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Entertainment Round-Up (6/2/2012)

Posted by - 08:51 AM on 06/02/12
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08:51 AM on 06/02/12
Thomas Balkcom
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Entertainment Round-Up
contributors: rest_easy, stayillogical, and Thomas Balkcom

Industry News and Rumors:


01) Itís possible that The Avengers will come in a special 10 disk blu-ray edition with Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Iron man 1 and 2, Incredible Hulk and bonus disc along with some other possible goodies.

02) Kick Ass 2 is greenlit and looks like the 3 main actors are getting deals done to return along with Nic Cage in a cameo .

03) Thor 2 will now come out November 8th 2013 and Lone Ranger July 3rd 2013.

04) July 18th, 2014, we will get the XMen: First Class sequel.

05) Memorial Day 2014 will see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

06) Adam Sandler is to replace Wahlberg to star opposite Will Ferrell in 3 Mississippi.

07) Jim Byrkit and Alex Manugian (Rango) will write Fraggle Rock.

08) Itís looking like weíll see DeNiro and Stallone in the boxing comedy Grudge Match.

09) The Umbrella Corporation has its site up... (irony they would have a Ďviralí campaign for resident evil?)

10) Iron Man 3 will include... (spoiler)

11) Iron Man 3 villians will have Sir Ben Kingsley play The Mandarin but not as the main villain? No, Guy Pierceís Aldrich Killian will be the focus.

12) According to Simon Pegg, Khan will not be the villain in Star Trek 2.

13) Here is a clip from Brave.

14) Hereís a look at Andre Benjamin playing Jimi Hendrix in Al isl By My Side.

15) 6 photos from Django Unchained.

16) Guy Ritchie will direct Treasure Island.17) Here are some casting additions to Grown Ups 2.

18) There will be an animated Moonrise Kingdom short film that will premiere online.


01)Well, NBC is making Hannibal so Lifetime gets to call dibs on Clarice. (thatís not even a joke, itís for real)

02) This is when your AMC summer shows begin.

03) Mason Cook (Spy Kids: All the time in the world) will play Eddie Munster on the reboot called Mockingbird Lane which will have its pilot directed by Brian Singer and the show produced by Bryan Fuller.

04) Hereís a trailer for CWís Arrow.

05) Want to know when your favorite show is coming back on air (if it has an actual airdate yet?) check here.

06) In the same vein, want to know if your show is cancelled or renewed or whatís new thatís coming out?

Newest Trailers

01) Premium Rush - http://movies.yahoo.com/2012-summer-movies/premium-rush-201052949.html
02) The Bourne Legacy - http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/universal/thebournelegacy/
03) Red Lights - http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/redlights/
04) Branded - http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/branded-2012/trailers/branded-theatrical-trailer-29507232.html
05) Les Miserables - http://www.bing.com/videos/browse?mkt=en-us&vid=aa88f4cc-9d41-43e4-8ad3-186317750e2b&from=sharepermalink&sr c=v5:share:sharepermalink:&from=des t_en-us
06) Lay the Favorite - http://www.heyuguys.co.uk/2012/05/29/lay-the-favourite-uk-trailer/
07) Starship Troopers: Invasion - http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=90776
08) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=90748

09) Amour - http://www.slashfilm.com/watch-trail...-winner-amour/

Absolutepunk Entertainment Forum Links

The Avengers
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The Amazing Spider-Man
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The Book Thread
Movie Lists 2012

sources: blogs.indiewire.com, deadline.com, nymag.com, hollywoodreporter.com, comingsoon.net, slashfilm.com, variety.com, deadline.com, avclub.com, collider.com, tvline.com, trailers.apple.com, moviephone.com,
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08:51 AM on 06/02/12
sorrow of moldavia
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i see nothing...EDIT: nevermind, there it is
08:55 AM on 06/02/12
You can't afford to live like this
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stonecoldfox's Avatar
So many awesome bits of news and release dates in this round-up, but this one has me the most excited: 07) Jim Byrkit and Alex Manugian (Rango) will write Fraggle Rock. The idea of Fraggle Rock + Rango is phenomenal.
09:11 AM on 06/02/12
I make music.
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bradsonemanband's Avatar
any word on if the Fraggle Rock movie will be CGI or puppets?

i'm guessing CGI...
09:51 AM on 06/02/12
Cody Nelson
FightHaver (Fast Drive)
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So not only does Clarice have to stop a serial killer, she has to protect herself from an abusive ex-husband that she can't seem to escape?
10:05 AM on 06/02/12
It's like Meow-Schwitz in here.
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theintention's Avatar
Otherwise known as Superhero Entertainment roundup.

Can't wait for Django Unchained.
10:07 AM on 06/02/12
Show's over, mother fuckers.
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fothermucker's Avatar
Looks like I need to buy a blu-ray player before that huge ass 10 disc blu-ray set comes out.
That is fucking insane.
10:20 AM on 06/02/12
Nooooo! The Denver Broncos!? :(
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domotime2's Avatar
Otherwise known as Superhero Entertainment roundup.

Can't wait for Django Unchained.

haha mmhmm.
10:21 AM on 06/02/12
Thomas Balkcom
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Thomas Balkcom's Avatar
Otherwise known as Superhero Entertainment roundup.

Can't wait for Django Unchained.
hahaha, usually I post too much about "indie" stuff. Rest_easy did 95% of this round up and it wasn't that busy of a news week!
10:41 AM on 06/02/12
Fight the Cancer
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rawspinner's Avatar
Holy cow. I think I have to see Spider Man now. I suppose Marvel is moving forward with some Civil War plotline .

Also, did the girl in the Umbrella recruitment vid look like Rebecca Black, or was that just me?

[EDIT] I should have read the article. I don't get why Marvel doesn't have the rights to use Norman Osborne though.
11:22 AM on 06/02/12
The Big Timer
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Why Mockingbird Lane? Why aren't they just calling it The Munsters?
12:00 PM on 06/02/12
phanyes1 doesn't suck
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drewbaldy's Avatar
Really upset that Sony are douches and won't even let Norman Osborne be in Iron Man 3 as the iron patriot. Such bullshit.
12:50 PM on 06/02/12
Regular Member
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VeryWittyName's Avatar
Breaking Bad is what my life needs right now, basically.
01:19 PM on 06/02/12
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chrisstahl's Avatar
Breaking Bad is what my life needs right now, basically.
I'm kinda bummed it's split so the series finale won't actually be until over a year from now. Oh well.

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