day.
10:53 AM on 05/10/12
The Things We Think We're Missing
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GetUpAndrew's Avatar
I'd have to go with Bayside too. The first time I really listened to them, not just a spin, but a depth listen to their discography, was exactly a year ago. When I was 17/18 years old, I tried to get into this band, but I don't know why, it was very difficult for me to truly enjoy their music. Then I listened to The Walking Wounded and Killing Time in their entirety, and within a week I knew by heart a great amount of their songs, expecially songs contained on the self titled and on Sirens And Condolescences.
11:20 AM on 05/10/12
Registered User
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Gunwalls's Avatar
Looking back on it, I really like "I'm only a man" by Emery. I feel pretty terrible that they got so much shit from everyone for that album.
12:08 PM on 05/10/12
Registered User
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ChewingGum's Avatar
Looking back on it, I really like "I'm only a man" by Emery. I feel pretty terrible that they got so much shit from everyone for that album.
I never really listened to Emery that much. I bought their 3 disc package Are You Listening? and fell in love with them. Very underrated in my opinion
12:19 PM on 05/10/12
Registered User
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Gunwalls's Avatar
I never really listened to Emery that much. I bought their 3 disc package Are You Listening? and fell in love with them. Very underrated in my opinion
I completely agree. I think that in the next couple of years Emery is going to be one of those bands that gets mentioned all the time when people are interviewing bands about who inspired them. People will look back and realize how unique they are. Sort of like what's been happening with Poison the Well recently.
12:36 PM on 05/10/12
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thatwasamoment's Avatar
I never "got" the joy division love until recently.
12:51 PM on 05/10/12
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cubsml34's Avatar
Again, definitely Bayside. I remember hearing Duality and thinking this sounds like crap. A buddy of mine had let me upload Shudder on my computer but I never really got into it. Then the Take Action Tour came around and I listened to Killing Time when it came out, loved it, then backtracked to Shudder and loved that one too.
01:34 PM on 05/10/12
Social Justice/Wayne State Warrior
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brook183's Avatar
I really couldn't be happier for Thrice, they are doing everything the right way. Taking a break for the right reasons, leaving it open for the possibility of future albums/tours, all while still giving us a proper "Farewell" tour just in case they can't come back.
01:38 PM on 05/10/12
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canvasofwinter's Avatar
I have this friend that keeps telling me that Thrice should have kept writing albums that sounded like The Artist in the Ambulance, and I keep trying to explain to him that maybe the whole reason that album is so special in the first place is because the band had their hearts in making that style of music when they wrote it. That sense of heart, of being truly in love with what you're making, is the common thread throughout all of the best art in any medium. If they were to go back and write another album in the same vein, I don't think it would measure up, simply because they say they've outgrown that style of music as people.
02:09 PM on 05/10/12
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Thrice is so underrated!! It is truly amazing that they can write so manygreat songs without a producer. I don’t think most people understand the importance of a producer they are usually like an extra member when writing analbum, but these guys can make turn out hits without any help from an outside person. Look at Anthology that song deserves to get radio play, it is so big and beautiful and yet so raw and passionate. On top of that with each album they consistently push the envelope like no other band does. I cannot wait to see them tomorrow.
03:41 PM on 05/10/12
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Handraa's Avatar
I did it with all the classics really. I liked Thrice, but it was Copeland, Thursday, Glassjaw, As Cities Burn, Hidden In Plain View, Every Time I Die I couldn't get into but now they are all I listen too.

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