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What Bands Should Be On Today's Radio?

Posted by - 01:53 PM on 05/27/12
We haven't had one of Eda's awesome Bored On Sunday discussions in a while, so I figured I'd whip one up for a discussion topic on a slow-moving Sunday. My question today is, which bands that we cover on AP.net should be on the radio today? Although it seems like a distant past, it wasn't all that long ago that pop-punk bands like All Time Low, Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy and many others graced the airwaves and MTV (when MTV played music videos). I've outlined a few songs that have come out recently that I think would have been on the radio back when these types of bands were more common. Take to the replies to discuss which songs and bands you think should be on regular rotation.

1) Yellowcard - "Always Summer"
NoteWell, duh. Yellowcard was a staple on radio and MTV during the Ocean Avenue and Lights and Sounds record cycles, and I don't think it'd be any different today if the radio was still interested in this music. "Always Summer" is classic Yellowcard, as the band has an uncanny ability to retain the same style without ever growing stale with it. The track is definitely guitar-driven, as the best pop-punk radio songs were, and the violin solo would be a great moment for the airwaves. This is a no-brainer in my mind.

2) Motion City Soundtrack - "True Romance"
NoteWhile not all of Motion City Soundtrack's nerdy brand of indie rock lends itself to radio, "True Romance" is definitely poppy enough to make an appearance on a variety of stations. The track is easy to listen to and MCS is still a force in this genre - a poppier number like this would even have been radio-eligible when this genre began waning from the radio in 2006-2008.

3) Make Do and Mend - "Lucky"
NoteThis might be a weird one to see up here, but I honestly think this actually has radio potential today. It has elements of radio-friendly hard rock music, and the vocals can appeal to everyone. The guitar riff is head-bangy enough for hard rock stations and it's uptempo enough for those stations to put it on without thinking twice - if only they knew who this band was. Luckily, Rise Records should be able to change that soon, and I can see Make Do and Mend making a pretty meteoric rise with Everything You Ever Loved.

4) Man Overboard - "Spunn"
NoteReally, quite a few of this band's songs could have fit here - but I picked "Spunn" because of how instantly easy it is for teenagers to transfer the lyrics into Facebook statuses. The group fits the bill as what All Time Low was with So Wrong, It's Right - albeit with vocals that simply aren't as good and with less large-scale hype - and would be an easy choice for any radio-friendly pop-punk mix.

5) I Call Fives - "Backup Plan"
NoteMy explanation for this basically matches up with my Man Overboard explanation - down to the All Time Low comparison. Actually, I Call Fives takes after ATL's sound even more, and their upcoming record has some huge hooks on it.
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02:03 PM on 05/27/12
More cushin for the pushin.
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sk8mule89's Avatar
02:04 PM on 05/27/12
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DevinDomino's Avatar
Long Lost Friends - Transit
02:10 PM on 05/27/12
buddah knome
Registered Member
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buddah knome's Avatar
I think a few of the tracks off HH's HOPE would fit on the radio if pop-punk/post hardcore was still popular. MOB for sure is radio gold!
02:12 PM on 05/27/12
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thisisadisaster's Avatar
hockey and white rabbits are barely AP bands, but they both should have had huge radio hits by now.
02:15 PM on 05/27/12
Manufactured Dreams
Fabricated Revolution
User Info.
Manufactured Dreams's Avatar
Hit the Lights, Every Avenue, Forever the Sickest Kids, We Are the In Crowd...all very pop-radio friendly

HTL I can agree on but everything else is straight garbage. Radio would be worse.
02:15 PM on 05/27/12
Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
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Thomas Nassiff's Avatar
If you're going to post a video - you should probably link to it instead of posting it in here.
02:16 PM on 05/27/12
Alex DiVincenzo
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Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
Patent Pending should be huge. If you can say "Douchebag" on the radio (I assume that's kosher?), this should be a big hit.

02:16 PM on 05/27/12
Stop liking things.
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QuietThings430's Avatar
I think based on where radio friendly rock is going (which is more accessible indie rock ala fun., Gotye, Young The Giant, etc.)

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks
It's fun, bouncy, has a guy sings one line girl sings one line routine and has trumpets. Boom.

Good Old War - Amazing Eyes
This (as well as the rest of the album) is destined to make pseduo-intellectual college girls swoon all over America. I'm surprised their new album hasn't gotten more love, it's pretty darn fun.

Torche - Kicking
This song has the ass-kicking fury of Mastodon, the pop melodies of Foo Fighters and the utter gleefulness of Andrew W.K. In short, it's fucking awesome.
02:19 PM on 05/27/12
Manufactured Dreams
Fabricated Revolution
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Manufactured Dreams's Avatar
"Teeth" and "Life Is Killing Me" by Fireworks.
02:19 PM on 05/27/12
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anamericangod's Avatar
Hit The Lights - Take Control
Lovedrug - Pink Champagne
The Forecast - Clear Eyes, Full Hearts
02:21 PM on 05/27/12
More cushin for the pushin.
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sk8mule89's Avatar
As per suggestion, a link!

Thank You Scientist - My Famed Disappearing Act

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIpn6...yer_ embedded
02:22 PM on 05/27/12
butterflies and butcher knives
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Ambelina's Avatar
3 should've been all over the radio since 1994 when they were the youngest band to play the Woodstock festival.

02:22 PM on 05/27/12
Your girl's favorite pizza boy
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JTHomeslice's Avatar
Hellogoodbye. They should be massive.
02:23 PM on 05/27/12
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donwagenblast's Avatar
Looking forward, it'd be nice to see NFG get some radio play for "Summer Fling, Don't Mean a Thing" once the video drops.

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