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Thursday Discussion: The Most Anticipated Albums of the Rest of 2012

Posted by - 03:23 PM on 06/21/12
We're barreling towards the end of June here, which means that the AP.net Staff's Mid-Year AOTY feature will be up very soon! But for now with today's Thursday Discussion, we're going to take a look at what we're anticipating moving forward in 2012. Both Kyle Huntington and I came up with 10 albums that we're excited for (all with release dates of July 1 or later), and we've written up some blurbs below. We feel the lists are pretty interesting, as Kyle and I listen to very different styles of music - while my most anticipated is The Gaslight Anthem, Kyle chose to put The xx at the top of his list. So scroll down to check out our lists, and head over to PropertyOfZack to read Zack Zarrillo's as well. Of course, we want to hear from all of you, so drop your own most anticipated lists in the replies and discuss!

Thomas Nassiff10 Most Anticipated Albums for The Second Half of 2012

1. The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten (July 24)
You know, I think the entertainment gods got together on this one. Handwritten comes out only days after The Dark Knight Rises. How the hell did that work out? I've been telling my friends that this isn't just a record I'm anticipating - but with the output from Gaslight and The Horrible Crowes, and just this point of my life that I'm in with a fair amount of uncertainty regarding my future - this is my most anticipated album of all time. It's not even close. I think about it at least once per day, and it's probably been like that for the last month - and we're still a month away. I find that when we're lacking confidence or we're uncertain about anything, we latch onto something to be that steady rock throughout - I can see Handwritten being that for me during the second half of the year. If past efforts are any indication, The Gaslight Anthem will be near the top of the EOTY lists again.

2. Yellowcard - Southern Air (Aug. 14)
This band was my gateway into pop-punk music. Yellowcard's Ocean Avenue and New Found Glory's Sticks and Stones, at more or less the same time, led me to listen to most of the music this site covers. It's possible that without Yellowcard, I would have never signed up for an AP.net account or even needed to find a website to come to for music news. So I've got a pretty deep personal connection with them - they're one of the only bands whose albums I purchased day-of-release years ago when I didn't know where to find early album leaks. And while When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes was a release I couldn't wait for, the awesome-ness of that album made me anticipate Southern Air even more. And you know, it doesn't disappoint. Southern Air is just as good as Paper Walls, which places it at a career-defining caliber.

3. Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues (TBA)
Well, then. There's not much to say about this except that from what I understand, this is going to be a concept record from Laura Jane Grace about her experience as a woman trapped inside a man's body. And whenever someone is going to get this personal on an album, let alone when it's one of the better punk bands around, you have to pay attention. This could turn into something truly legendary.

4. Bad Books - Bad Books II? (TBA)
When Andy Hull is going to release new music, I pay attention. When Kevin Devine is going to release new music, I pay attention to that too. So you can imagine how much attention I was paying when Bad Books came out with its self-titled album a couple years back. Another effort from this project is something to keep an eye out for at the very latest, and since it's already done being recorded, we'll hopefully have it in our ears sooner rather than later.

5. Forever Came Calling - Contender (July 24)
Drew and I have been saying this for a couple of weeks now - Contender is the best poppy pop-punk album in at least two years. If you enjoyed either of the Man Overboard LPs, this is going to be your anthem for months. Forever Came Calling is a blend of MOB, Set Your Goals, and The Story So Far...but somehow catchier than all of those bands. Do not sleep on this album. It hasn't left my car stereo since I got it.

6. The American Scene - Safe For Now (Aug. 7)
I didn't particularly love any of The American Scene's past efforts, but Safe For Now is a hell of a full-length to come blazing out on. It's a mixture of the better parts of Seahaven and The Dangerous Summer (sans shenanigans) and that comes bursting out on Safe For Now. It's really one of those albums that can hit any given fan of this genre real hard - I know our own Christian Wagner is pegging it as his album of the year so far.

7. Green Day - Uno! y Dos! (Sep. 25, Nov. 13)
Curiosity. That's all this is. I like Green Day's recent work a lot more than most people do, to the point that American Idiot is actually my favorite release by the band. I really, really like Dookie, but why would you want EVERY veteran pop-punk band to stay the same?! Some groups are going to release "consistent" music - New Found Glory for example - so why not let Green Day wander off and reinvent itself every album? I'm not saying I'm super excited about the concept of landing somewhere in between The Beatles and AC/DC, but I'm probably more intrigued by this trilogy than most things in the very late portion of 2012.

8. The Early November - In Currents (July 10)
One of the more exciting reunions of 2012 will finally come to fruition when The Early November drops In Currents on July 10. If you're a fan of Ace's songwriting at all, you're going to adore this record, especially the more stripped down tracks like "Digital Age" and "That's Your Real Name." However, the rest of The Early November was not outdone - the musicianship here is simply fantastic.

9. Pentimento - TBA (TBA)
Wrecked was one of the more interesting EPs I've heard recently, with a Hot Water Music influence that has the potential for a lot more. Talking to this band in the last couple of weeks has piqued my interest about what this album could sound like - it has great potential, and with the right moves, Pentimento could follow in the footsteps of a band like Make Do and Mend.

10. Paramore - TBA (TBA)
Again, a matter of curiosity lies here. Paramore's first album sans the Farro Bros. has been long-awaited, it seems, and there's really no confirmation on when it can be expected. One thing is for sure - AP.net users will always have interest in anything Hayley Williams-related, and she's talented enough to pull just about anything off.

Kyle Huntington1. The xxCoexist (Sept. 11)
We’ve already heard the demo and some new songs aired live and judging by those, it doesn’t seem like any excitement surrounding this sophomore effort is going to be dampened when it finally gets released. With Jamie xx taking time to experiment more and perfect his production skills and musicianship in other projects or with his solo work, it’s almost a dead cert that this record will be embraced emphatically much like the debut came to be.

2. Cat PowerSun (Sept. 3)
If there is an album on this list that could be picked out for being the most anticipated above the others, it would probably be Chan Marshall’s return with her first album of original material since 2006. The record is also completely produced by Marshall and sees her taking full control of songwriting and instrumental performance, a concept which sounds standard to many, but very exciting to those that are followers. Following a turbulent time with breakdowns and break-ups, this album looks like it could be the perfect exorcism via great songs. You can hear the new single “Ruin” now.

3. Purity RingShrines (July 24)
This is being released on one of my favourite record label groups, Beggars, specifically 4AD and is easily a record that being a lot of intrigue and excitement for 2012. Said to combine the” airy 90s R&B, lush dream pop, and the powerful, bone-rattling immediacy of modern hip hop” there aren’t many other contenders for fresh sounding and unique albums with this much anticipation come the latter half of 2012. The new single “Fineshrine” should be listened to immediately.

4. The Vaccines The Vaccines Come Of Age (Sept. 3)
The Vaccines’ debut was a huge quick-fire hit with a large audience, including a swarm of fans here on Absolutepunk. Managing to overcome the dreaded “poisoned chalice” of hype in the UK and heading out to tour the world and show what they were really made of: great songwriting, energy, a sense of reckless abandon and hooks. Their second album is being released just over a year later and promises to keep that ethos and urgency that they are known and loved for, which can be displayed in their new single “No Hope”.

5. Lucy RoseLike I Used To (Sept. 24)
A debut that, that for me, feels like it’s been incredibly long awaited. Seeing and hearing how Lucy Rose has progressed from her lo-fi fragile demos to a silent beast of a songstress, much like Laura Marling mixed with elements of close friends Bombay Bicycle Club, is nothing short of magnificent. Able to sing with such unmatchable delicacy one moment to performing tracks with multiple tempo changes and huge drums the next, this is a record and an artist to look out for without a doubt.

6. Frank OceanChannel Orange (July 17)
Seemingly omnipresent in the music scene over the past year, and rightly so following the release of Nostalgia, Ultra, it seems strange the Frank Ocean hasn’t even released his debut album yet. But if the teaser video, the reconciliation with Def Jam and single “Thinking About You” are anything to go by, then it will be worth the wait.

7. Animal CollectiveCentipede Hz (Sept. 3)
Apparently written, “more as a rock band in a room and we wanted to record it that way as well,” this album is said to be a crowd pleaser for fans of pre-Merriweather Post Pavillion style Animal Collective. Set to be more challenging, creative but still “sounding like an Animal Collective record” it will definitely make for one of the most talked about and interesting releases of the latter of the year.

8. Grizzly BearTBA (Sept. 18)
Feels like way longer than three years since Veckatimist was released and that’s why the airing of new track and first song on the forthcoming record, “Sleeping Ute”, was oh so welcome recently. The band caused ripples, which soon turned to waves amongst the music scene, garnering all kinds of new fans with their previous album release, so the pressure is on…there’s a whole load more people to grab and impress once again.

9. Wild NothingNocturne (Aug. 28)
2010’s Gemini was a record that swept up many new fans with its reverberated qualities and lush tendencies, managing to combine hazy dream-pop with the Morrissey-esque influence. The first song we’ve heard form this release, “Shadow”, is certain to bring those fans running back for the album and with support slots for Beach House and The Walkmen, 2012 is set to be the breakthrough year for Jack Tatum’s project.

10. Crystal CastlesTBA (TBA)
In recent interviews, they described this album as “bleak” but that’s nothing new to fans of theirs, which in-turn is a comforting thing to know, sticking to what they do best whilst always evolving in leaps and bounds. Always polarizing and interesting, album number three will almost certainly share the trait of the previous two, caressing you into a false sense of security before kicking you in the face.
Displaying posts 1 - 15 of 180
03:27 PM on 06/21/12
User Info.
Avalanche1's Avatar
Yellowcard is by far my most anticipated.
03:27 PM on 06/21/12
Adam Pfleider
wait. what were we talking about?
User Info.
Adam Pfleider's Avatar
Grizzly Bear
Chelsea Wolfe
Tera Melos
Indian Handcrafts
Bad Books
03:28 PM on 06/21/12
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
User Info.
Drew Beringer's Avatar
Tegan and Sara for me.
03:28 PM on 06/21/12
Registered User
User Info.
texan4lif281's Avatar
Could not agree with you more on your 1 and 2. Minus the Bear and Bloc Party are up there.
03:29 PM on 06/21/12
Deborah Remus
User Info.
Deborah Remus's Avatar
Agreed with Against Me! and Green Day. Also really looking forward to Propagandhi, Billy Talent and Broadway Calls.
03:30 PM on 06/21/12
Yeezus season approaching.
User Info.
daftpunker45's Avatar
The Gaslight Anthem, The American Scene, Yellowcard, I Call Fives, Green Day, The Early November and The Vaccines. And just in case it does happen, Brand New and The Dangerous Summer.
03:32 PM on 06/21/12
User Info.
8SlicesOfPie's Avatar
Frank Ocean - Channel Orange
Minus the Bear - Infinity Overhead
The xx - Coexist
Grizzly Bear - Warp229

And I'm interested in hearing Cruel Summer I guess. Not too thrilled with what's come out from it so far though.
03:32 PM on 06/21/12
Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
User Info.
Thomas Nassiff's Avatar
Agreed with Against Me! and Green Day. Also really looking forward to Propagandhi, Billy Talent and Broadway Calls.
Oh wow, I'm really stoked on a new Broadway Calls album! Forgot about that.
03:34 PM on 06/21/12
Jake Denning
User Info.
Jake Denning's Avatar
The American Scene, P.O.D., Lower Than Atlantis, Terror, Fences, and Yellowcard.
03:34 PM on 06/21/12
Jake Jenkins
User Info.
Jake Jenkins's Avatar
The xx is easily my most anticipated as well
03:34 PM on 06/21/12
Jake Jenkins
User Info.
Jake Jenkins's Avatar
The American Scene, P.O.D., Lower Than Atlantis, Terror, and Fences.
03:34 PM on 06/21/12
Regular Member
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No Avatar Selected
Tigers on Trains
Bad Books
Bloc Party
03:36 PM on 06/21/12
Alex DiVincenzo
User Info.
Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
Agree with a lot of Thomas' and Zack's lists.

Also: Trophy Scars - Holy Vacants
03:36 PM on 06/21/12
Registered Member
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whitelightning7's Avatar
Right now, I'm really only stoked about The Gaslight Anthem and Yellowcard. I'm also hoping for some new Brand New or The Dangerous Summer this year, but I'm not holding on to that hope.

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