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I look forward to all the comments about how craptastic my list is this year. So let's get to it...

Drew Beringer's Ten Most Essential Records of 2007
10) The Shins - Wincing The Night Away: Sucks that this got leaked so late in 2006 and had a January release date, as I know many have forgotten about this delicious piece of indie-pop. Their most honest work to date.

09) Thrice - The Alchemy Index: Volumes 1+2 - Fire & Water: The first half of the very ambitious concept album, Thrice continues to push the envelope, drifting even further from the post-hardcore sound. Fire is heavy, water is light electronic-based work, together they form beautiful music. As always, Dustin Kensrue's lyrics are deep, inspirational, and touching, always a key factor for my best of lists. I cannot wait for Volume's 3 and 4.

08) Every Time I Die - The Big Dirty: I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a huge ETID fan boy. I've loved all of their work, and The Big Dirty is no exception. Just as the title implies, this record is everything you'd expect from ETID: clever lyrics, bruising guitars, huge intensity, and guttural screams/yells from Keith Buckley. It's the bastard child of Hot Damn! and Gutter Phenomenon. And that's why I love this record.

07) Stars - In Our Bedrooms After The War: So many emotions swirl inside me while listening to this beautiful record. Whether it's the beautiful harmonies between Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan or the honesty and zest of their lyrics, this record transfixes me every time.

06) Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger: Too much is never enough, that's how Ryan Adams sees it. His latest record included everything from being pissed off to depressed to oddly hopeful, which I have experienced and felt all throughout this year.

05) Iron & Wine – The Shepard’s Dog: Oh Sam Beam, how your wonderful lyrics and lush melodies give my ears auditory highs. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

04) Saves The Day - Under The Boards: The second, and darkest, chapter of the Saves The Day trilogy, Under The Boards features the former Glassjaw rhythm duo, which carries the record along with Chris Conley's sky high vocals and despairing lyrics. When I hit my lowest points this year, this was the record I put on.

03) Tegan & Sara - The Con: You can file this under the "Totally Came Out Of Left Field" section, as I was surprised to see how much this album spoke to me. Not only are these twin's pop songs great, but they are also emotionally powerful too.

02) Radiohead- In Rainbows: We all know the background of this release, so I'm not going to get into that. What I will say is that this is probably my second or third favorite Radiohead album ever, just for how personal and vulnerable it is. Thom Yorke and company have never seemed so real.

01) Say Anything - In Defense Of The Genre: Ah yes, the album of the year. Most of you probably saw this one coming, but I cannot deny it: Max Bemis is this scene's Jesus. I don't care how much crap I get for it, this guy can write. Coordinating and orchestrating 27 tracks onto one mammoth double album is tough enough, but to make them all vital to the record, now that's amazing. After hundreds of listens, I can easily say there is not one throw-away track on this album. Not to mention that Bemis' lyrics are very real and relatable.

The Rest of the Best
11) The National - Boxer
12) Jay-Z - American Gangster
13) Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light
14) Kanye West- Graduation
15) Yellowcard - Paper Walls
16) Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero
17) Feist - The Reminder
18) Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
19) Motion City Soundtrack - Until It Kills Me
20) Steel Train – Trampoline
21) Against Me! – New Wave
22) Straylight Run - The Needles The Space
23) The Starting Line – Direction
24) Between The Buried And Me - Colors
25) Bright Eyes - Cassadaga
26) Four Year Strong - Rise Or Die Trying
27) Fall Out Boy – Infinity On High
28) Bayside - The Walking Wounded
29) Anberlin - Cities
30) Rilo Kiley - Under The Blacklight

Honorable Mention in no particular orderDarkest Hour – Deliver Us
Justice – t
Amy Winehouse – Back To Black
Chiodos - Bone Palace Ballet
A Wilhelm Scream – Career Suicide
Modest Mouse – We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank
Minus The Bear - Planet Ice
Talib Kweli – Eardrum
Drop Dead, Gorgeous – Worse Than A Fairy Tale
The Academy Is… – Santi
The Snake The Cross The Crown – Cotton Teeth
Paramore - Riot!
Lifetime - Lifetime
LCD Soundsystem – Sound Of Silver
Daggermouth – Turf Wars
Asteria – Slip Into Something More Comfortable
The Spill Canvas – No Really, I’m Fine
Hot Cross – Risk Revival
Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience, & Grace
Gallows – Orchestra Of Wolves
Eisley – Combinations
The Graduate – Anhedonia
Bloc Party – A Weekend In The City
Dustin Kensrue – Please Come Home
All Time Low – So Wrong, It’s Right
Comeback Kid – Broadcasting…

Most Disappointing Albums of 2007
04) Mae - Singularity
03) Angels & Airwaves – I-Empire
02) Emery – I’m Only A Man
01) Cartel – Cartel

Worst Albums of 2007
04) Angels & Airwaves – I-Empire
03) Cartel – Cartel
02) Avenged Sevenfold – Avenged Sevenfold
01) Good Charlotte – Good Morning Revival

Best New Band of 2007
01b) The Graduate
01a) Four Year Strong

Best Music Video of 2007
04) Fall Out Boy – This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race

03) Every Time I Die - We'rewolf

02) Justice – “D.A.N.C.E.”

01) Feist – “1234”

Best Lyrics of 2007
10) Justin Pierre (Motion City Soundtrack)
09) Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes)
08) Torquil Campbell (Stars)
07) Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die)
06) Chris Conley (Saves The Day)
05) Sam Beam (Iron and Wine)
04) Thom Yorke (Radiohead)
03) Dustin Kensrue (Thrice)
02) Max Bemis (Say Anything)
01) Tegan and Sara Quinn

Most Underrated Band
01) A Wilhelm Scream

Most Overrated Band(s)
01b) The Dear Hunter
01a) Cassino

Saddest Breakups
03) Park
02) The Early November
01) Spitalfield

Best Single
05) Misery Business - Paramore
04) Rehab – Amy Winehouse
03) Thnks Fr Th Mmrs – Fall Out Boy
02) 1234 - Feist
01) Stronger – Kanye West

Worst Single
01b) Crank That - Soulja Boy
01a) Lose It – Cartel

Best Music Blog
01) We Wore Masks. (http://weworemasks.blogspot.com/)

Band(s) Most Pimped By AP.net
05) Four Year Strong
04) The Graduate
03) The Starting Line
02) Yellowcard
01) Say Anything

Best Movies of 2007
05) Hairspray
04) Ratatouille
03) Knocked Up
02) No Country For Old Men
01) Superbad

Best TV Shows of 2007
05) Entourage
04) Scrubs
03) The Office
02) How I Met Your Mother
01) 30 Rock

The Next Big Thing(s) of 2008
05) The Audition
04) The Chemist vs The Computer
03) Automatic Loveletter
02) Asteria
01) Jet Lag Gemini
ExplanationLook for The Audition to make a big splash in 08 with their new release. Big things are coming up this year from Asteria. The Chemist vs The Computer is the best unsigned band you haven’t heard. Automatic Loveletter is making buzz with its brand of female-fronted pop. And Jet Lag Gemini are the next big thing from Doghouse, who has already broke The Get Up Kids, All American Rejects, and Say Anything. Add JLG to the list.

Top 10 Most Anticipated 2008
10) Fear Before The March Of Flames
09) Panic! At The Disco
08) The Hush Sound
07) New Found Glory
06) Sufjan Stevens (?)
05) Deftones
04) The Hold Steady
03) Thrice
02) Saves The Day
01) Glassjaw

30 Best Songs of 2007
In no particular order
Borne On The FM Airwaves – Against Me!
*fin – Anberlin
No Cars Go – Arcade Fire
Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Battery – Every Time I Die
Thriller – Fall Out Boy
I Feel It All – Feist
Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die - Four Year Strong
Roc Boys (And The Winner Is…) – Jay-Z
Dizzy – Jimmy Eat World
Stronger – Kanye West
D.A.N.C.E. – Justice
North American Scum – LCD Soundsystem
Rehab – Amy Winehouse
Parting Of The Sensory – Modest Mouse
Even If It Kills Me – Motion City Soundtrack
My Violent Heart – Nine Inch Nails
Deathbed – Relient K
Halloweenhead – Ryan Adams
Personal – Stars
Sleeping Lessons – The Shins
Call It Off – Tegan & Sara
Plea – Say Anything
Videotape – Radiohead
Paper Walls – Yellowcard
Getaway – Saves The Day
Soon We’ll Be Living In The Future – Straylight Run
Open Water - Thrice
Dumb It Down – Lupe Fiasco
Boy With A Coin – Iron &Wine
A Second Chance To Make A First Impression - Asteria

Album of the YearSay Anything – In Defense Of The Genre: As I said earlier, this is the album that spoke to me the most. It's just an epic amount of music/emotion/effort/etc. that can't be overlooked. I love Max Bemis' honesty, vulnerability, blemishes, and flaws. This is an album that'll be spun constantly by me. It was very difficult between this and In Rainbows, but the deciding factor, once again, is how much the album means to me and how much I can relate to it, and In Defense Of The Genre falls underneath that.

Song of the Year"Videotape” – Radiohead: The haunting, striking piano keys. The eerie delicateness of Thom Yorke's voice. The blunt honesty and calmness in the lyrics. This song hit me like no other song has hit me in a while.

Hardest Working Band of the YearAgainst Me!: To see this Florida band grow from the angry folk sound on the small independent labels to the angry punk rock on Sire and seeing their message break through to the mainstream is really awesome. While their older "fans" will call for their heads on a platter, most of us are very pleased to see Against Me! making waves in the mainstream.

Band of the YearSay Anything and Radiohead: I already had to choose between the two for Album of the Year, I couldn't do it again for Band of the Year, especially since both of them had great 2007's that had everyone talking. Obviously, Radiohead had everyone talking about how they decided to release their album and how sudden the album was released. We didn't know about till 9 days before the release, that's nuts. And every Say Anything news thread was 100+ replies easily, as it was the hottest scene release and probably most talked about album this year. And not only was it hyped, it also met the hype, which is no easy task. So because of this and many other things, Radiohead and Say Anything are my Bands of the Year, as they dominated my 2007.

I look forward to a very successful year in 2008. Watch out for AP.net, we're only getting started. And I want to shout out to the Sports Forum aka best forum on this site. Mad props to the OG posters there, you know who you are.
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01:09 PM on 12/26/07
Goodbye Forever
Selfish Masquerade
User Info.
Goodbye Forever's Avatar
Nice work, Drew. And fuck yeah to 30 Rock.
01:14 PM on 12/26/07
we are cured
mylovefordanger.bandcamp. com
User Info.
we are cured's Avatar
good stuff, i agree with the call on 'videotape' for song of the year and aws as most underrated band.
01:20 PM on 12/26/07
Scott Weber
Live Like a Legend
User Info.
Scott Weber's Avatar
sports forum ftw.
01:21 PM on 12/26/07
Jason Tate
User Info.
Jason Tate's Avatar
01:47 PM on 12/26/07
5-0 Next up Arkansas
User Info.
Nametekken's Avatar
your list isnt bad lol.

I like the saddest break up addition to your list and i can agree with them except spitafield would be #3 for me.
02:12 PM on 12/26/07
User Info.
iihungrieii's Avatar
you put D.A.N.C.E. - Justice twice on your best songs of 2007


lakers to superbowl
03:19 PM on 12/26/07
Adrian Villagomez
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Adrian Villagomez's Avatar
Entertainment forum's better, DrewB. Paper Walls ftw.
03:20 PM on 12/26/07
poop butts
User Info.
weworemasks's Avatar
yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssss! weworemasks hollaback younginnnnnnnnn'.
03:32 PM on 12/26/07
Pass the Bud
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preppyak's Avatar
I haven't listened to the Straylight Run album in a while, but I loved it when it came out. I'd probably have that hovering around my top 10.

See ya in the sports forum drew
04:20 PM on 12/26/07
couch coaches dot company
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TheOtherAndrew's Avatar
Sweet list(s), I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought 30 Rock deserved show of the year status.
04:57 PM on 12/26/07
User Info.
matt_rawlings's Avatar
Bring on the Chemist vs The Computer love
05:26 PM on 12/26/07
is looking for that clearer water
User Info.
bduke13's Avatar
I agree with you that Automatic Loveletter will be "the next best thing". Juliet Simms has a very very bright future
05:58 PM on 12/26/07
User Info.
ThisIsNotDan's Avatar
nice nice
06:28 PM on 12/26/07
Not that easy to confuse
User Info.
Poochemist's Avatar
Nice list, man.

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