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Dreamer - Concord EP Album Cover
Author's Rating
Vocals 7.5
Musicianship 7.5
Lyrics 7.5
Production 7.5
Creativity 7.5
Lasting Value 7.5
Reviewer Tilt 7.5
Final Verdict: 75%
Member Ratings
Vocals 6.33
Musicianship 6.42
Lyrics 6.08
Production 6.08
Creativity 6.42
Lasting Value 5.17
Reviewer Tilt 5.75
Average: 60%
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Dreamer - Concord EP

Reviewed by: blue_light_888 (05/26/12)
DreamerConcord EP
Record Label: Paradyne Records
Release Date: May 5, 2012

You may not have heard of Florida post-hardcore band Dreamer before, but once you let their latest work soak in a little, you’ll remember the name. Though Concord is only a sampler, it’s so soaked with emotion it hardly plays like one: anger, nostalgia, and even bits of regret seep through the music, and whatever volume the band plays at, its sense of tone is close to impeccable.

Opener “Bloodmoney” compresses a comprehensive overview of Dreamer’s sound into four minutes of haunting, furious rock. Deceptively gentle guitar strums and lead singer Paul Rose’s voice carries us through the melancholy first verse before thrusting us neck-first into a slamming chorus that dares you to sing along—that is, if you can handle the intensity. The hints of experimentation on the side, such as the stacatto guitar pulses that show up in the chorus, prove even more immersive.

Once “Bloodmoney” draws you in, “Kairos” sinks its claws right in. The track wastes no time in unleashing its fury, opening with a thrashing bout of sinister guitar and and bombastic rhythms, but beneath the pounding drums, there’s hints of melodies wriggling their way out of the song before bursting loose in a surprisingly beautiful bridge, then being beaten back into submission in the last chorus. It’s neither as memorable nor as immediately captivating as “Bloodmoney”, but it’s a brutally effective three minutes all the same.

“Static Stars” provides a foothold for Rose to let loose some wicked growls, and he steps up to the challenge. It’s perhaps the most unstable track on the EP, swinging between the quiet and the loud at any given moment, and it’s his vocal performance that holds the track together through its peaks and valleys. Structurally, it’s a tad looser than something like “Kairos”, both a strength and a detriment here: Dreamer gets to work with lots of different instrumentation here, and by large they pull every section off, but the track doesn’t build so much as it tinkers before rushing to a conclusion.

The best is saved for last: the acoustic and raw “The Sun” is the most powerful moment on the album and it shows that even without their walls of sound to back them up, Dreamer can still make a powerful musical statement. The song is performed acoustically and so never reaches the thundering rage of the previous three tracks, so it’s just Rose and his guitar running the show. The melodies are painfully sincere, particularly a heartbreaking chorus line that Rose sings the hell out of, and the texture lingers on that strange line between the muddled and the real, faded yet blindingly vivid.

With Concord, Dreamer pull off a nice trick: the whole ride may only last fifteen minutes, but it has all the impact of a full forty. It’s always better to leave your audience hungry for more rather than bloated, and if the four songs here are any indication, these guys have a hell of a main course coming up.


Recommended If You LikeThrice, moody, raging, beautiful hardcore

Track Listing1. Bloodmoney
2. Kairos
3. Static Stars
4. The Sun (Acoustic)

running time: 15 minutes
artist website: http://paradynerecords.com/artist/?id=12
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12:58 PM on 06/12/12
Regular Member
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H.e.n.r.I.'s Avatar
Liking this a lot so far. I read another review that compared the vocals [especially on the opening track] to circa survive, and I kinda agree with that. Anyways, solid review...and from the sounds of it, pretty awesome ep. Thanks for reviewing this.
08:38 AM on 06/15/12
Regular Member
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blue_light_888's Avatar
Liking this a lot so far. I read another review that compared the vocals [especially on the opening track] to circa survive, and I kinda agree with that. Anyways, solid review...and from the sounds of it, pretty awesome ep. Thanks for reviewing this.

Thanks for the read! :)
I found this band completely by accident, but I'm glad I did. this is a really good EP.
04:45 PM on 11/26/12
Registered User
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11:30 AM on 02/21/13
Registered User
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Hi All,
Concord is Dreamer's second studio release.It puts an awesome kick to their music that I have not seen from a local band in quite sometime.The balance between singing and screaming makes a huge impact on the songs on their Concord E.P.
Concord Locksmith
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