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02:23 PM on 12/17/07
misanthropic lycanthrope
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but if you were panicking and took seven extra hoping to calm down, it might. or if you were already taking a high dosage of one or more of the pills, adding to that high dosage might have bad results. i'm not saying one extra pill would kill anyone either. but the truth is that no one knows yet and it's sort of pointless to speculate too much at this point.

See my comment earlier, where I said I did just that on a really bad night. I just kept taking them, because I didn't know what else to do, and I wasn't calming down on my regular dosage.

Thankfully nothing bad happened. :/

A lot of people do things like that, and people who don't have these kinds of disorders honestly [and I'm glad for them that they can't] have no frame of reference or way to understand what it is like when you're terrified for no reason, your heart is all but beating out of your chest, and you just want to feel normal, more than anything in the world.
02:28 PM on 12/17/07
Don't Mind If I Didn't
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Your from Georgia you dont have to do anything to be a tool

Yeah, and I hate this state, so good job with that one. Maybe you should learn your native language before attempting to insult someone with it. And I'm pretty sure your chronic won't help in that regard.
02:31 PM on 12/17/07
Fate Has Been Making Me A Liar
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TMS2787's Avatar
That's sad.
02:31 PM on 12/17/07
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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It's a tough thing... I find the best thing, when I call someone because I am having a panic attack, is to have them distract me. My mom does this really well... she knows how to pull me out of it [probably because I've been having them since I was like 14] by just finding things to talk about that will capture my interest and set my brain on a new path.

I'd say the best thing to do is not talk about the panic attack, though. The more you think/talk about it, the worse it can get. Truthfully, they physically don't last that long, but the mental after effects do linger, especially if you get fixated on a scary thought or thoughts.

Distraction really is the only thing that works for me. When I'm on my own and have to get out of one, in addition to my medicine, I usually take a bath, make some tea, knit, or even just put on music and isolate something like the bass line or the drums and focus on keeping count on them. You might be able to suggest things like that to your friend.

I hope this helps some... I'm not a professional, just a long-time sufferer with quite a few years of therapy under my belt.
Thank you very, very much. That is helpful.
02:34 PM on 12/17/07
Registered User
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Pistol_Booking's Avatar
1. I have taken Celexa for 7 years or so.
2. I took Klonopin for a few years to alleviate acute panic attacks (while taking Celexa).
3. Most likely his body just rejected these drugs (which don't work for everyone).
4. If the Klonopin was prescribed to him by a doctor, the dosage is generally pretty low and in order to OD you would basically need to take atl east half the bottle to have such a massive effect (unless alcohol was involved -- which it obviously wasn't).

Bottom line...this was just a horrible accident to a great person...
02:35 PM on 12/17/07
Fatrick Plump no more
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Aileen's Avatar
it wasn't on purpose. he took his meds, they reacted negatively together and he died. it wasn't anything like an OD, or actual "substance abuse" like some people think of when they hear that term. wisen up people.

thank you.

i don't like how the autopsy report was worded. the words "accidental" and "substance abuse" together don't work. casey was not a substance abuser, he took the pills that were prescribed to him because he needed them, not because he wanted a high.

i hate that just as things are starting to settle down with this situation, and personally i'm finally starting to come to terms with the fact that casey's gone, now all of this new speculation is going to haunt me on the internet and probably if i turn on the tv. i think i'm going to avoid both for the next week.
02:38 PM on 12/17/07
Homeless Donut
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Homeless Donut's Avatar
I can see why Hawthorne Heights said it wasn't this. He didn't MEAN to overdose on anything, it just happened that he took all the pills at the same time, It would be like taking Tylenol, Tums, Peptobismal, and sudafed at the same time. It's just not smart. Him taking all these drugs at the same time could have triggered an effect which sadly resulted in his death. It should be further investigated if he had been taking these three pills at the same time before, and if has been known that taking all three at the same time can result in death. Still sad though. =(
02:42 PM on 12/17/07
Registered User
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rikfrommf's Avatar
Not trying to pull a Bill Frist and diagnose someone from a video, just showing what a medical professional said about the drugs and their interactions in the body. I thought this was better than talking out of my ass about medicine*.

*not you.

Okay add From a doctor: in front of all my posts. I just didnt feel the need to explain my sources
02:45 PM on 12/17/07
Registered User
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rikfrommf's Avatar
Wrong. Doctors who prescribe anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, and anti-anxiety meds do not test for serotonin syndrome 8 or 9 out of 10 times. First off, because there is still a 50/50 opinion on whether or not such a thing actually exists (which is bullshit in itself) and second because they don't have the resources to do so. Drs. treat symptoms, and if you claim you are depressed, anxious, cannot sleep, etc, they are going to treat that. They rarely to never "test" for depression. So, the pharmacist was right, if he did have some sort of serotonin reaction, that could have been it.

Everyone keeps saying overdose, and its obvious that the report was careful to never say that. It just said a bad mix. The fact is, its really hard to take a bad mix of Celexa and Klonopin. You can get really sick from taking too much Klonopin, but rarely death. The key is the opiates. I'm just surprised they didn't pin point what those were, though I have a gut feeling it would be some sort of pain killer. I'm not allowed to take a lot of kinds of painkillers (oxy included) because of my cocktail of crazy meds, and that's the reason why.

BAC wouldn't affect the first prescribed meds as much. Usually they tell you not to drink on those because if you're depressed you don't need to be drinking :) but typically it will increase drowsiness or decrease the effectiveness - not kill you.

alcohol and opiates affect the central nervous system, I would think if they mention opiates they'd mention alcohol as well. there is no diagnostic test for depression anyways. there are symptoms for seratonin syndrome, and if you mention them a doctor would keep it in mind, you are correct about the jury being out on it, but most psychiatrists believe it and at this stage his GP should have refered him to one of them for the drugs anyways.
02:48 PM on 12/17/07
Registered User
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whoaitsailsa's Avatar
i think it's fucking ridiculous that people are jumping to conclusions on this.
it's neither logical or fair to create some over-exaggerated conspiracy in regards to why or how this happened.
how about people start to learn some damn respect and keep their mouths shut for a change? hawthorne heights released a statement saying that Casey was not in to anything illegal, and that it wasn't on purpose. lets just leave it at that, at least for the sakes of those mourning the loss of a dear friend and/or family member.

Didn't Hawthorne Heights keep saying it wasn't anything like this?
02:51 PM on 12/17/07
onegirlarmy, bitches.
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solargrrl's Avatar
alcohol and opiates affect the central nervous system, I would think if they mention opiates they'd mention alcohol as well. there is no diagnostic test for depression anyways. there are symptoms for seratonin syndrome, and if you mention them a doctor would keep it in mind, you are correct about the jury being out on it, but most psychiatrists believe it and at this stage his GP should have refered him to one of them for the drugs anyways.

Yeah - they do a big 'ole work up of chemical balance tests when you get locked away in a facility (hah) but that's really the only time. A lot of GPs don't send you to a psychiatrist, unfortunately. They are just happy to get the copay every 3 months you have to come in for a refill. Its annoying. GPs shouldn't be able to prescribe these things. I started seeing a psychiatrist 2 years ago instead, and found out my GP had me on 1/4th the medicine I should have been. Lovely.
02:51 PM on 12/17/07
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hipetersawesome's Avatar
Interesting... big words. Was it because of the combination of the drugs, or because he took too much?

i was wondering the same thing...

my uncle died of something similar to this, he took too many prescribed painkillers and he had a heart attack because of it. i'm sure Casey didn't do it on purpose.

well, anyways, what do i know? i'm just a kid.

Casey was one of my idols, and he was to many others.
i'll always remember him...
02:53 PM on 12/17/07
enjoys a good beer.
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so what does this mean in layman's terms? antidepressants would make sense, but was he suffering from seizures/panic disorder as well.

this is still not enough to make a conclusive, this is how/why he died statement, IMO

a lot of touring artists suffer panic disorders and depression.

i think this is perfectly enough information to conclude that he passed away due to an accidental overdose. he mayve taken 2 instead of 1, as he mayve in the past, and his body said "No."

RIP Casey, youll be missed.
02:53 PM on 12/17/07
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my apologies if it;s already been said but the opiate could even have been cough and cold meds being a "medical professional" i thought id chime in. codeine is a very common ingredient in prescription cough medicine as well as other drugs for pain and what have you, but the possibilities of the source of the "opiate" are endless. to that end codeine used to be in over the coutner cough and cold meds until peopel started abusing it, I am Not saying Casey did it;s jsut possible that docs werent talking, he was sick and got some cold medicine and it interacted with his klonopin and celexa.
02:56 PM on 12/17/07
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Adeniz19's Avatar
When did everyone on AP become a medical expert? Did someone teach a class in the General Forum last night and I missed it or something?
haha seriously.

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