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Aiden - Some Kind Of Hate Album Cover
Author's Rating
Vocals 5.5
Musicianship 2.75
Lyrics 1
Production 6
Creativity 1
Lasting Value 0.5
Reviewer Tilt 7
Final Verdict: 34%
Member Ratings
Vocals 7
Musicianship 9.5
Lyrics 6.75
Production 7
Creativity 6.75
Lasting Value 7
Reviewer Tilt 7
Average: 73%
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Aiden - Some Kind Of Hate

Reviewed by: Zev Frazer (08/03/12)
Aiden - Some Kind Of Hate
Record Label: Victory
Release Date: October 25, 2011

Aiden has certainly came a long way since their debut album all the way back in 2004. They started out as just angry kids in a post hardcore/punk band writing about how troublesome life is and how much being a kid sucked (as all punk bands do.) 8 years later, Aiden is pretty much a totally different, and worse band. I grew up with Aiden in my life. They were my favorite band for the longest time. However, after I heard their 2009 release Knives, I just gave up on Aiden. In 2011 Aiden released Disguises, and surprisingly enough to me, I didn't hate the album completely. Then, all of a sudden I hear the news that they plan on releasing yet ANOTHER album in the same year. My initial instinct was to shake my head and just ask "why?" Anyway, to make a long story short, this album sucks. It's not ok, it's bad. I can list so many things that are just wrong with this album. My biggest complaint is that the album isn't even 30 minutes long. That's right. 10 tracks and its only 28 minutes. If the length of the album isn't already bad enough, only 8 of 10 songs are original Aiden songs. The other two are covers (and bad ones.) Why ruin two great songs like "London Dungeon" and "Transmission" when fans want Aiden originals? The whole time I listened to this album I was feeling ashamed for buying it. It hurts me to hear this album.

The albums opening track "There Will be Blood" is easily the best track on the album. This is the only song on the album that's worth listening to really. I'm not saying that this song is unique or good, it's just catchy. I found myself actually singing this song days after. Now we all know the band is full of atheists. I mean, they made that pretty clear with "Crusifiction" off Knives. We all get their point of views on religion. Hell, I'm and atheist myself, but if there's one thing I hate in this world more than cauliflower, it's when people try to shove their views down other peoples throats. That's exactly what Aiden tries to do. Some quotes from their songs are "Christ died for shit and is a fucking cunt" ("Crusifiction" off Knives) and "Freedom from religion now, we're better off without" ("Freedom from Religion" off Some Kind of Hate.) Now honestly, even I think that's going too far.

After the opening track, the rest of the album is just a blend of front man Will Francis singing about how much he hates everything and wishes religion didn't exist. There's nothing special about this album. It's the same trash Aiden has been releasing for years now. Don't even get me started on how bad of a song "Grotesque Vanity" is. Just know that it's really, really bad.

Aiden needs to be stopped. They need to realize what they are releasing and stop. Having only two original members left, they really should just quit. William is better off with his solo career and I'm sure Nick Wiggins has the talent to make better music somewhere else. This isn't coming from some one who is just out to get Aiden. This is coming from some one who used to love Aiden. I used to be their biggest fan. Writing this review hurts because I hate insulting them but they need to stop. So if there is ever any slim chance that William or Nick reads this, take my advice. Either put more work in to an album and change things up more, or just stop Aiden. You still have a chance to bury Aiden before you completely ruin what it used to be. A small chance, but a chance nonetheless.

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09:34 PM on 08/05/12
Registered User
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Aiden is just the worst kind of band.
04:08 AM on 08/06/12
"Look mom, no hands!"
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Miketheunicycle's Avatar
this album was rushed and essentially a bunch of b-sides that they didnt put much time into so they could get off their contract with victory records. their new drummer is pretty awesome, and will bring a life back to aiden. knives and disguises were both pretty good albums but nothing compared to our gangs dark oath or nightmare anatomy. now being independent, i think aiden can deliver another good solid album. aiden has always been a band that changes with each record, you say you once loved them well then you should understand not two of their records sound the same, yet you seem to be the kind of guy that wanted the same sound over and over from them.
i honestly dont even think a review of this album is necessary, its more or less thrown together to expire a legal contract. its like a super bitter person reviewing a jeffree star album, its just not worth making a person read.
not ashamed to admit ive enjoyed all their records with a weak exception to skoh. i look forward to hearing them put out another record that has work and dedication spent into it. i think by the sounds of their new drummer, their new direction will be a clash of our gangs dark oath and knives, with more hardcore sprinkled atop. to each their own. i understand this band has a lot of hate especially on this site. but i also realize their dedicated fan base accepts that some kind of hate was to piss the drain of victory records, as the band didnt wanna sit on that contract for another full album cycle.
01:53 PM on 08/06/12
the seventeenth
level 71 community member
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the seventeenth's Avatar
This is the worst User review I've read in quite sometime. If you are going to review an album by a band, then you should be well informed with events leading up to it's production. First off, Aiden was eager to break away from the chains of a legal contract with Victory Records, which is why they released another compilation of tracks the label could consider an album. Second, you clearly state how punk bands generally speak their minds, do you not? Then why do you focus so much on restricting Aiden's capability in doing so? Why not demand other punk bands knock that off, too? Enough of my thoughts on the writing itself (that suffered from indecent bias), let's proceed to my perception of the actual review.
Where you go wrong this time around is quite evident. Beside miswording lyrical quotes, seemingly pasting incoherent banter on how you dislike this release and Knives, it appears that you forgot to pen your thoughts on the musicianship and production (which you undoubtedly heard since you rated both of them seperately on a scale of .25 to 10). If you really loved Aiden prior to Knives you'd be aware of how some of the instumentalists (most notably former- guitarist Angel Ibarra) have grown to become quite the powerhouses. Both Disguises and SKOH showcase some of the best riffing from 2011 alone, and the production (by wiL I believe) on both CD's isn't too shabby either.
Anyway, this is a review. You took it upon yourself to spin this album and share your thoughts with the community, so why did you find a way to short-cut your way past that? You stress Grotesque Vanity is a bad song but don't explain why. You must actually provide a review if you wish to be seen as a credible source. Next time focus less on telling the band itself to stop writing music, and more time writing a well-informed and thoughtful review (perhaps proof-read).
I too was letdown by this release. I will agree the cover songs were bland, and that it is disheartening to see the record clock-in beneath the half hour mark, but I understand it was for Aiden to maintain it's pride above all else. They seem to be one of the few bands that can't be forgiven for following certain trends, and having beliefs that others may not share, but their music shouldn't suffer because of that. Give Aiden another listen. They aren't the same band we became familiar with this past decade. Each member has undisputable talent; maybe this album failed to prove it, but I have no doubt the new one will.
09:02 AM on 08/09/12
always hungry.
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dtomczak's Avatar
Just know that this is a really, really bad review.
05:24 AM on 08/10/12
Zev Frazer
Zev Frazer
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Zev Frazer's Avatar
Aiden fanboys <3. grow up.
05:30 AM on 08/10/12
Zev Frazer
Zev Frazer
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Zev Frazer's Avatar
truth is, you cant write a review for an aiden song without people like you stepping in to tell you your opinion stinks. How can thie piece of trash be original> and some of the best riffs in 2011? jeez you must not listen to much music? i understand they were getting out of legal trouble but honestly, that is no reason to charge full price for 28 minutes of william singing about the same thing he has been for years now. i wont give aiden another chance, not until they prove they actually care about their music.
05:55 AM on 08/10/12
Zev Frazer
Zev Frazer
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Zev Frazer's Avatar
and i "short cut" my way through my review? thats what aiden has done for their past three albums. (seeing how knives was 22 minutes minus that 8 minute bullshit pause at the end of the album." You have some weird arguments sir.
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